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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

::: The Law of Probability.:::

Nothing happens with certainty... Things only happen to degrees of Probability.

If we stand at a fixed viewing point to observe events as they conspire, we would discern how, from No Potential…some motivating factor borne of thought (Cause).. produces the first Potential for an event.

At this stage the event and all other scenarios possible out of the original Potential, come into real existence in Virtual state.
Their Potential is recorded in the refined matter of the Ethonosphere and this is in a state of flux according to the progress of Potential for the Event.

The motivated Cause for an Event produces reciprocal reaction… which in turn injects more motivated thought (Cause) to the situation..
This modifies the degree of Probability for the passing of the Event.

The factors governing the actuality for an Event can be a thousandfold, but given the necessary insight, it would be possible to recognize and read the strength of Probability for an event at all times.

If we were able to freeze-frame the state of play for example, for a really big (apparently) negative event we would see that the Probability factor for the Event may still allow for alternate outcomes; some positive, some negative.
The final passing of an Event is simply the transition of Probabilities, which in the passing of the Event, form the basis of Probability for continuing Events.. Past/Present/Future…. Their separation is an illusion.

We see them as such because our Viewing Point is not sufficiently removed.

We human forms constitute a Permanent Motivating Presence, occupying a Temporary Material Body. Our state of being as Temporary Occupants at a gross vibrationary level, binds our viewing point through our physical senses to material discernments..

Our real selves however are in touch with permanent reality (in a higher state) only for so much as we choose to link with it in our every Thought (Cause.)
In doing so we are able to link to real lofty liberated people (Presences) on a higher level via our higher consciousness.. In this way we are also able to make higher discernments without realizing we are doing so. We say we averted something because we had a flash of intuition…

What this means infact is one of two things :: That we were able to pick up the message of warning from our Minder or friend in Spirit… Or, we tapped into the permanent fluctuating energy of the Ethonosphere to be able to read the possibilities (or more correctly) the Probabilities for an Event.

Our intuition was simply our own ability to see the strength of Probability for several outcomes, of the Event in question.
…and if we are considering the strength of Probabilities for an Event… why then should we recall a nasty horrible vision of us doing wrong…. Simple; because as we subconsciously read the Probabilities occurring out of Cause.. we, as beings bound to gross vibration, are more likely to discern the vibrational energies most closely linked to our present vibration….IE… negative events…

So in practice :: We are examining the Virtual Probabilities for all possible outcomes at all times in our deeper mind.. We are then able to inter-relate with events ourselves to decide our involvement or agreement. However because we are ourselves ‘of’ gross vibration… we are likely to recall the Probabilities for a negative outcome; even if they are ‘not’ the strongest Probability for the Event…. But in doing so, we influence the Probability factor for the Event to increase its strength of negative probability.

Whoever coined the phrase ‘Think Positive,’ may not have realized just how potent and Tangible the idea actually is… Thought is always tangible, for it forms the basis of all Probability.

When we generate mind pictures - motivating something negative.. we are linking to the negative scenarios of Probability for something to happen, thereby feeding it and helping the negative Event to be self-fulfilling.

Conversely if we think at all times with positive thoughts of Love, Compassion, Caring, and Tolerance, we make the positive Event turn from Virtual-Negative, to Virtual-Positive, and help bring about a positive outcome.

Even if our thoughts are Pure at all times we will still be examining in our higher minds, most of the Probabilities for a forthcoming Event-Passing; including the Negative Probabilities..

If we find that negative scenarios are creeping into our conscious minds, we simply have to seek out inspiration to raise our vibration up from the material.
The dark thoughts will vanish, leaving the way clear for you, armed with positive Cause, to make sure the Event is a Positive Event.
It is as simple as that.

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