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Saturday, October 25, 2003

What just happens after the battle ?…………

The People of the Glade…
Thursday 11th. November 1920…

Abridged from Volume V of the series Life Beyond the Veil, by the Rev. Vale Owen… These works received through Automatic Writing from Guides and teachers in Spirit at the turn of the last century.
The Story Told......

"We now turned our attention upon the thousands who stood or lay about on the plain at the foot of the hill. I took the seven men, and Ladena arrived to order the seven women helpers. We went up and down the ranks for a long time. We were trying to help them and probing into them to find out some few who would help our purpose, those in whose hearts not too much bitterness remained. These we would awaken, and converse with them, and then invite them into our company to aid us with the ruck. But I found none except one who had been a priest among them. Him I aroused and took aside."

"But Ladena came upon three women, and later there were eight more added to that number of all that multitude. Truly it was a pitiful affair, when so much hatred encompassed their hearts about. But you must reckon in one factor, my son, and it was this. These people were now as they had been at the moment of their killing.
Many we knew, when awakened into consciousness, and when we explained what had chanced to them, would cast off their death frenzy of hatred and become of more amiable mind.
But what we did not know was which of them would do this, and which would be the more stubborn ones. This was a question of foreseeing and we were hard-put to forecast their line of mental and Spiritual activity. The troublesome element was the same free-will which makes a man a man indeed, and touches him for knighthood of divinity. This then we left for the present; it must await our more leisured operations.
We turned tour company with Ladena, therefore, and seconded them in their more promising quest."

The Bishop…
"First I helped the priest.
(How did you wake him up Arnel? And what did you do when he was rused?)

He was sitting upon a little hillock out on the plain, head in hands. Once and again he raised his eyes, but they told him little, being ill-focussed upon his environment. He sighed unknowing and thought he slept, dreaming, and would wake anon. He did not much err on this.
I stood before him and poured my will in a stream upon his own, my companions aiding me. Awhile he arose and stretched his arms upward and sighed once and again. We looked then into his eyes, and held them at last upon our own. Slowly they came into focus, and then a frown gathered upon his comely face, and in a little, being fully awake, he came towards us and addressed us."

He said, “ I pray you forgive me gentlemen, I have slept awhile. But… I scarcely know….. yes, I did fall on sleep, but not hereabouts I do not think gentlemen, you were of the company of those others. Will you come to my aid, Sir? I am somewhat bemused….”
He broke off sharp, for he had glimpsed the thousands of his sometime countrymen lying mostly asleep, some uneasy, some walking only a few yards, and again sitting down to close their eyes in a stupor."

"He looked at us then sternly and not afraid. He was a noble fellow, and rejoiced he should soon be our comrade. He said,” Now it comes back to me, My poor bretheren and my people. God help them to forbear, as I have councelled them so oft to do; to forbear, poor sheep, and to forgive. But as to you, he continued, turning sharp about upon us again; then he paused and said more slowly, “ and yet you do not have the look of them that did us this disservice, nor are there any weapons in your hands to view.”
Then I answered him, “ No, nor have we any upon our persons. Dir, I see you already understand your present state, that you have passed through the gate of death.” He nodded. “ I see also that you are of the priestly order.”
“Both priest and bishop; but that is nought.”
“You, with these your flock, were killed by your enemies. You have forgiven those enemies.”

I Can Aid You In This….
“All this is true sir, for I made it my aim in the other life to forgive them in advance whatsoever they should do to me, living in the presence of their ill-will and ill intention. But who are you, by your leave, gentlemen ?”
“We are angel ministrants on a very difficult quest,” I said, and told him of our task and our fears for the multitude. This was a great Soul, and he quickly sensed our earnestness and our object, and many details as by intuition.
Then he said, “ I can aid you in this if you will impress me into your service and, aiding you, I shall be helping also these poor little ones; for sirs, they be little more than babes, and you will be patient with them because they are so.
So we held a council, and he was indeed of much help to us. He pointed out one and another who were priests and ministers; then other of his countrymen whom he knew to be of good heart. Also he showed us which were the most dangerous and turbulent of them….. of these some seven hundred, and of these again some score were of the priesthood.
The more Spiritually we awakened one by one, and he talked to them, explaining to them, with much patience, all that had come to pass, and what way they could help the others best. Then we gathered them apart to rest awhile.

