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Monday, April 21, 2003

The difference of 20 years and more ago to today, on anything of a
Metaphysical nature is amazing.. I painfully remember myself as a
naive seeker; head bursting with a bunch of Understanding; running
round to proclaim it to everyone like a headless chicken; and
getting my butt kicked everywhere I went!
I was living a real lifetime filled with Supernormal/Paranormal experience.
I had lived my big 'Event' I had my Understanding.. and now the book had appeared through me.
" Down To Earth (the way it is) "
But it would be many years before the book would be put to the scrutiny of others.

Over and over and over I find new links now, where others more
eminent than I will ever be; provide verifications to the messages
of Understanding I was blessed to see..

At the end of the Book Work, Down To Earth (the way it is) I allude
to material waiting to be laid down for Book 2... For quite a few of
the things I must offer, external verifications have already
appeared.. I have for instance a date with my own Birth Plan on the
Giza Plateau later this year and only last week I received an
incredible verification for the whole concept I have been nurturing
for so many years - of the purpose awaiting seekers to the Great

I am indeed humbled to be constantly reminded (if I ever needed to
be) that my Lord, the God Force in Parsival/Thoth/Jesus and others
is alive in me, you, everyone and everything.. and in the truths
which only wait for our perceptions to regain.
There is only one key needed.. It is a simple key... It is the
yielding up in Love to 'One.'
The meaning from this being the Understanding that 'we' are the God
force as the God force 'is' us...
This Love transcends the Material, but also encompasses it...
This Love can be fulfilled in the Material, but extends to
Stratospheric levels beyond it..

We are of the physical because we are inadequate in some way..
But it is within our grasp to reach first the heights of ecstacy in
the physical, through true Unconditional, Encompassing Love; ... and
to reach even much further to become Truly 'One' yet again with the
Love of the 'Whole.' We are enpowered to do this, but who so, is
yet ready to sacrifice themselves to attain it... There is a price
to pay.... It is a price we must pay to ourselves... We must be
prepared to face the horror of our own illusion to get to the
freedom from self, beyond it.

Many taste this freedom... most fall back until another lifetime
when the chance and choice continues.
The continuum of 'Oneness' does not record time.. It simply records
... and what is it to feel the freedom ? yet to continue with a
Birth-Plan as an intrinsic player also in the game.
I know this well.. It is to say..

I Love you
Because I am one with you.
I have ceased my struggle,
but my struggle continues.
Because I Love you
For I am one with you
In my freedom I now share your struggle too.
I am free
My freedom embraces me
But in doing so it embraces you
Because I Love you.

My pain was my Lesson
My Lesson is your Pain

But I share your Pain with you
Because I Love you
My freedom is my prison, as I choose.
My freedom is limited to your's
Because I Love you
Join me in Love
It is One with Freedom
I know this
Because I Love You.
Because, I Love You.
May the Illusion of Self
Yield at last to the Truth of Love.


Sunday, April 20, 2003

Ignorance - challenged by Change, creates Unrest.
Unrest - seeks Rebalance through Familiarity.
Familiarity - requires, Understanding.
Understanding, requires Questions.
Questions, bring Answers.
Answers, bring Realization.
Realization, generates Awareness.
Awareness, kindles Faith.
Faith, seeks Corroboration.
Corroboration, requires development.
Development, needs Experience.
Experience provides Conviction.
Conviction, demands Strength.
Strength builds, through Introspection.
Introspection leaves Scars.
Scars are the banner of Compassion.
Compassion is the banner of Humility.
Humility is the banner of Love.

... My Conviction IS my Faith.
It was arrived at through my own tested experience.
I embrace the pain of my pathway, for in its depth I find the Love of Connection.
I challenge my Conviction with every thought, for with every thwarted challenge, the Connection becomes stronger.
With every mistake I make, I feel the unrelenting love of compassion from Spirit, as my friends elsewhere see me stumble toward them. Every stumble brings greater Enlightenment.
My Conviction / My Gnosis stands supreme for one reason above all ::::

Since the moment my eyes became opened to the knowledge and detail of the process, I knew that not a single aspect of it is exclusive to anyone nor anything.
It is 'truly' Omnipresent...

Blessings to all.

Saturday, April 19, 2003

Symbolism, Analogy and Metaphor... The means to simple explanation and understanding... These have figured so profoundly in my life... There is much to record..
As I embark on this written record, the Battle Bus has been already on the road for a long, long time.
A wise man would make much of the time it is taking me to sort my baggage out at this first Terminus.
I'm just refuelling and taking stock.... and at last we will be on our way again.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

The Battered old Battle Bus will soon be on the road. : - )
It has taken me down many scenic routes and to further flung, less hospitable places; but it is still rolling..
Watch this space and I will be posting my time-table and route plan soon..
The Bus will stop for any passenger who feels like a ride along the way.

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