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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

CHUANGTSE ....Who can argue this ?

When Knowledge traveled north, across the Black Water and over the Dark Steep Mountains, he met Do-nothing Say-nothing and asked him about Tao, and Do-nothing Say-nothing did not reply.

He turned back and went to the south of the White Water, up the Fox Hill and asked All-in-extremes about Tao. "Ha! I know. I will tell you..." But just as he was about to speak, he seemed to forget what he was going to say and Knowledge also received no reply.

Then he came back to the royal palace and asked Yellow Emperor concerning Tao. And the latter said, "Man becomes alive from the collection of the vital spirit. When the vital spirit collects, he is alive, and when it scatters, he dies. If life and death are steady companions, why should I care?"

Therefore all things are one. What we love is the mystery of life. What we hate is corruption in death. But the corruptible in turn becomes mysterious life, and mysterious life once more becomes corruptible. The world is permeated by one spirit. Therefore the Sage places value upon unity."

"Then you and I know Tao, and they don't," said Knowledge.

"Do-nothing Say-nothing was right," replied the Yellow Emperor.
"All-in-extremes was quite near it. But you and I are still far from Tao. He who knows does not speak, and he who speaks does not know."

"I asked Do-nothing Say-nothing about Tao," said Knowledge, "but he did not answer me. Not that he would not, but he could not. So I asked All-in-extremes. He was just going to tell me, but he did not tell me. Not that he would not, but just as he was going to do so, he forgot what he wanted to say. Now I ask you and you are able to tell me. Why do you say, therefore, that you are far from Tao??"

"Of the two," repiled the Yellow Emperor, "the former was genuinely right, because he really did not know. The latter was quite near it, because he had forgotten. You and I are still far from Tao, because we know."

When All-in-extremes heard this remark, he praised the Yellow Emperor for knowing what he was talking about.


posted by Judith on the HTS site.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Handful of Sand

Egyptian Sojourns 05

(Letters from Egypt)

Have you ever picked up a handful of sand?
You know what I mean!
Like when you are on the beach, or in the garden or somewhere?
A handful of sand; held just long enough to make a connection to it before you scat it back to the ground.

I had a handful of sand.

The Sun reached over my shoulder and I noticed the sparkle here and there as specs of rock-quartz reflected the light back into my eyes.
The texture was mixed.
It was powder dry.
I angled my hand slightly to study the piece of flat shell that was mixed in with it.
I knew the shell was old,...very old!

We had just uncovered several inches of sand from a crystallised fossil.
It was a big fish. A Colecanth or something similar.
Teffi said maybe it was a complete one, and, “If we could dig it out we would see!”

A Couple of scaled pieces had broken away; like lumps of sandstone covered in fine crystal.

Malai said, “Yes, take some; there are many here,” as if it was the most natural thing in the world to say! “We can dig, next time you come.”

We had been taking a break, …and now we returned to it.

I noticed how beautifully the colour of their Monk’s robes contrasted the deep beige of the sand. I saw how Judith’s boot made a scoop in the sand when she sat down, and as the sand grains slipped back to surround it again I wondered if the sand would slip inside.

In front of us and behind us the valley merged to the horizon.

The illusion of monotony ironed out the dunes and hills into Flatness and Distance.

I went back to my handful of sand.

The absolute perfect stillness probably only lasted a few seconds, ...before someone spoke again.

But I noticed it.

A few seconds that were timeless.

It was as if the desert and the ancient fish had joined with us to give a collective sigh.

I felt the force of God move closer, ...and I grabbed the Moment.

The ancient fossil didn’t fix the precious moment for me.

It was the a handful of sand.


Friday, November 04, 2005

The Man with the Broken Leg

The time is long overdue to tell this true personal story, where I was given a profound lesson in humility.
Early this year we made our first visit to Egypt.
We visited our good Brother friends the Coptic Monks, who live simply, in a cave community way out in the desert.

We occupied a large Guest Cave, sleeping comfortably using padded mattresses on raised rock platforms, with the sparkle of thousands of tiny crystals embedded in the rock above. There was another lesser Guest Cave further along the escarpment, used mainly for occasional pilgrims who visited to renew themselves and pay respect to the Holy Spirit of the place.

