Journey to Enlightenment

Friday, March 26, 2004

Here, folks,... is a simple story I used once to try and convey the nature of Spirit.
Hope it works for you.

Plunky was a light bulb.
Yes, an ordinary light bulb; but fully animated ! and with very particular properties.

He wasn't very bright though.
You see he had his own finite store of energy, and he drew from his energy store to glow as brightly as he was able.
His energy store was gently replenished from the ambient light all around.
Plunky was blissfully unaware of this process.
He just got on with his life among other light bulbs and it is fair to say he felt most comfortable when he was in the company of other light bulbs who chose to glow just as brightly as himself.

Darker ones didn’t interest him much because, as everyone knows, they lurked in the shadows; and only 'they' knew why they enjoyed the dim twilight of their mischievous lives.

Brighter ones frightened him because when they gathered together their light was so dazzling, he couldn’t see what they were up to.
In any case, they usually blended with the ambient light so he didn’t ‘have’ to take much notice of them if he didn’t want to.

One day Plunky was fed-up.
He was getting bored with the same old chat and with the same old light bulbs.
He took himself off to daydream for a while.
He thought to himself,
“This is really depressing. I hope there is more to it all than this!”
This mood grabbed him and became stronger and stronger as the days wore on.

He noticed a strange thing happening because the air around him was getting brighter.
He could feel ‘he’ was becoming brighter as energy invaded him, and it felt good. Suddenly he made the connection. He’d thought deeply about it and it had happened… In longing for something better he had been energised.

He looked around and jumped in surprise as he saw another light bulb standing right beside him.
He said, “ Where did you spring from?”
The other bulb answered, "I’m around you to keep an eye on you for a lot of the time, but you were not glowing with enough light to notice me. In fact even when I was busy elsewhere I still kept an eye on you. It was a simple matter. Your thoughts and actions changed your glow slightly. We here can interpret events behind the glow."

Plunky was astounded. He couldn’t remember feeling so good. He asked if it would always work like this.
His new friend told him it was nothing new; it was just that he had never been aware of it happening before.

Plunky wanted to know what he should do next. He could now see many new light bulbs he had never seen before.
He could also see across to the place where he had been trying to glow so far.
It looked strangely dingy now.
His new friend explained how all energy came from the ambient light and condensed to give him substance, always according to his will.

He told Plunky there was more to see and know than he could ever imagine.
Plunky jumped up and down.
“I want to get brighter, I want to get brighter… I want to see more…. I want to know more….How do I do it ? “

His friend said, “ Return to your old address and be ready to help others as I have done for you. He continued.
“I choose to persevere with my obligation to you. What you do now, is ‘your’ choice”

Plunky said, “But what will happen if I don’t want to go back to that place ?”
His new friend said, “ You will enjoy your new surroundings for a time. Eventually you will become bored again. The situation of your choosing will produce its own Consequence when you must eventually return in order to move forward.”

Plunky asked, “ What about you ?
His friend replied, “ I am filled with joy; for your new awareness has also energised me. I can now see more clearly as you can.”

Plunky was filled with excitement. He blurted out to his friend, “I think I’m ready now to go and spread a little light.”

"It is time for us all to do the same," his friend replied.

Blessings to all.
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