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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Reply from Jez

The only one we truly fool is our-self!

Some-one said to me today that is it not for every-one to see what is truth and what is falsehood for themselves, as I have done here, my initial response was to question this point on the grounds to help others, on further reflection I now agree, it is for each to see the truth for themselve's.


If we examine a Rock; down to the molecules, down to the atoms, down to the neutrons and protons, down to the quarks, down to the gluons, down to Ethonic matter, (see book,) down to Motivation, we are at the threshold of Creation, and Truth.
But Truth is not only present at the birth. It describes the Virtuality and the Actuality of the whole process, and is in a state of constant flux.

Quality of truth is movement, which is vibration.
We can only grasp at the lesson from Truth when it has passed from Virtual state through Actuality, to recycle again.
We have the opportunity to learn from its Consequence.

We look at the Rock. We understand the gross implications of the Rock.
But if we were to understand the implications of its very fabric.
If we were to read the cycles of vibration which are its Presence; our Truth would benefit from all of its experience.
The Rock is not just a Rock. It represents a vast Consequence.
But we only see a Rock !

So it is within our own experience.
The condition of 'Truth,' reflects within us the dynamic stage we have reached in our evolvement.
If we journey to the essence of what we are, we discover 'Vibration.'
It too could be read collectively for each of us, to reveal our signiture; like the Rock, reflecting a vast Consequence of all we have been or experienced before.

Truth is dynamic. But in the ever-turning cycles of existence through Virtuality and Actuality, every Rock and every Person and in fact every thing, is connected.

We continue to view just a Rock and our viewing-point is thus fixed to a position just in front of us.
This limits our scope for wider Truth.
If we homo sapiens could only appreciate that we must first understand the whole nature of our own personal Consequence, we would make the connection to all things.

Then at last we would be able to all join at a viewing point of harmonious Truth, light years beyond our present collective viewing point.

Blessings to you Jez, and all on this journey.

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