I noticed someone there, who was clearly from outside the community.
He was a short spindly, wizened Egyptian man, maybe in his late 50’s.
He had the demeanour of someone like a farmer perhaps, who had put on his Sunday suit to visit… the same one that had been taken from the closet perhaps a dozen times in as many years for such purpose. It was as if the worker-Presence reached beyond the tired crease in his city trousers, and the faded 60’s pattern of his nylon shirt.

If his clothes and his persona seemed odd and out of place, in this savage, beautiful wilderness, there was something else about him more obvious that caught my attention.
He was limping badly; holding his left leg as stiff as a board as he walked about in obvious discomfort. He looked extraordinarily out of place!

I asked one of our Monk friends to tell me about him.
He explained, the man lived in a community many miles from there.
He apparently made visits a couple of times a year to the Monastery.
He always seemed to catch a lift to the nearest roadway, at least 2 to 3 miles across the difficult terrain of the desert. He always opted to walk the last long stretch off road himself, as the start of a sort of Soul-cleansing exercise for himself.
He always felt he had to give best respect to the Monks by dressing (wholly inappropriately for the desert,) in his finest clothes.

There was a difference this trip.
The man had broken his leg in 2 places.

In Egypt… unless you have the means and wherewithal to afford the best medical treatment for anything serious, and if you are one of the sub-class, you do the best you can under the circumstances. For this man, the best was a simple splint, and a mile of bandage, binding his leg from top to bottom.
He had actually managed to get across the desert, on foot, in his state, just to merge with the Holiness on offer there! I was utterly amazed.

I thought I had seen everything! But there the story was far from over.
A few days later we had completed our work and reluctantly it was time to leave.
Our Four-wheel drive vehicles were all loaded. Our Police escorts had taken their seats inside. We said our goodbye until the next time, and off we set.

I have to tell you that when you see those film shots of vehicles in desert terrain, moving at high speed, and performing like a bucking raw stallion, they are not faked at all.
The sand and rock is uncompromising. It threatens to suck the tyres of the vehicle to the axles in one section, rip them out in another, or catapult them and the vehicle above into the air in the next few yards.
Momentum is the key. You keep your foot down, grab tight, brace yourself and pray!!
If you are lucky, your head will not bang against the roof or windows on the way.

We had travelled less than half the distance to the road, when we looked up ahead in astonishment. There was the man with the broken leg, hobbling impossibly along through the sand and the blazing heat, still wearing his Sunday suit, and carrying nothing but a plastic supermarket bag.

We stopped the Jeeps and did an immediate reshuffle. The man would sit in the back seat with me. He had to ‘lead’ his stiff broken leg to rest along the foot well, and was satisfied to perch half on the seat and wedged between that and the driver’s backrest.

We drove on and managed only to drive about 30 yards over an enormous sand mound.
We took off into the air and landed with a bump and a loud scream of pain from our new passenger. He had nearly passed-out from the shock. It took many minutes for him to recover any composure at all.

I suggested a solution, which was adopted. I reached my arm across from the nearside back seat to the driver’s backrest.
This formed something of a cradle.
I draped spare clothing on my arm for extra padding.
The man sat fully on the back seat, elevated his broken leg at about a 45 degree angle, to then rest it on my arm. This then acted as a shock absorber, and we were able to get to the road with as little pain to him as was possible.

At the road there was going to be a delay while we waited for our new Police Escort to arrive. This was convenient because it took a while to help the man extract himself and settle at the roadside. Everyone was a bit preoccupied to sort the paperwork etc. so I stayed with the him. He had hobbled over to the roadside and flopped down to sit and rest. I called our guide to translate for a moment. I was concerned because the man had no transport arranged. He had neither water nor provisions with him, and the police and locals clearly had no cares about it.
The man intended to just sit there and wait for the very occasional passing vehicle, hoping to get a lift. My heart went out to him as I saw the real pain he was in.

I spoke to him using gesture. I raided our own store for spare bottles of water to give to him. He showed embarrassing deep gratitude to me, and downed half a bottle immediately.. I caught a glance in his eyes and realised he had seen the huddle of our group as they had been lighting cigarettes.
I got the feeling he wanted one too, but had none.
I only had a plenty of supply of Rolling tobacco, so I rummaged and was able to give him a pouch, with rolling papers and a spare cigarette lighter. I rolled a first one for us both, and I thought he was going to pass-out with excited humble gratitude, when he realised I meant him to have them and keep them.

