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Friday, October 17, 2003

You are playing music. Somebody says, ‘Why are you playing that?’
You say, ‘I dunno’!
You say, c’mon… think about it; why are you playing ‘that?’
You say, ….OoooKayyy !!! …I suppose it fits with my mood right now!’

Point made and noted…. ‘It fits the mood.’

Now let us think, not in terms of mood, but in terms of vibration.
Think in terms of us having a higher or lower personal vibration depending upon the circumstances prevailing at the time.
Think also of how, when we say the music fits with the mood, that the vibration of the music is reflecting the level of vibration we have when we are listening to it.

By my Understanding; I have previously proposed that we naturally seem to seek out things around us, (as with music in the example above,) which match or compliment our vibration at the time. …Fine if we are in good Spirits.
When our vibration is low this may not be such a good thing. If we compliment a melancholic mood with soulful music, we are not helping ourselves to snap out of the mood. I propose instead if we forced ourselves to listen to any kind of inspirational music we would be far more likely to lift the mood.

Inspirational music of any kind is synonymous with higher vibration.
When we go against ourselves to listen to music above our current vibration, ‘our’ vibration is lifted - by Association.

When we find inspiration through music or anything else, our aspirations are raised with it, whether or not we are aware of the process.
So through our interests we may associate ourselves with all kinds of things which inspire us in some way, and by Association give a clue to our aspirations.
All these things are the driving force of our Persona.

Can there be anything wrong in aspiring to something by Association?
To answer this we first have to identify another main factor which gives us our Persona. It is simply ….‘experience,’ or ideally, ….‘tested’ experience.
For ‘tested’ experience I mean that the motivations within a person, should be tested by that person - against potential Effect and Consequence; with Wise values adopted as a result.
The persona of such a person goes before them. They have a nature of quiet authority and have a quiet self-assurance, borne out of a developing tranquillity.

A person who projects a persona of authority, but who has achieved that persona of authority by Association, stands on shaky ground.
Others may accept their authority, but if it comes under challenge, they have no solid foundation of experience to withstand the attack.

Originally the person may have set themselves high ideals.
They may have adopted decorations of knowledge to imply a position closer to their aspirations than their tested experience could support.
Then disaster.. Someone issues a challenge to their belief…. Or worse still, something happens in their private life which should be manageable within the tenet of their aspirations; but through lack of solid tested experience, brings their whole strength and authority crashing to the ground.

To reach high, and immerse ourselves in the world of our subject belief is no bad thing when high ideals are sought. However, there is no substitute 'ever' for tested personal experience.

So it is has been for example, with the Warriors forum I have spoken of before. I have observed with sadness how untested experience over some months has prevailed to draw discussion from lofty considerations, down to discussion of mutual inadequacy; and a dependence upon those who offer the brightest decorations of Association.

Self delusion can only be defeated by returning to basics. All things originate in ‘Cause,’ ….this being the originating thought in our heads for anything. Here lies great power, for thought has form. We have absolute power of choice in it.
But ‘Cause’ leads to ‘Effect’ when it is played out. This being the action - enacted.

From ‘Effect’ there is ‘Consequence,’ and to understand Consequence is to accept ‘Responsibility.’ Personal progress starts when we accept responsibility for ourselves.

This requires us to return to the start and test our every thought before our ‘Cause’ ever becomes a bad effect and consequence. Adopt this habit and our aspirations need never be carried by ‘Dependency’ or through ‘Association.’

Love and Blessings to all

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