A Difficulty…..
Ladena meanwhile treated with the women in like manner. First she took those who had children away there in the wilderness and led them to that meadow, where they were beginning to besport themselves, feeling more at ease.
Here the women found, for the time being, enough ado to fondle and caress their babies. And so Ladena left them and returned for the next group in order.
And so the thing went on until we had reduce those ranks to the seven hundred violent Souls, and twice more so many who were hard to reckon up : the uncertain ones. Of these some fifty or thereabouts were women."

"Out of the awakened we had gathered a company of one hundred and eighty men, and twenty three women, who should aid us with the work. The others were not stout enough at heart. At their head we placed the Bishop and an Alderman, his friend and protector in Earth life, and we ordered this company through those two.
But we were in a difficulty.. here were these violent people sleeping. They must be awakened. But we feared to do this to them, for we knew that the outbreak of violence among them would be calamitous. We talked long, and neither could my comrades from the House of Orders, nor those newly arrived from earth find a way out of it. So we fell into a thoughtful silence.
As we sat thus there came, from a little distance away, a voice deep and strong, but very sweet and full of melody. “What lesson did you learn of the Christ Child, my son Arnel?” I stood up and looked abroad. There on the hillcrest sat Wulfhere as I had seen her last, tranquil and composed yet, as I could see, strung taut to action. Her chin was in the cup of her hand, elbow on thigh, and her eyes looked straight to mine and held me."

A Child Shall Lead Them….
"As I looked at her the scene in the Hall of Pillars came to vision before my mind, and in the Glade, and in the Rotunda where the children had gone up into the city. And I sighed much at the contrast between those sweet scenes and this. But I knew at length what answered Wulfhere awaited, and I gave it. “A child shall lead them, as the prophet of old said. Yes in all of those transactions of the children, it was the Child who went on before.
“I do not know your prophet, Arnel. But he spoke true. Take heed to his teaching…and to the teaching of the child.
“He lead them by the sweet beauty of his love,” I said, still searching after the way she would apply this principle to the case in hand.
“He did,” she answered. “Aye, he led them so, as I lost the art to do so long ago, by reason of work so strenuous and fierce as that whereon I and Shonar were set to do it. But it comes into my mind what my heart would the more hardly admit, namely, that the softness of the leading of a child is more apparent in its compelling strength to me than to you, good Arnel. For, see you, this is the solution to your problem, and you did not find it, my son.
Then I went toward her up the hill and, coming to stand near by, I said, “But Wulfhere, we may not request the Child to these parts. His so high sublimity would not sustain these conditions of evil.
“Even to these parts I would pray his sweet Presence, were it needed. But so great thing is not of our present necessity. Here is another.
Suddenly her meaning broke upon me, and I said, “Habdi !”

“He will suffice. Bring him hither among us and I will treat with you further on the matter, Arnel. I would not name him by his name the first, lest you should think me unreasoned. But you had some ado to come at it, good Arnel.”
“Do you think he will be strong enough to be of service to us, Wulfhere?”
“As I shall counsel further he will serve.”
So I hasted to fetch the boy Habdi, and, coming again with some speed, I set him before her.

More Newcomers Diagnosed….
Tuesday 16th. November 1920….
With the help of these better ones we went again along the ranks. They who had known these sleepers while in the Earth life gave to us of their store of knowledge as they had been able to sum them up in their characters. We used this knowledge to aid us in our diagnosis. By this means we were able to gather together into one place some few hundreds of the better sort of them. These we arranged in a circle, and awakened them to full consciousness.

We watched them very narrowly , standing without the circle some little distance removed, ourselves unseen. We could read the mental process of each one as he opened his eyes to this new environment. The general idea among them was that their enemies had transported them into exile and had left them in this drear spot abandoned, perchance, to starve. Indeed, this was the burdo of their conversation as they broke silence.
But one and another, following, soon fell to silence. For a strange sight was there for them to see.