For a moment I was actually embarrassed at his reaction, and the fuss he was making.
Our Guide came over again to see what was happening.
He translated the obvious to me..
The man was humbled and overwhelmed at the kindness he felt was being given.

I instructed our Guide to translate back to the man, that it was I who had to thank him for the opportunity, because he had taught me a lesson in humility.
The man struggled to rise to his feet from the sand.
I helped steady him and he was weeping. He had nothing of value on him whatsoever, and he probably lived in poverty that I would never experience. But there was one thing that I learned he did consider valuable.

Around his neck there hung a battered tin badge showing the worn image of the late, Saintly Coptic Pope Kirellos (of miracles)
He balanced on his good leg, lifted the old string from his own neck, and placed this prize over mine.
I wept too, as I felt the crushing weight of his faith and the Power of his humble Spirit.
I have the badge beside me now as I type this.
It is never far away, and still mists my eyes as I remember.
I swear that the eyes of Pope Kirellos are watching me from the badge.
I will never forget.

The Man was truly blessed.
He had nothing....But he had everything!


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Universal Truth

We are of the physical because we are inadequate in some way..
But it is within our grasp to reach the heights of ecstacy beyond the physical, from the physical, through true Unconditional, Encompassing Love,

..and to reach even, much further, to become Truly 'One' yet again with the Love of the 'Whole.' We 'are' enpowered to do this.

But who so, is yet ready to sacrifice themselves to attain it...

There is a price to pay....
It is a price we must pay to ourselves...

We must be prepared to face the horror of our own illusion to get to the freedom from self, beyond it.

To yield to gain all.
Such truth is to be found.

Many taste this freedom ..most fall back until another lifetime when the chance and choice continues.

The continuum of 'One' does not record time.. It simply records Progress.

... and what is it to feel the freedom, yet to continue with the Birth-Plan;
'You' as an intrinsic player in the game??

I know this well.. It is to say..
I Love you
Because I am one with you.

I have ceased my struggle
but my struggle continues,
Because I Love you.
For I am one with you.

In my freedom I now share your struggle too.
I am free.

My freedom embraces me
But in doing so it embraces you,
Because I Love you.

My pain was my Lesson
My Lesson is your Pain

But I share your Pain with you
Because I Love you.

My freedom is my prison, as I choose.
My freedom is limited to your freedom,
Because I Love you

Join me in Love

It is One with Freedom.
I know this
Because I Love You, .....because, I Love You.

May Self Illusion Yield at last the Truth of Love.


In the name of Spirit ...& just a Messenger

Saturday, September 17, 2005



The Hermetic Teachings regarding the process of Evolution are that, THE ALL, having meditated upon the beginning of the Creation
..having thus established the material foundations of the Universe
..having thought it into existence
..then gradually awakens or rouses from its Meditation and in so doing starts into manifestation the process of Evolution, on the material mental and spiritual planes, successively and in order.

Thus the upward movement begins--and all begins to move Spiritward. Matter becomes less gross;
the Units spring into being;
the combinations begin to form;
Life appears and manifests in higher and higher forms.
and Mind becomes more and more in evidence
the vibrations constantly becoming higher.

In short, the entire process of Evolution, in all of its phases, begins, and proceeds according to the established Laws of the Indrawing" process.

All of this occupies aeons upon aeons of Man's time, each aeon containing countless millions of years, but yet the Illumined inform us that the entire creation, including Involution and Evolution, of an Universe, is but "as the twinkle of the eye" to THE ALL

At the end of countless cycles of aeons of time, THE ALL withdraws its Attention--its Contemplation and Meditation of the Universe
for the Great Work is finished
and All is withdrawn into THE ALL from which it emerged.

But Mystery of Mysteries
the Spirit of each soul is not annihilated,
but is infinitely expanded
the Created and the Creator are merged.

Such is the report of the Illumined.

Blessings to all

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Spreading the Word

Here's a quotation from the Movie : "Coach Carter"
I've seen it in several places
It is well worth pondering.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually, who are you 'not' to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn't serve the world!
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we subconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

With Thanks to
Marianne Williamson


Friday, August 19, 2005

It's as Clear as Can Be !

"We understand your remarkable drive and commitment to being alive.
We, however, are not understanding of your need to create tools of death, expecting they will keep all in a space of understanding and peace.

We have observed that you build, create and plan in a space of fear, not in a consciousness of love. So, your defense position of institutions that create and employ are always then in a state of unraveling and disintegration.

