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Friday, December 19, 2003



I can see we are going to have many fun discussions, i do have
plenty of questions though and I will be challenging at times - but
if like you say your knowldege to be so I am sure it will be just a
breeze in the park for you and i will learn from you.

you wrote;

" It is for each to find their own truth and tranquility within. "

So am i right in making the assumption that each and everyone of us
has our own personal truth, in essence my truth is different to
yours and to everyone else's?


"In Search of Truth"

Oh! Truth. How shall we define Truth.

Truth, is a condition, whereby no further interpretation of
understanding may be gleaned from its nature.
How shall we recognise Truth.
First, let us consider the viewing point of a Presence who is
one with Truth.
We shall grant them the status of perfectness, which conveys a
oneness with all things, for how so otherwise could they embody
that immaculate condition.

The perception of such a Presence upon us, would form no judgement
of our inadequate state as we aspire to their immaculate
Their perception would be the understanding that we simply
reflected a lesser state.
We would not, could not, be viewed as imperfect because we are an
integral part of the whole.

Their immaculate Truth would include the complete awareness of us
and our condition; while through our perceptions, we can only aspire
to the perfectness of condition beyond our own limitations of

So how shall I reconcile my truth with that of immaculate truth, and
with that of others of my kind.
I must first reach an awareness of my own viewing point
in relation to all others.
I must recognise that my condition conveys no status, for status
conveys exclusivity, and immaculate truth can have no barriers.
If I am to know tranquillity, there can be no resistance, even
though I occupy an inadequate state. Awareness allows the
understanding of immaculate truth within us all.
How could it be otherwise, but for the fact that it is prevented
merely by our own inadequacy.

I can look within myself. I can build upon my own evolving awareness
of my lesser viewing point. I can examine all causes emanating
from within me.
I can get to know the effect of all that originates in my
own cause which is Thought.
I can strive to understand all consequence for which I am
I am qualified only, to judge myself and these things within me.

and if I hold to the vision and the certainty of immaculate truth
beyond, I will be satisfied in that, knowing even though I stand in
the humility of inadequacy, I am nevertheless an integral part of
the whole truth.
Such is the source of tranquillity.
To Love all, but able only first despite inadequecy, when we can
feel the Love of tranquillity within ourselves.

Immaculate Truth is immutable.
Your Truth, my Truth, is a temporary condition, it is transient.
I can only ever offer my truth as a catalyst to others.
How shall I hope to be viewed then by others of my kind.
in hope, as someone who can demonstrate that the truth I offer out
of myself is truly tested within my own experience, and that it may
assist the transient process of evolvement in others.

It is for each to find their own truth and tranquillity within, not
to imply a difference, but to encourage the awareness.


the balance complete


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