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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

I co-manage a home-Site of like minded individuals in matters of the Spirit and wider issues. The Site Membership is by approval only but anyone serious need only visit and make application. Many wonderful things are discussed there and so many Members have been saved years of anguish trying to sort out issues in their private and public world.

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Here is one recent exchange.

Hello everyone.
When I get a chance from work, or sleeping to recover from work and open my Warriors screen, it is like being faced with an open door to everyone’s open Lounge and experience.
I never cease to wonder as I read the heartfelt exchanges here, how beautiful it is when ‘like’ Spirit comes together.
We face conflict and problems in our lives because of the inadequacies within us. We face these sometimes only after the passage of many years; sometimes never in this lifetime. However in this atmosphere where Compassion, Love and Understanding are the aspirations, (for they are the cornerstones to Enlightenment,) – the years are shaved away. I see how our shared experience and motivation has driven the shadows from our midst time and time again.

Bruce I read your reply to Catherine (1125) and I don’t know about you Catherine, but it caused me to revisit so many emotions myself that I turned from the screen a few times to be able to get through it. Thank you Bruce.. You demonstrated yet again that your Spirit and awareness is that of a giant. You are another living proof of how the power can just flood through us when we yield up our grip on our own Conditioning…. (just as soon as we have found the courage within ourselves to face the reasons for it.)
The biggest irony is that failings within us produce behaviour which reinforces our superficial reasons for displaying the inadequate behaviour in the first place; while the real reason for our behaviour is once again avoided.

Eg. Someone would say, ‘I cannot communicate Love. I cannot connect.’ They become hardened; perhaps critical, severe. They justify their attitude with the fact that in their lives and relationships they have experienced aloofness and hurt from others. That it isn’t worth trying to offer Love because it will only lead to more aloofness and hurt…so their attitude becomes justified. In reality the person may have been brought up as an infant who received less open Love and affection than they should have received.
They grew up with that inadequacy as a part of them.
In relationships they may have been driven subconsciously to choose someone who was like the person in character who did not give them what they needed when they were small.
Subconsciously they desired their partner to provide the missing link within them. However they would be programmed to look for the slightest confirmation in their partner’s behaviour to confirm their feelings of suppressed loathing for the person who did not first give them what they needed.
This would have turned them, drip by drip, into a hostile partner themselves. Their opposite partner would have reacted to this inadequate behaviour and returned the hostility. The whole scenario would be complete in full circle, with the original feelings in our subject being confirmed and hardened once again.
How hard for our subject to look within themselves and admit that their mother or father, who themselves were screwed up emotionally because of their own chain of unchallenged reasons; had perpetuated ‘their’ inadequacies by continuing the cycle within their children.
Furthermore, that the whole process continued and continues, until someone is able to ‘Understand ‘ the process; to cut the cycle of conditioning, and no longer be a slave to it.
This self-awareness in all of the attitudes we have, leads finally to liberation and enlightenment.
Understanding where our own feelings and attitude originate produces self-forgiveness and forgiveness of those who passed the chain on to us.
It is so true that it is impossible to be truly ‘One’ with ‘Another’ and All things, until we are ‘One’ with ourselves. It is a process of internal terror until all of the demons within us are faced and conquered.
It is then, at last, that we are able to have ‘Understanding,’ and to be able to simply ‘Love.’

With Love

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