Journey to Enlightenment

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Imagine a room filled with drunkards.
Another drunkard is introduced to the room; but this one is in denial.
He tries to pass himself off as a non drunkard.
How soon do you think it would be before the others in the room saw through his disguise ?
How soon before he is unmasked ?

Now continue the exercise and play a mind game, by filling the room over and over with different negative groupings. Then ask the same questions.
Try for example, drug addicts, or selfish people, or thieves, or self absorbed people and so on.
Or even try it with with combinations of these.

For every gathering, anyone in denial of their conditioning would soon be exposed among their peers. So now adopt a fresh viewing point with me.
Now we shall view all these people in energy form.

As I propose in my book, everyone exists as a cohesion of vibration, - a condensation of higher matter, directed by our motivating force, ...our ‘Presence.’
If we, as an observer, were empowered with Ethonic sight, we would see that everyone's energy-field, extending beyond their physical body, was in a state of constant flux.
We would be able to take a hypothetical snap-shot of their condition.
This would provide an Ethonic Report of the person’s general vibrationary condition; (an Ethonic signature.)

Within that snapshot, Ethonic viewing would allow us to identify all of the internal vibrationary influences which combined to produce the general signature.

If we transfer our awareness of these facts to one of our hypothetical rooms, we would see that the vibrationary signature of the occupants, was in accord.
In other words, the drunkard would hold a signiture of vibration recognisable to others of the same experience and vibration. Any attempt at concealment would be futile.

This understanding would show within the mixtures of society, how all levels of vibration are evident to represent all manner of conditioning.

Within gatherings of people on higher planes of reality we would find again that everyone shared a vibration of accord, but this time it would be an accord of more refined vibration.

This illustrates the due process of development for humankind, where at physical levels we are here as inadequate beings, striving for the tranquility of permanant harmony. For now, our inadequecies of conditioning and experience within the mixture of society at physical level,guarantees conflict.
The conflict generates discontent, and an eventual will to face and overcome internal paterns, which cause the lower energy flows within us.

We here on the Earth-plane reality are not ready to create heaven on earth.
However we can ‘know’ our own imperfection, and we can 'understand' the process of conflict and development in others.

Telling someone they look good today, even if they look bad, is a start.
Or celebrating the fact that you go to sleep tonight without having had a single bad thought about anyone today; or having gone out of your way at least once to do one the good turn without price tag.

Our development toward self awareness is a revolution in progress, but it slows down every time someone looks away from their soul mirror, or stops asking, "What motivated me to do that?"



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