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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Received through Automatic Writing

Extracted from my book "Down To Earth" (the way it is)
& available free from the new web site (( ))

........................ LIFELINE TO A FRIEND ............................

I was strolling through a field when I saw him standing there.
He stood before a painting of the man from Galilee,
As if to reach in silence for some distant clarity.
Quite lost in thought he trembled as his face set with a frown.
The painted man gazed back with love, though blood flowed from his crown.

This strange affair drew me closer for I saw the man had something on his back!
He faltered with the weight – an evil black monstrosity,
Its claws gripped tight his shoulders in obscene profanity.
The man stood bent and silent, hypnotised to search his past.
I marvelled at the length of time he’d let such torture last.

I could contain myself no longer and called across to him.
He jumped with fright and shaking, turned to meet my puzzled face,
I said “How long has that monstrosity been clinging in that place?”
I pointed and he turned to look, to see if it was there
Then screamed in pain, “Each time I look it pulls hard on my hair.”

Well! You can imagine, my attention was caught and I had to know more.
His distress was quite apparent and I sought to comfort him,
I asked him if his creature was his payment for a sin.
Through tears he said, “ I know not how it grew so gross and black;
I felt it as a child, quite small, unnoticed on my back.”

Clearly his memory was sharpening. He moaned, but I urged him to continue.
“It was only as an aged man when I realised its size.
I tried hard to conceal it using barricades of lies.
The more I tried to shake it, the more it held on tight,
And the lies I dreamt for others, plagued me each and every night.”

Remorse and sadness true; but seeing light around the corner, I tried to interrupt.
I said, “ It’s time to realise, you get a second chance.
Just give the man from Galilee a thoughtful second glance.”
His weary eyes were glinting as he saw how light was there,
While his monster slowly lifted and diffused into the air.

I decided it was time to leave him, standing muttering to himself.
I knew his heart was heavy, but he stood up tall and straight, saying,
“I must turn back to my family, to mend the hurt and hate.”
I glanced back at the painting of a man for souls to seek,
As a perfect golden teardrop, trickled slowly down his cheek.

.................. (( )) ..........................

Friday, October 22, 2004

From: "judith an*"

GENESIS..The Children of Thoth by Eugene E. Whitworth

He who does not see a Perfect God frimly enfolded in the blackest sod
goes from life to useless death.

Even that which does not seem to be God, then,is his true essence and had ever been wedded to him as is the Soul of Breath.

God. Supreme, Holy and Magnificent stands in human heart and in firmament, small as nothing, large as the Universe.

As water into water pouring stays the same, all things to be enduring must meet and mingle in this Universe.

The mortal lives not by flowing breath but by principles higher than even death,which undergrid mortality and sing....

That living fire, which in the world turns like unto each of the things it burns is God, different in each mortal thing


Thursday, October 21, 2004

Canal Trip......

I used to walk the Canals when I was a kid.
There are a lot of them in the Midlands of England in what's called the Black Country – taken I believe from when the whole area supported coal mining.
Anyway, more often than not, a gang of us kids would take the whole day off and mess around on the Canals.

A lot of the canals were disused with rotting barges and plenty of junk laying around to throw into the water. In some places however, a long way out, it was really beautiful and clean.
There was a beauty to it all! Even the old bits, because you could feel the history of the place reaching out to you.
I sometimes went solo, walking miles along the Canal banks to find favourite spots.

A while ago I found myself trying to retrace the ghostly footsteps of my childhood as I tiptoed along the towpath under the bridge once again.
The water was still dripping from the roof and there were even more calcite snots hanging from the brickwork, with little drops of water plopping from them down to the canal surface every few seconds.

The day was late and the rippled splashes from each drop marked better where each came from in the half-light. I remembered up ahead when the path opened out again there was a set of disused lock gates. I had loved to sit there and rest beside where the escaping water pushed through cracks in the timbers.
I saw as I walked on, there was a young guy sitting there on ‘my’ seat. The very seat I had sat so many times. I cursed to myself because I'd looked forward to claiming it back again.
Then I thought, ”Well maybe if I stop as usual, he'll move on when he sees me.”
However as I drew closer to him I felt a familiar rush of Spirit, like a sudden wind or static discharge rushing over my skin..

It put me on immediate red-alert because I recognized when that happened it was because my Minder was alerting me to something important.
So, I now took a closer interest in the guy up ahead, to try and work out what was meant to be?
He sat there in a slouch with his hands stuffed in the pockets of his long jacket. He wore all black. Very noticeable! I walked over, nearby and said, “Aw'right then!” He just grumphed without even looking up, and I got out my baccy tin to roll a cigarette.