Habdi’s Wisdom…..
In the midst of the circle stood a young boy, alone and self composed. He smiled upon them and then, going up to one whom he thought had an appearance of intelligence above his fellows, said, “I take you kindly, sir, for you have a look of some tenderness upon your face. You will deal pleasantly with me, will you not?”
The man looked upon him perplexed. Then he arose and stood on guard with some suspicion brought over from Earth of plot and treachery.
“Who are you young sir,” he said, “that you speak to me so boldly? You are not of our children. And you go lonely in these parts.
“I am not of these parts precisely,” answered the boy Habdi. “I live some leagues distant. But it is given to me to know of these parts somewhat and, if I can serve you who are strange here, I would much enjoy to do so.”
“You have some assurance, lad, and I like you none the worse for that. But how comes it you do not fear us rough men, since you come singly, and are but a child?”
“Sir I have shown some wisdom, for I have come at what I sought; and made you give it to me moreover.
“And what is you sought that I have given it you unasked?”
“I set out to find what your heart was like, whether hard or kind, and I know it to be not either of these in whole; but yet there is more of kindness than of hate therein, and for that reason I will favour you.”
The man, in spite of his perplexity and somewhat bitter thoughts because of his late treatment at the hands of his fellow men, broke into laughter.
Anon he said, “And yet, youngster, you have some strangeness in your appearance; withal you have. Now who are you, and what tribe are you? Tell me now”
Habdi paused for a moment, but he did not ask for our help, nor did we send it.
At last he replied. “Now you are not some little kind hearted alone, but observant also. Belike we shall be friends sometime, you and I. Well, sir, give me your hand and you shall grow wiser still.”

The man with a smile gave his hand, and Habdi took it in his own with a firm grip.
At once the look on the face of the man changed. There was not fear, nor pain, nor perplexity, but a little of all these composite.
He sought with some hesitation to withdraw his hand, but could not. Still Habdi held him with his gaze and, taking his turn now, smiled. As they two stood there the lad gradually took on a more translucent appearance. He did not become conditioned to his own Sphere, nor to any Sphere beyond that in which we were. But he effected a partial transmutation of his body so that, while still visible to the man, he appeared more radient, more fragile; and yet his grip was as firm as at the first.
Then he slowly reassumed his former condition and, smiling still, loosed his hold upon the other’s hand. The rest of them looked on in utter perplexity.

Then Habdi spoke to them all and explained to them fully what had come to pass upon them, told them where their comrades and the women and children were, and invited them to follow him, so he would lead them to join them.
Not all, but nearly all of them went with him, but some few remained behind. These soon fell again into stupor and wandered back to the others whom we had left asleep.

Follow The Drake…….
Now the next operation was penultimate in the series. I tell it to you now.
All these former transactions had occupied a considerable space of duration. Were I to speak in terms of Earth, I would say it had taken time, some weeks or thereabouts. By this the others first salved had rapidly conditioned themselves to their new life, especially the children.
Now we had to deal with the worst of them.
Again we adopted the circular formation, but left a gap in the direction of the pass where the boulders were on the shoulder of the rise. Again Habdi stood in the midst, but with him were some dozen children from the meadow. These were quite happy and were playing a game of ‘Follow Drake.’ In and out of the boulders they filed, and round the circle. The sleepers troubled them not, for they were not of their own condition, and so were not very apparent to the children, though not quite unseen. I mean that the children were not able to recognise if they should know any of them, their faces and forms being, as it might be said, overshadowed, and not sharply outlined in feature. That is as near as I may come at it for you, my son.

Then we aroused them. I waited until the children came into view at a gentle canter, following Habdi who, this turn, took them round the circle a few paces affront the men. On the second round one of them who had been watching the children carefully, blinking his eyes at the vibrations from them which were not attuned to his more gross estate, came to conclude that one of those bairns was really his own. So he put forth his hand and took the child by the arm. She was a girl of some seven years or so.