We share this with you because they drain you and your Earth of energy, both spiritually and materially - physically. Fear always has to feed. Fear does not create itself. It has to feed. The fear we observe is difficult to understand. It depletes you of your focus on the original intent. It is a very secretive energy.

Fear withholds love. This is most saddening to see and feel. How can you share understanding and love, when so many of you are withholding from Self and each other?

Please, feel the words we as a race are trying to express to your race.
One of your original intentions in creating your physical reality is the idea of creating and learning to manipulate and express yourselves through physicality using your consciousness.

It is your consciousness that the Is-ness has given you, and in fact all things that bear Spirit. It is this gift that has been clouded and most importantly, clouded by fear. This creation is completely irrational to whom we all are.


Monday, August 08, 2005

A Young man's Lesson

Once upon a time lived a young man called Shevron.
All his childhood years he longed for the time when his Ordeal would begin!
As Shevron grew, he always had a feeling inside that he was being prepared for this task. His strength and endurance were known to all, but when his impatience overtook him, something always happened to pull him back- in order to gain more from within himself.

Shevron was sometimes resentful when these handicaps appeared.
He was young, and it was understandable that he wanted to race ahead..
But in time he would see how the handicaps created conditions for him where he was forced to develop new extra qualities, building his character even more.
His Guide scolded him constantly, and begged him to show more restraint.
But Shevron was headstrong, and wanted to ‘Run.’

The day approached, and soon his longed-for Ordeal would begin.
Shevron had heard often enough of the Great City far away.
His mind and imagination were filled with the thought of it all the time.
He knew; in that distant place, a man could be what man wanted to be!

Out there; was a place for every person to match their qualities perfectly.
Out there, people applauded all of a person’s qualities.
Out there: anyone could be ‘someone!’

But first there was the Desert !!!… A vast wilderness.
Barren escarpments and flat valley sands, scorched dry by the never-ending blaze of the Sun.

No one ever ventured into that landscape and returned, and therefore no one ever knew who made it to the other side. But everyone knew of the Great City.

There were only days left, and the urges were building up to breaking point within Shevron. Older members of his family had been telling him to prepare the supplies he needed, but Shevron knew he was strong and fit, and was sure his own strength would never let him down.

He could have waited, but it was impossible for him! He had the Magic Talisman to take with him, and he was certain he would succeed.
He grabbed a few things one morning before the Sun appeared, and set off on the Ordeal.

Shevron made good progress and it was not long before his old home disappeared over the horizon behind him and he found himself all alone.
This was a new experience and Shevron enjoyed his own company as he put his powers to the test.

He laughed at the Sun and strode confidently over the never-ending barren land. Sometimes he found his way barred by cliffs, where the ground gave way as he climbed. Often his strength was sapped, but he had some supplies with him.
It only took a mouthful of dried food and a sip of water for his Spirit to rise, and he was on his way again. Every distant point gave way to a new one in the next distance; never changing, never forgiving.

The night followed the Sun and brought cold and the hostility of darkness.
Shevron tried first to continue journeying beyond light, but the darkness was complete.
It followed the shadows as they crept across the sand, in proportion to the Sun disappearing from sight.
Some days on and the first doubts grabbed hold of the young man’s mind.
He began to question!

He began to ask if there was ever an end to the Desert.
He was bent now from the trek.
He was bowed from the heat of the Sun, and tortured from lack of food.

He thought of his Talisman. He thought a lot about using it!
But he could not bring himself to waste any time with it.
He knew if he invoked its magic, it would allow him to walk one day from his route in any other direction, and he would find all the supplies he needed to carry on.
He thought about using it often!

But how could he use it?
..To use it would be admitting to himself that he had not listened at the start,when he should have made all the preparations ‘before’ he set out on the journey.

His pride and weakened state prevented him from making the right decision, and he continued on his way.

Way out in the distance, he sometimes thought he caught sight of someone else journeying on ‘their’ own ordeal to the Great City, but he was too busy to deal with ‘their’ condition.

He felt his Presence weakening.
There was yet another sand cliff in front of him.
He had no food left.
He had no water.
There was just the Desert, the burning Sun and the terrible night shadows to torture his mind.

The Sun was disappearing fast ..
He knew the shadows would soon begin creeping towards him…
His mind showed him the terrible monsters that hid in them and would soon try to devour him they did each night of the Ordeal.