I was still feeling the rush, and my senses were telling me a story. I felt this young guy was so bloody miserable. I looked at him out of my side gaze and he looked grim. I reckoned he’d even been weeping.
He just stared blankly ahead at the line of weeds in front of him. The feeling coming back from him was overwhelming. It sure matched his clothes. Black jacket, T- shirt and long flared black jeans, and he looked like he had used`eyeliner!’ “Bloody hell,” I thought.. “we got a right one here.. his brain is out of it.”

Then I checked myself because I'd got signals, so, this was a `meant to happen' meeting and I was going to make the best of it. I reached deeper and found the thought in my head, "sh-t! he's got pills in his pocket. He’s going for an overdose with them."

I just switched to automatic then and tried for conversation a second time.
Sh-t or bust ! that's me ! so without much decision I said to him, "How old are you?"
He got up to move, and spit back in a sullen voice, "23…what the fcuk's it to you?" He was already reaching around the lock-gate arm to move on and I stopped him in his tracks with, " I got something you want real bad." "What?" he growled.

He probably thought I was offering some pills or weed or something, and he sure got a proper shock when I said, "I can give you your life."
He spit back, "What - you some kind of weirdo or something?"

"No," I said, but I know you got a pocket full of pills you're gonna take." He went white. …… "Who sent you," he asked." (I knew I had his full attention then, and the conversation continued)…"Not who You think."
"Who then?"

"It doesn't matter right now; only that you are here right now,….and so am I."
"Let me ask you a real important question. Even though you been through a lot of sh-t, do you think there is some point to the World and how everything works; ...y'know… and theUniverse and all that?"

He eased back against the lock-gate arm facing away from me.
"Go on," I pushed…. I'm dead serious!…Even though you're trying to deal with all your stuff, do you think there's gotta be some kind of reason why it all exists?"
"What d'you think?"

He looked down to the ground and drew out a long "Yeeaahh, suppose so," and then in a quieter voice… "No bleedin' good to me though."

I said, "Why? …..
..The pills you got in your hand right now stopped your brain from working?"
He drew his hand from his pocket sharply and gripped the wooden lock beam behind him.
I could see my conversation was really winding him up.

He twisted to half face me. I could see his eyes were filling.
He spit it out, " There's no sodding sense in it I can see; ...all just crowding in, suffocating me... nobody gives a sh-t what I think."

"I do," I said! And I threw my next reply into his face. …

"If you think there's some purpose to it all, ….even if you can't see it…. do you suppose for one second, that you were put on this earth for 23 years just so when you reached 23 you could throw the towel in !!" "Come On !! ... give us a freaking break !! That idea would be just plain bloody stupid."

Now he was real angry and that was great!
He was now standing and faced me across the beam…
"OK smart-arse.. YOU tell ME how you get out of it when there aint no way out?"

I don't know what he expected me to reply, but he went straight back into himself when I said,
"That's easy to answer…. just Make the Choice." and I continued…"You haven't seen the way out, because you haven't been looking in the right place…. and that's because you spent too much time contemplating your own miserable little world ...instead of seeing the chances around you ....and getting lost in a few of them instead! You are just so fcuking selfish to yourself… Don't you think you are worth better? I do, and that's why I was arranged to be here…

It's about bleeding time you stepped out of your own shadow. People that are martyrs to themselves end up p-ss-ng themselves off and everybody else around them. It all just feeds on itself.
You heard the expression… Get a life. … Well its about time you did!
Start looking in the right places for where you've hid it up till now.

For a split second he tensed and I thought he was going to go for me; but he grabbed down into his pocket, took out a couple of bottles of pills and threw them over the top of me in defiance.
They splashed into the canal as he turned on his heels saying "Fcuk you," and stamped away up the towpath.

It was several weeks later and I was coming out of the newsagent shop in the High Street.
I was looking down at the newspaper headline and was about to turn left out of the doorway when I felta strong hand grab me tight for a second on my arm. I looked up in defense and it was him! He was dressed smart in a tie and suit.

He was on his way into the shop himself.
He just looked hard into my eyes for a couple of seconds and said, "Thanks mate."

He squeezed my arm again, and walked on into the shop.
I walked away smiling.


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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Im not sure how many of the visitors here took the opportunity to join the Group web site to read my book " Down To Earth" (the way it is)

To recap briefly; I have had a lifetime filled with the Supernormal, involving Out of Body Experiences, Clairvoyance, Precognition, Automatic Writing, Visitations, and many other things.
My journey through this life has been a test to unwravel the understanding of it all.
I have always been aware of another level of human reality beyond the physical.

