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Saturday, October 09, 2004

It's all a Question of Time !

Time is measurement of the interval between two or more points.

The condition of time is a preset necessary only to us homo sapiens, helping us to judge our interaction with the limited world we perceive around us.Today/tomorrow....This week/next week!

Next week is a point of Probability and is wholly flexible.Its outcome depends upon the Actuality of yesterday and beyond.We have the free will to shape it. Today, is a moving point, and is thus an illusion of time. But even these perameters are borne by a material world where we hold our consciousness to the straight jacket of mortality.We constrain ourselves with the finite illusion of birth and death.

If we could grasp the greater viewing point of a vast cyclical cosmos where we too play a minute role, we would break free of the measurement of time and begin to judge the 'transient' nature of all things. Our role is minute but never ending. When we pass beyond the illusion of death it comes as a shock to most to be reminded that we are an integral part of a continuum.

I said earlier that we have the free will to shape the Actuality of all Probability before us; and this must be understood beyond the constraint of birth and death. Free-will takes the form of Thought, for thought is the motivation for movement, or vibration, and shapes all Probability.

So what is Thought?

Thought is the condition whereby Potential is Realised.We can induce this. There is great power in the process. More than any Presence could possibly realise while bound by the viewing point of mortality.The words say "In the beginning there was eternal thought."In the beginning there was Potential. In the beginning nothing existed; ...but all things existed in Virtuality. Both states were one. In one lay the other. In the other lay the one. But then from the Potential a new cycle of Probability opened where, from Potential, movement occurred.This motivation to movement was as 'thought.'

From Potential through eternal thought, Virtuality passed through the Actuality of decending vibration to create the Cosmos of matter we know a tiny part of. The Motivation of Movement eventually evolved sentient beings who themselves were capable of producing Motivation.

The words say, "Know ye that even though in the time ye are separate, yet still are ONE, -in all times existent."

So it is that we, as children of the 'whole,' ......having the individual Will to produce from Potential..........

(A) Cause/which is thought.... (B) Resulting in Effect/which is Actuality.... (C) Resulting in Consequence/which is rebirth to Potential.

Nevertheless, for all of us, we exist within the whole as the whole exists within us. And as the cycles of Probability opened with infinite Probability for all matter, so it was that the interval of movement could be measured.Between two or more points the interval of time depended upon a fixed state. But what impression of time could be exact where all points are transient.In this we can find understanding of the illusion of 'time.' Of what use is time, where all things are eternal. Yet the eternal itself implies a measure.The answer is that there is no answer, nor any need of one. Eternal indicates in truth, a cycle.

Our illusionary concepts of time, are a necessity of our self-imposed state.We can choose if we wish... as Thoth says elsewhere in the Emerald Tablets; to follow the curves of the cycles and break free from the constraints of our version of time.Then even though bound to a physical body, we would be capable of travelling to all parts of the whole, faster than the blink of an eye.We would be capable of becoming one 'with' the whole again. Herin lies too, the secret of initiation at the Great pyramid of Egypt! It time; beyond time, we will all eventually understand 'again.'



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