He clawed the ground with bloodied hands and with the last drops of strength.
How he wished he had prepared before he left on the trip.
How he wished he had used the second chance with the Talisman and diverted to collect all he needed on the way.

Now he had no strength left to even use the Talisman.
He knew he had come to the end of the journey.

Tears tried to form in his eyes as he realised too late,he had needed more than strength and courage to survive this Ordeal… Too late he thought!!

Now he realised,the knowledge had always been there for him.
He was filled with sorrow at his own lack of Wisdom - to absorb it all before he departed.

He realised his journey had offered him the means to grab for that Wisdom and life-giving provision at any time, but he had relied on strength and courage alone!

He clawed his way almost to the top of the hill.
The Sun was fading into the low sky.
For days the terror had grown as he imagined the monsters in the shadows, watching him and creeping up to get him.
He often leapt from half-rest, to fight in imaginary battle with the imaginary watchers and foes that he was certain of in his mind.

His weary and reddened eyes blinked to focus at his outstretched hand on the ground in front of him. His fist tried to grip a handful of sand.

At last he had no more fear of the shadows.
It no longer mattered, because he was done!
It had been so much easier to just grab what he could at the start, and rush into his journey. He had no fear of the Ordeal then.

In fact he had more fear then, of the task to gather all the provision that had been needed for his survival!

Shevron stared at his fist. The sand filtered from his grasp.
He gripped tighter, but the sand still filtered from his grip!
Wisdom touched him, and he realised that all his fears together, were worth no more than the sand which could not be contained in his grasp.

This inspiration lit a flame in his Soul, and from somewhere deep inside, he realised if he was now finished it did not matter if he used the last of his strength to get to the top of this little hill.

Shevron inched forward to the top.
He peered over the crescent of the hill and was shocked to the core.
There below him, spread like a sea of embers, were the fires of a huge city.
Shevron rolled over the top and began the last painful crawl to return to civilisation.

Many Moons passed. Shevron was a changed man.
He still had the strength and double the courage, but from his ordeal there were gifts more precious than these.

He had found the capacity for Wisdom.
Now Understanding came first.
From these he had developed Tolerance.

Now he knew that ‘fear’ was an illusion borne from ignorance.

Above all, the fire within him had transformed to Tranquillity.

Years passed and Shevron made much of his life, and became a great Leader of Men.
One day he was in a part of the city not visited before.
A strange feeling swept over him.
Down this path, and that one… and another… he felt a strange familiarity.

He was puzzled. He looked and wondered at this strange affair.
Now and then a face appeared to him from the crowd that made him stop.
He felt something was playing a trick on him.
He moved forward and in his daydream state he almost bumped into a stooped man who barred his way.
Their eyes met, and Chevron’s thoughts raced as a spark of recognition touched him.

Without realising, he was whispering loudly to himself…
“But this cannot be somebody I know? I have never been here before.”
The man stared back at him with Love and Compassion, saying,
“Shevron my Son, Don’t you recognise your old Guide?
Do you not recognise your old home?”

Shevron gasped and said, “How can this be?
I left my home many Moons ago to face my Ordeal across the Desert.
This cannot be my old home, it is all different now.”

The old Guide looked again into Chevron’s astonished gaze and said,
“My Son, You have come full circle. ….Little here has changed!
It is ‘You’ who have become a man!”


Thursday, July 07, 2005


Turak was a wise old bird.
Some say he was older and wiser than all of the other birds put together.
Young birds of the flock loved to come and listen to his stories.
He was a natural teacher.

The stories always followed the same theme, but each time a new lesson could be learned.Afterwards the young birds would have great fun discussing the latest tale and squabbling together to be the first to understand its meaning.Turak's species were nearly always born with no wings.
These grew as the young birds grew.

In fact throughout their lives, they never stopped growing.
As Turak journeyed about his land he never stopped marvelling at the different ways his flock lived together.There were so many birds in the flock that there never was much space to make a home. When two young birds found each other their space was just enough for them.

Turak noticed the effect as paired birds began to grow wings.
The space they had together was comfortable, but only if both birds shared it unselfishly.Their wings grew at different rates;and so it was that the wings of one bird would often overshadow their partner.
Much of the time as each bird became preoccupied with preening their growing wings, they each did not realise how their movements made their living space so uncomfortable for 'both' of them.
They would take turns to find food and if one bird helped the other, its wings would be helped to grow faster.

