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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Discussions of Sexuality

In an ageless time past, before the descent of mankind to material inhabitation, the hierachy of progression evolved through cycles that extended from collective consciousness to near the vibration of physical matter. Presence was "hermaphrodite."

In this distant time a 'will' had not yet developed to experience the lower levels and boundaries of the physical world.
The cycles began to unfold in the physical with the emergence of our lives in lands radiating from Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis.
But even at the start of this, the newcomers only gradually evolved to a separation of Gender.

As each evolving Presence took on the mantle of a physical form, it became necessary biologically for child forms to be created, enabling within the natural laws of physics - the route for more of humankind to continue with their chosen downward evolvement.
Separation of gender became defined.
Physical biology became defined.
The reproductive process became defined and attached to the pleasure centres of the physical form. If physical displeasure accompanied the process, then procreation (and the means to a progression cycle) - would not have been attractive. The cycle would have been broken.

As a race, our intellect developed long ago to the point where we could have turned science to the task of proving and reinforcing our complete understanding of where we evolved from and how the whole process works. We chose instead to worship and 'ground' ourselves in the physical.

In the distant time of Mu, our ancestors, seeded originally from other systems in our Universe, were able to exist and function in a state which to us now would appear as varying between solid and ghostly form.
In other words, they were able to interact with their surroundings of reality from the denser vibration of physical matter, to the more radiant vibration of the lower levels beyond.

The cycles of progression however cannot be denied despite our "Service to Self" choice. A submerged cork released in water will always rise to its proper level.
We as Entities also have a natural level, which is NOT the physical world. We have forgotten this clear fact.
However the cycles of process, at the most lowly level and on a grand Cosmic level inexorably tick away to the time when confrontation is forced for the shift in balance to take place again.

By now, if we had made the higher choice years ago, we would have climbed back to the position of our Muon ancestors already, and be enjoying a more balanced, and closer to utopian environment than we can possible imagine in our present sorry state.
Our descent has almost reached the end-game, where our lowest examples of descended Presence, provide ready vibrationary hot-spots of 'Matter' ....for recycling incoming darker and darker bretheren.

All have heard of the promised 2012 doomsday scenarios.. Well it is not going to be doomsday, in our terms.
It will be a very short period in time measure, when cosmic scales will tip to cause an almost overnight flip of energies throughout our Solar System.

For many of us who occupy physical form on this planet it will mean a forced departure to take up a natural higher level of frequency, where the counterpart to our physical planet, (occupying the same space) ...and who's environment reflects those who are of ready vibration, to make a permanant shift to a higher level. They will take up residence to seed the world they have been unconsciously developing for years... (with a little help from higher friends.)

Those remaining as seeming catastrophy survivors will find themselves in the same position as the survivors from when this transition took place last time around.
That was nearly 13.000years ago. The races around the world from Atlantian culture were also split in polarity. Their time came as it has for us, when natural cycles force the rebalancing through Cosmic confrontation.

We started this thread discussing 'sex!'
Well we could say that the division of sex as in gender, signalled the start of it all at this level.
Now the same is true, where the act of prolific sex has become synonymous with self-serving physical pleasure; thus reinforcing our attachment to physical vibration.

For two people of opposite Gender who have (both) evolved to freedom from the restraints of their accumulated conditioning... the physical sexual act can mean and lead to something much more wonderful.

For two such people, there would be common understanding of the whole processes of their energies and how they functioned within the physical form.
They would be fully aware too, of how the Presence evolves from, and back to, the higher realms of Spirit.
They would be able to experience during the physical sexual act, the merging of their energies, rising up through the chakras, to a separation of them both into conscious Radiant form.

In a 'mundane' sexual experience, the accumulated conditioning from 'Service to Self' gratification - produces a discharge of the 'negative' hot-spot of energy to 'Ground.'
When it is done, it is done!

When a highly enlightened couple share the act of union, their energies are seeded from higher ideals and understandings. Their flows of Chakral energy combine and rise through and beyond physical climax to breakout in Radiant merging.
This is wholly different to the physical experience. It is enduring.
It is a Union of contact with 'one.'
It is an act of Communion.
It is a step toward 'HOME'

It is as I Understand it to be.



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