At once, on contact, he uttered a yell, for the pain of it. He sank upon the ground, and sat there looking savage and yet afraid.
(You might explain that a little, sir, if you would, please.)

When you have bodily pain, that is in consequence of a series of vibrations entering in upon the economy of the affected part which is not concordant with the system of vibrations already established there. The new series do not agree in their speed or in their quality with the others. Both speed and the direction of their vibrant motion are abnormal. Also they are obstructive of the vital fluid which is coherent as between the ethereal body and the blood. There is more in the matter of physical pain than your men of science have yet found. And much more also than I have but told to you.

Very well. The action between the man and the child as to their bodies was something of a like nature. The contact of the two bodies was painful to him because his was sluggish in vibration and could not accommodate the higher stream of vibrations impinging upon him from the body of the child.
(But if he had been forgiving and kind-hearted all would have been well?)
So, my son. The touch of the child would have pleasured him instead of giving him pain.

Two More Groups Disposed Of……..
Well, the end of it was the others crowded round now and broke the circle to see what was come into their company of further disaster. For it was fear of disaster filled their minds, as hatred and lust for revenge was within their hearts.
Now we went forward, I and the Bishop and the Alderman, leaving the others, our helpers among the boulders. We withdrew the children, and the Alderman asked for silence. He explained, as Habdi had done to the others their companions, how they had come over, and their present estate.

There ensued an outbreak of speaking among them as they argued the matter out. Some would join us and commit themselves to our leading. Others would go and explore the country of their own powers. Others would nought except return Earthwards and seek for means of vengeance on their ill-users.

So we with some patience separated them into the three groups. The first group I set under leaders of my own companions. The second I consigned to the Bishop and the Alderman. I told these two, and some of the better ones, that I would keep in touch with them in their wanderings, and that I would come to them time and time again, and we would succour them when need should be. They are great strong Souls, they two, my son. They will do good work here ; and I think Earth will feel them yet in the course of their operations.

The Residue Return To the Earth Plane….
Having so disposed these two bands, I approached the residue. They were cursing their enemies and each other, and were in a very sorry plight withal.
(Any women with them?)
Women not a few, and some priests also. I have no record of their numbers in my mind. And it boots little, or I would search it out of our archives for you. Yes there were women, and some few were mothers whose bairns were awaiting them within the meadow. But I was sorry, my son. Belike they will not repent their folly till their sweet babes be beyond their aspirations, well into the spheres superior, and out of reach of them.
Or perchance they will not ever desire these babes of their own bearing till ages have passed away. We will leave it thus, my son. It is, as I say, a sorry tale to make sad the heart of an Angel.

So when some less than a dozen had been salved from them, and that with some difficulty, we let the residue depart. We sent dispatch to Shonar to make him acquaint with our doings, and the advent of the unrepentant toward his Sphere of action.
He would deal with them there and, when they had had their will and done what harm they were able upon the plane of Earth, they would gravitate to their own hells for winnowing and refining. Some of them would insist to pay visits to Earth from time to time; and those could not be gainsaid.
Yet only to those of like mind with them in wickedness would they be able to do hurt. These are they who make your Earth a place of sorrow, my son, where it should be a very pleasant place withal.

Pray For The People Of The Glade…..
(What was Wulfhere doing all this time, Arnel?)
She, having done what she could, left us and went first to the meadow, and thence to the Glade. Drafts were sent there, one by one, and the colony grew apace, and the forest rang with the shouts of children; and they and the women and the men were schooled in the new life and its laws and wonders.
The Children of Barnabas, my son; you remember the children of Barnabas?
(Yes Arnel, I pray for them as you bade me do.)
God be with you, my son, you do well, as you shall know one day. Pray also for these people of the Glade, and so shall you one day have joy of them, as also shall you have joy in the welcome of the People of Barnabas for your kindly thoughts of them, my son.

Abridged from Volume V of the series Life Beyond the Veil, by the Rev. Vale Owen… These works received through automatic writing from Guides and teachers in Spirit at the turn of the last century.

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