As time passed, wings matured.
It was not unusual to see how a foolish bird tried to fly too soon and fell in a heap.
Its anger and frustrations were often directed to its mate.
You would think when each pair of birds were fully fledged that everything would be OK. Not so!

Turak would see how two birds, both with fine wings, flapped to take flight together and just knocked each other to the ground again.
Or how one of the paired birds who had not looked after their wings properly, would be left lonely on the ground with stunted feathers, as the other bird blundered about in hopeless flight.

So rarely, Turak would notice two birds working in harmony to help each other into the air and back to ground again.
These birds always flew in joint adventure to gain experience in the air together.

Turak knew of a distant colony where old and ancient birds lived.
'They'also had partners; but every bird flew its own flightpath,and returned to roost with their partner to share the tales of their experience.

Turak had been a young bird once upon a time...

He remembered how he had wasted many years trying to find a mate.
Turak learned to fly early; or so he thought.
He would make short hopping flights and as he spotted a potential mate, he would end up just crashing into her and overwhelming her. He always seemed to frighten them away.The trouble was, he believed he had fully learned the joys of flight and just wanted to pass that experience on to a partner.

One day a strong wind caught Turak as he performed a hopping flight between two hills...The wind lifted him high into the sky. Higher than he thought possible.
He was sure he was going to die.
As the clouds thinned he was shocked to see dozens of magnificent birds effortlessly soaring around him.

One bird flew close to him and asked him what he thought he was doing.
Turak replied weakly, 'I'm just flying.'...The other bird, who was holding distance alongside told Turak to have a good look at his wings.
Turak finally looked and realized in shame and horror, that next to these fine birds, his were stunted.

Turak plummeted towards the ground and lost consciousness on the way.
He opened his eyes to see a young beautiful bird mopping his brow.
She said, 'I saw you try to get across from that hill over there. You didn't quite make it!'.

Turak saw the wings of this bird were just the same size as his.
At last he knew and understood it was time for him to share his growth with a partner on equal terms. Then one day.....he and his partner would soar high above the world together, in perfect flying unison.


Saturday, May 28, 2005

Time Slip

You have to understand, when I say every second counts, I mean it.
There is the radio alarm. Two clanger clock alarms, and I have a digital alarm clock also.

It seems a bit extreme, but I have got myself into the habit of dealing with all my more active duties P.M. and in the morning after an on-call extended shift, I leave all the desk paperwork to be done along with the preparations for the first staff and visitors as they arrive.

I usually set the clocks for wake-up around 5.00AM. to allow for the odd emergency call from our elderly Owner Occupiers.
However I know there is no room for a mistake and I have to work like the clappers to get everything done in time.

PM. Thursday 26th.May I was reasonably fresh but from my 3.00pm Shift start, I was on the go nearly non stop.
I was glad later to get the clocks set and settle down for a night shift, with hopefully no emergencies to deal with.

The clocks woke me as usual in the morning and I kicked into my routine. Plenty of preparation to be done for staff and systems, with rotes and records in the Laundry, Kitchen, Dining Room etc.
Everywhere I went there was a reassuring wall clock to keep an eye on as to how I was progressing.

By just after 7.00am. the adrenalin was pumping, but I was now in the Office to finish off all the desk paperwork. Usually first arrival was the newspaper delivery and maybe the milk delivery, and staff started arriving from about 7 .40AM.

I was still keeping an eye on the Office wall clock behind me and noted that the deliveries were late, as happened sometime.
I’d had to correct my mind, because I kept thinking it was Saturday morning instead of Friday; and of course on Saturday there are less Staff and later deliveries anyway.

I began to get a little concerned as the clock turned past 7.40AM. and 'still' no sign of first arrivals.
There was one little job on the computer with wages updating I was going to leave over until my next shift, but I decided, on the spur of the moment to get done. Well, the computer was playing up, and for a few minutes I became a little engrossed.

My mind snapped back to the time, and a moment of concern hit me.
I remember sending out the thoughts; “Damnation, I hope I don’t have cover for sick staff today”
It must have been 8.00AM by then, (the official start time,) and I turned to the wall clock yet again, for confirmation.

My jaw must have dropped to the floor and back.
I said out loud to myself… something like….. “No Freaking Way !!”

