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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Several years ago I revisited an elderly friend to learn that her husband had recently passed over. M----- was very disabled and despite her terrible difficulties, managed to meet each day with optimism. In fact, while her husband was away on business for much of the time, there were always callers to her house because of the inspirational Spirit that she engendered.

Now however, she was consumed with grief, for since her loss she had discovered the dark disturbing nature of her late husband’s clandestine life away from home.
M----- could neither understand nor come to terms with the betrayal she felt after so many years of personal suffering with her illness.

Upon my departure from the visit I was overcome to receive another Automatic work.
I scribbled the words on anything I could find around me before they faded from my insight.
I took minutes to tidy them up on a larger piece of paper before returning to knock again on M----- door.
I delivered the words to her as I knew I must, and the effect was profound.

There is much more of the story to attach, but the words I was blessed to channel were meant to help and break through the pain that she was feeling..
M----- did pull through it and eventually wrote her incredible life story, which was privately published.
M----- continues to be an inspiration to all…
Here below are the words I was given..
May they please be help to others too.

Lifeline to a friend……

I was strolling through a field when I saw him standing there.
He stood before a painting of the man from Galilee,
As if to reach in silence for some distant clarity.
Quite lost in thought he trembled as his face set with a frown.
The painted man gazed back with love, though blood flowed from his crown.

This strange affair drew me closer for I saw the man had something on his back!
He faltered with the weight – an evil black monstrosity,
Its claws gripped tight his shoulders in obscene profanity.
The man stood bent and silent, hypnotised to search his past.
I marvelled at the length of time he’d let such torture last.

I could contain myself no longer and called across to him.
He jumped with fright and shaking, turned to meet my puzzled face,
I said “How long has that monstrosity been clinging in that place?”
I pointed and he turned to look, to see if it was there
Then screamed in pain, “Each time I look it pulls hard on my hair.”

Well! You can imagine, my attention was caught and I had to know more.
His distress was quite apparent and I sought to comfort him,
I asked him if his creature was his payment for a sin.
Through tears he said, “ I know not how it grew so gross and black;
I felt it as a child, quite small, unnoticed on my back.”

Clearly his memory was sharpening. He moaned, but I urged him to continue.
“It was only as an aged man when I realised its size.
I tried hard to conceal it using barricades of lies.
The more I tried to shake it, the more it held on tight,
And the lies I dreamt for others, plagued me each and every night.”

Remorse and sadness true; but seeing light around the corner, I tried to interrupt.
I said, “ It’s time to realise, you get a second chance.
Just give the man from Galilee a thoughtful second glance.”
His weary eyes were glinting as he saw how light was there,
While his monster slowly lifted and diffused into the air.

I decided it was time to leave him, standing muttering to himself.
I knew his heart was heavy, but he stood up tall and straight, saying,
“I must turn back to my family, to mend the hurt and hate.”
I glanced back at the painting of a man for souls to seek,
As a perfect golden teardrop, trickled slowly down his cheek.



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