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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Those who have ventured to the deeper recesses of the Book
"Down To Earth" (the way it is) will be aware of my Understanding of how those on higher levels, answer our prayers here by the manufacture of Synchronicities.

And how better, when a heavier heart is raised to the spheres, for the opportunity to be grasped by our Minders in planting a more serious lesson.

The following actually happened last week.

Take two Souls; Husband and Wife.
Both buried in their conditioning.
One, bound further by hypocritical adherence to Catholicism; though a kindly Soul.
The other drawn closer to the vibration of higher levels, through the scars of Motherly devotion.
Both grounded by the practical considerations of a hard mundane life.

The snow piled high on the ground. More fell heavily from the dark sky.
Things had to be carried indoors and a slip and a fall, and the spectacles he relied so heavily on, were lost amongst the snow.

They searched long and hard everywhere and gave the task up as futile.
These folks are poor people, who give their all to their family and go without, themselves.
There was much angst. They would not be able to afford a new pair of spectacles and they were very upset.
They openly said a prayer or two or three or four, begging for the help of God to find the lost article.

They prayed sincerely, while outside their front door, the snow continued to fall heavily.
These people needed to find these spectacles; but more importantly, needed to have a renewal of faith in the real presence and workings of Spirit.

Some while later, the door was opened to show where their tracks and the signs of their earlier efforts were wiped clean by the falling snow.
But there… a few feet over to the side on a pile of compressed snow the spectacles lay as if just gently placed there.
In a few minutes they would have been under fresh snow again, but right at this moment they were given back to the couple.
The effect on them both, and other family members who were there at the time, was profound.
I am sure that in Spirit, there were shared tears from a few Minders who were also overjoyed to see another good plan come together.

This story is true.
It happened last week in a town in North America.
The family is close to my heart.

If we reach to the outstretched hands of our Minders and Spirit, the same magic could be worked in every town and every country in the world.

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