I went through to the Dining Room, Kitchen and everywhere else to check the clocks and they all confirmed it was 7.00AM.

I even checked all the alarm clocks and they tallied to the time now showing.

I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't bl..dy dreaming, but....somehow, I had gained a One Hour time shift…
2012, here we come !!

Hmmmmmmm !!!


At home and door open….

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Never a Truer Word

Taken from another thread, where questions of past lives were raised.

We are a product of all that has gone before. We are a culmination of ourselves in all that we have done.
Our Motivations now, are varied by the conditioning we cling to as a result of our choices in all that has gone before.

We can strive to recapture the vision of our past lives, but to do so we step over the obvious consequence of those lives, ie. ‘Ourselves’ as we are now!
We are the Consequence of our own past motivations.

Cause : Effect : Consequence …a universal formula which governs all things.

The Cause is our motivation, which begins in our thoughts. All power originates in our thought, for it is within our thought that we exercise our divine choice.We choose either to cleanse ourselves from the dependence of sensation; or we choose to remain bound by its chains of conditioning to the material world for another life.

Our choice, our thoughts, our motivations… are our own responsibility and belong to no one else. How often however, do we step over our responsibility, in delusion and self deception, using ‘external’ reasons as an excuse for not facing ourselves.

We react in a certain way to situations according to our own choice. We are ‘not’ compelled by external circumstances. We always have the choice. Our internal reaction gives birth to our motivated external reaction ….which in turn is our ‘Cause.’
Cause produces Effect.
This is the Reciprocal reaction from others in return from our own original reaction.

If ‘our’ original internal and external reactions have a benign motivation, they are most likely to produce a benign, Reciprocal reaction.
If we create a negative hotspot of energy, that energy will be discharged to a level which matches it or is even more dense.
If we create a positive hotspot of energy, that energy will discharge itself to a level which matches it or is even more sublime. The process is very simple.

However… when the Reciprocal reaction is correspondingly negative we look for excuses to avoid the Consequence which we paved the way for.
Our simple lack of understanding at how the simple law of Cause, Effect, Consequence works, allows us to avoid the Responsibility of our original Motivated thought!

The cycle continues, because when we generate a negative 'Reciprocal' reaction, and avoid the responsibility we had by inviting it, we use the negative Reciprocal reaction as an excuse…not only to avoid our own responsibility, but to go ahead and produce even more motivated negativity ourselves.

We can look to the past as much as we want for answers about ourselves… But we are a product of our past right now. We need look no further than the Mirror then, to see all that has gone before, and to decide the pathway of all that is, and shall be.

Past, Present, Future, ...they are one and the same
....and they are our own sole responsibility.


At home and door open….


Monday, April 18, 2005

From sleep, Night of 17th April 2005

Understand, that 'your' Past, interacts with the 'Present' of everyone else.

To be free of yourself, you must become 'One' with your Past, for you are a culmination of all that has gone before; and you are the Motivation of all that will become your Future, your Present, and your Future Past.

Accept this. Accept yourself.
Only then, will your 'Present' begin to meet the 'Present' of others in liberation and understanding.


At home and door open….


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Received by Jadie from sleep, night of 13th. April 2005

She is not certain if she was inspired to recall these words, having read them from another source, or if they were directly inspired to her in sleep.
Whichever; they are clearly very profound.


"The First Coming was the receiving of Truth into the conscious mind."

"The Second Coming will be the Awakening and Regeneration of the Subconscious mind, through the Superconscious or Christ Mind."

"Man expands and grows under Divine Evolution."

These words are so true.

When Jesus walked the Earth as a physical entity, he brought a message of Truth.
He explained the hierachy of consciousness and Spirit as it descends and ascends again to the God State of universal Love...or oneness with all things.
He confirmed the permanant presence of Realities beyond the physical as in : "In my father's house there are many Mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you."

The Second Coming is promised in the expected time soon where a complete shift in vibration takes place. It will be a time where universal consciousness is not only awakened fully to those higher realities; but where those realities will become a living part of all life again, at last.


At home and door open….

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Thoughts In The Night.
Emotion reflects inadequecy,
where Understanding is blocked by Confusion or Ignorance.

Ignorance is borne by choice.
Confusion is borne out of Conflict,
and both exist where there is no Balance.

Can there be Turmoil where there is Calm?
Can there be Confusion where there is Tranquility?

