Journey to Enlightenment

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Ignorance - challenged by Change, creates Unrest.
Unrest - seeks Rebalance through Familiarity.
Familiarity - requires, Understanding.
Understanding, requires Questions.
Questions, bring Answers.
Answers, bring Realization.
Realization, generates Awareness.
Awareness, kindles Faith.
Faith, seeks Corroboration.
Corroboration, requires development.
Development, needs Experience.
Experience provides Conviction.
Conviction, demands Strength.
Strength builds, through Introspection.
Introspection leaves Scars.
Scars are the banner of Compassion.
Compassion is the banner of Humility.
Humility is the banner of Love.

... My Conviction IS my Faith.
It was arrived at through my own tested experience.
I embrace the pain of my pathway, for in its depth I find the Love of Connection.
I challenge my Conviction with every thought, for with every thwarted challenge, the Connection becomes stronger.
With every mistake I make, I feel the unrelenting love of compassion from Spirit, as my friends elsewhere see me stumble toward them. Every stumble brings greater Enlightenment.
My Conviction / My Gnosis stands supreme for one reason above all ::::

Since the moment my eyes became opened to the knowledge and detail of the process, I knew that not a single aspect of it is exclusive to anyone nor anything.
It is 'truly' Omnipresent...

Blessings to all.

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