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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

In another good place, I browsed a thread which seemed it would take the record for replies posted. The subject matter really hinged between opposing beliefs and their presentation.

The thread seemed to have finally run out of steam and I was inspired to offer the following reply, (which is edited here only slightly.)

I have been browse-reading the namesake thread to this one, pondering the ebb and flow of energy it has produced. The discussion replies took me back into my own thoughts of how we interact.

I thought of the scars I have picked up along the way when I was too forthright and thrusting with my visions and experiences. I produced conflict.

But conflict is synonymous with progress, because it forces us eventually to examine the very motivation of our own thoughts. The conflict leads to pain…and eventually as I was to find myself; my pain was my lesson, but my lesson is your pain.

I remember one time writing these words to myself.
"This undeserving rhapsody, tangential inclined...
Please shut your mouth my noisy friend..."

I hid from the noise of my mind, competing as it did constantly with my mundane thoughts until, like learning a new language, there came a time where I was not translating or competing between the two. I found I could at last call upon one or the other by controlling my vibration.

The traffic is always there. I allow it to enter only when I deliberately raise myself to alpha state. However, even if we step back from it, every now and then the vibration of more powerful incoming traffic overwhelms, just like the seventh wave at the water's edge.

The experience of touching Gnosis is like the ambience of a blazing summer day, where life is normally in the shadows underground... But we are allowed to venture forth and be struck by the cacophony of vibration, which is 'one' with all that is or ever has been motivated.

All attest to their aspect of this common medium. All interpret the knowingness of its being/content according to their capability. This oneness, is past present and future. The Probability and strength for everyone and everything is there to be seen and read from it’s virtual state. Gnosis ahead of the cycle... What a thing to perceive! …The motivation of all our choices.

We hear of how in past measure of time, there are those who have passed through higher initiation, transformed into a radiant frequency, thus allowing oneness with complete gnosis. Such true Gurus, in special times, in special places; whom we know of.

For all the wondrous things I have been blessed to see, and for all the wondrous things I have been blessed to remember; I yearn with the hunger of breath to step over that threshold in this my lifetime. Perhaps it ‘will’ be at the GP. for me, this time, perhaps not.... but I strive.

I understand the Virtuality of creation. I understand how Actuality is motivated by the power of our very thought. How can I know the motivation of other people’s thoughts if I do not first seek to know my own first, inside and out ?
Is it not true, that I am only qualified then, to judge ‘myself.’

I have found my best progress to having control of the voices of gnosis in my head, has been practice by casual meditation, to perfect the ability of switching at will between high and mundane frequency. This has required years of thinking about thinking, and an obsessive urge to see inside everything I ever see whether it is a brick, a leaf or a person.

So many years of thinking I was a freak and why me? ...and now the picture has cleared in direct proportion to the clarity and strength of the Probabilities I can see. And with it comes the knowingness that the understanding conveys a responsibility to scream down into the darkened regions of the sleepers... “Oyez! Im standing in the's real, it's here....choose if you will to step out here with me... step forward step forward, to wider Probability. But if you don't want to.... it's your choice, and that's OK too.

I call at least to say, there ‘is’ yet another choice!
As above, so it is below... including the denser regions.

"Everything is flux," say the voices. Therefore everything is progress. Our choices cannot alter that fact... But by our choice, we can determine the speed of our movement. I know I am still not travelling fast enough. But fast enough to see that tolerance can only be built upon the ability to respect the viewing point seen by others on their stage of the journey; ….and the self respect to require no less in return.

“Speed the journey for all !”


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