Confusion and Turmoil are rooted in Conditioning.
Emotion is the Banner that exposes them.

We are the G-d as the G-d is in us.
We are the Light as the Light is in us, ...too, we are
in the Darkness as the Darkness is in Us.

How can we Fear the Light if we are 'One' with the Light?
How can we Fear the Darkness if we are 'One' with the Darkness.
They are both but extensions of us; separated 'and' joined.

How can we be separate from Ourselves, without seeing the Source of our Pain?
If we are One with All, then there is truly no Conflict but that which we generate ourselves.
We Motivate our 'Own' thoughts.
We separate 'Our'-selvesinto conflict, where before there was none.
Behind us, none shall remain - but for that which was Created by Another!

Grant that we may all soon return silence.

At home and door open….

Musings on the Theme



Wednesday, January 05, 2005

In another good place, I browsed a thread which seemed it would take the record for replies posted. The subject matter really hinged between opposing beliefs and their presentation.

The thread seemed to have finally run out of steam and I was inspired to offer the following reply, (which is edited here only slightly.)

I have been browse-reading the namesake thread to this one, pondering the ebb and flow of energy it has produced. The discussion replies took me back into my own thoughts of how we interact.

I thought of the scars I have picked up along the way when I was too forthright and thrusting with my visions and experiences. I produced conflict.

But conflict is synonymous with progress, because it forces us eventually to examine the very motivation of our own thoughts. The conflict leads to pain…and eventually as I was to find myself; my pain was my lesson, but my lesson is your pain.

I remember one time writing these words to myself.
"This undeserving rhapsody, tangential inclined...
Please shut your mouth my noisy friend..."

I hid from the noise of my mind, competing as it did constantly with my mundane thoughts until, like learning a new language, there came a time where I was not translating or competing between the two. I found I could at last call upon one or the other by controlling my vibration.

The traffic is always there. I allow it to enter only when I deliberately raise myself to alpha state. However, even if we step back from it, every now and then the vibration of more powerful incoming traffic overwhelms, just like the seventh wave at the water's edge.

The experience of touching Gnosis is like the ambience of a blazing summer day, where life is normally in the shadows underground... But we are allowed to venture forth and be struck by the cacophony of vibration, which is 'one' with all that is or ever has been motivated.

All attest to their aspect of this common medium. All interpret the knowingness of its being/content according to their capability. This oneness, is past present and future. The Probability and strength for everyone and everything is there to be seen and read from it’s virtual state. Gnosis ahead of the cycle... What a thing to perceive! …The motivation of all our choices.

We hear of how in past measure of time, there are those who have passed through higher initiation, transformed into a radiant frequency, thus allowing oneness with complete gnosis. Such true Gurus, in special times, in special places; whom we know of.

For all the wondrous things I have been blessed to see, and for all the wondrous things I have been blessed to remember; I yearn with the hunger of breath to step over that threshold in this my lifetime. Perhaps it ‘will’ be at the GP. for me, this time, perhaps not.... but I strive.

I understand the Virtuality of creation. I understand how Actuality is motivated by the power of our very thought. How can I know the motivation of other people’s thoughts if I do not first seek to know my own first, inside and out ?
Is it not true, that I am only qualified then, to judge ‘myself.’

I have found my best progress to having control of the voices of gnosis in my head, has been practice by casual meditation, to perfect the ability of switching at will between high and mundane frequency. This has required years of thinking about thinking, and an obsessive urge to see inside everything I ever see whether it is a brick, a leaf or a person.

So many years of thinking I was a freak and why me? ...and now the picture has cleared in direct proportion to the clarity and strength of the Probabilities I can see. And with it comes the knowingness that the understanding conveys a responsibility to scream down into the darkened regions of the sleepers... “Oyez! Im standing in the's real, it's here....choose if you will to step out here with me... step forward step forward, to wider Probability. But if you don't want to.... it's your choice, and that's OK too.

I call at least to say, there ‘is’ yet another choice!
As above, so it is below... including the denser regions.

"Everything is flux," say the voices. Therefore everything is progress. Our choices cannot alter that fact... But by our choice, we can determine the speed of our movement. I know I am still not travelling fast enough. But fast enough to see that tolerance can only be built upon the ability to respect the viewing point seen by others on their stage of the journey; ….and the self respect to require no less in return.

“Speed the journey for all !”


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