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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Im not sure how many of the visitors here took the opportunity to join the Group web site to read my book " Down To Earth" (the way it is)

To recap briefly; I have had a lifetime filled with the Supernormal, involving Out of Body Experiences, Clairvoyance, Precognition, Automatic Writing, Visitations, and many other things.
My journey through this life has been a test to unwravel the understanding of it all.
I have always been aware of another level of human reality beyond the physical.

More than 20 years ago I had a particularly profound Supernormal experience which awakened an ancient memory within me. This gave me back a complete understanding of how the whole process works for us and everything, across the illusionary barrier between the physical world and a higher reality.
I was reminded of exactly how the process works from a gross material level to a quantum level and beyond.

The whole story and the Understandings I gained from it are laid out in the book for all to freely inspect.
I created a Group sister-site for all-comers to discuss the issues raised.
Both sites are still active and have served their purpose. However since then I have had help to create a proper Website for all this information to be presented in a more user friendly way.

The Website is still under development, but can be opened already for all to visit.
The end point of the book was really the beginning of the story, which now involves the real-life search for the Ark of the Covenant and much greater activities at the Great Pyramid later.

A whole host of other subjects are intrinsically linked to this unfoldng story.
These will be opened on the developing forum and links page for study and discussion, but will cover areas involving, Higher Dimensions and interaction, Astronomy, Earth and Cosmic Changes, Forthcoming Earth Probabilities, Atlantean Antiquities, Crystalline & Scalar Power, Monatomic Gold, Sacred Geometry, and so much more that it would fill the page with titles.

All readers here are most welcomed to visit and 'favourite-mark' the new Web site address.

((We All Have So Little Time Left !))


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