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Friday, November 21, 2003

Stoned Out Of Their Minds

Once upon a time there was an Island, occupied by a people who lived in peace and harmony.
Their dwellings spread across the meadowlands on either side of the river.

One day while exploring, Rute found a big shiny round stone.
He remarked how beautiful it was.
His friend Elat, who was with him at the time, claimed he had seen it first and tried to snatch it. They argued.

Next day, Rute, the Keeper of the stone, teased his friend; who promptly wandered off on his own feeling very angry.
Sometime later, Elat turned up again with great excitement. He produced an equally shiny perfect ‘oval’ stone and declared how much more beautiful it was than the round stone.

Harsh words were spoken and upon returning home, Rute, the Keeper of the round stone spoke with his family and hit upon a plan.
His friend lived on the opposite side of the river but when they met again next day he offered to compare stones again. Rute revealed his stone, now painted a very bright Blue colour. “Clearly,” he declared, “ My stone is the best!”

When they met again the following day, Elat was smiling and dancing. He paraded his oval stone and it had been painted a vivid Red. The two friends argued ever more savagely over the stones.
However, interest had been generated in the community. Before long other people appeared with 'their' trophy stones painted Blue or Red and each claimed as the best example.

A wise man lived alone, some distance from the community. He was reputed to be older and wiser than anyone. He was disturbed by the trouble and visited the community to remind everyone of their former peaceful times. He was told to mind his own business.

Time passed and ever greater efforts were made by the people on either side of the river to find and display the most glorious stones. The people now called themselves Tribes, and the trouble worsened.
Years passed and everyone forgot the origin of the dispute; apart from the anniversary of the first find – which became an annual parade. Everyone now had a stone.

Stones of Red and stones of Blue were treasured, protected and worshipped. The tribes now lived apart and taunted each other across the river.

Some years later the wise man returned to visit on the annual Parade Day. The people were horrified to see he had no stone !
They demanded to know which colour he worshipped.
He replied that both colours were beautiful and had merit.
The people were not satisfied.
The wise man told them he praised the ground from whence the stones appeared, and the light which allowed their vision.
This blasphemy incensed them all and they drove him away in fury…. Tempers had never been higher on the Annual Stone Parade.

No one will ever know who cast the first one……..but a stone was hurled !
Before long a battle had begun which raged and raged.
The sky became darkened with the flight of stones; accompanied by the shrieks and insults from the people.
After many hours of battle, the last person himself stumbled and fell dead from his terrible injuries amid the Devastation.

For the first time in many years a huge storm gathered and swept across the Island. Nothing escaped the lashing power of the purifying rain.

Red paint and Blue paint were stripped and washed from the stones to mingle in the ground. All that remained was a layer of bright shiny clean stones which could not be told apart.

In the distance the wise old man sailed away muttering sadly to himself, “Will they ever learn ?”

Peace, Wisdom and Blessings to all


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