More than 20 years ago I had a particularly profound Supernormal experience which awakened an ancient memory within me. This gave me back a complete understanding of how the whole process works for us and everything, across the illusionary barrier between the physical world and a higher reality.
I was reminded of exactly how the process works from a gross material level to a quantum level and beyond.

The whole story and the Understandings I gained from it are laid out in the book for all to freely inspect.
I created a Group sister-site for all-comers to discuss the issues raised.
Both sites are still active and have served their purpose. However since then I have had help to create a proper Website for all this information to be presented in a more user friendly way.

The Website is still under development, but can be opened already for all to visit.
The end point of the book was really the beginning of the story, which now involves the real-life search for the Ark of the Covenant and much greater activities at the Great Pyramid later.

A whole host of other subjects are intrinsically linked to this unfoldng story.
These will be opened on the developing forum and links page for study and discussion, but will cover areas involving, Higher Dimensions and interaction, Astronomy, Earth and Cosmic Changes, Forthcoming Earth Probabilities, Atlantean Antiquities, Crystalline & Scalar Power, Monatomic Gold, Sacred Geometry, and so much more that it would fill the page with titles.

All readers here are most welcomed to visit and 'favourite-mark' the new Web site address.

((We All Have So Little Time Left !))


Saturday, October 09, 2004

It's all a Question of Time !

Time is measurement of the interval between two or more points.

The condition of time is a preset necessary only to us homo sapiens, helping us to judge our interaction with the limited world we perceive around us.Today/tomorrow....This week/next week!

Next week is a point of Probability and is wholly flexible.Its outcome depends upon the Actuality of yesterday and beyond.We have the free will to shape it. Today, is a moving point, and is thus an illusion of time. But even these perameters are borne by a material world where we hold our consciousness to the straight jacket of mortality.We constrain ourselves with the finite illusion of birth and death.

If we could grasp the greater viewing point of a vast cyclical cosmos where we too play a minute role, we would break free of the measurement of time and begin to judge the 'transient' nature of all things. Our role is minute but never ending. When we pass beyond the illusion of death it comes as a shock to most to be reminded that we are an integral part of a continuum.

I said earlier that we have the free will to shape the Actuality of all Probability before us; and this must be understood beyond the constraint of birth and death. Free-will takes the form of Thought, for thought is the motivation for movement, or vibration, and shapes all Probability.

So what is Thought?

Thought is the condition whereby Potential is Realised.We can induce this. There is great power in the process. More than any Presence could possibly realise while bound by the viewing point of mortality.The words say "In the beginning there was eternal thought."In the beginning there was Potential. In the beginning nothing existed; ...but all things existed in Virtuality. Both states were one. In one lay the other. In the other lay the one. But then from the Potential a new cycle of Probability opened where, from Potential, movement occurred.This motivation to movement was as 'thought.'

From Potential through eternal thought, Virtuality passed through the Actuality of decending vibration to create the Cosmos of matter we know a tiny part of. The Motivation of Movement eventually evolved sentient beings who themselves were capable of producing Motivation.

The words say, "Know ye that even though in the time ye are separate, yet still are ONE, -in all times existent."

So it is that we, as children of the 'whole,' ......having the individual Will to produce from Potential..........

(A) Cause/which is thought.... (B) Resulting in Effect/which is Actuality.... (C) Resulting in Consequence/which is rebirth to Potential.

Nevertheless, for all of us, we exist within the whole as the whole exists within us. And as the cycles of Probability opened with infinite Probability for all matter, so it was that the interval of movement could be measured.Between two or more points the interval of time depended upon a fixed state. But what impression of time could be exact where all points are transient.In this we can find understanding of the illusion of 'time.' Of what use is time, where all things are eternal. Yet the eternal itself implies a measure.The answer is that there is no answer, nor any need of one. Eternal indicates in truth, a cycle.

Our illusionary concepts of time, are a necessity of our self-imposed state.We can choose if we wish... as Thoth says elsewhere in the Emerald Tablets; to follow the curves of the cycles and break free from the constraints of our version of time.Then even though bound to a physical body, we would be capable of travelling to all parts of the whole, faster than the blink of an eye.We would be capable of becoming one 'with' the whole again. Herin lies too, the secret of initiation at the Great pyramid of Egypt! It time; beyond time, we will all eventually understand 'again.'



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