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Saturday, September 17, 2005



The Hermetic Teachings regarding the process of Evolution are that, THE ALL, having meditated upon the beginning of the Creation
..having thus established the material foundations of the Universe
..having thought it into existence
..then gradually awakens or rouses from its Meditation and in so doing starts into manifestation the process of Evolution, on the material mental and spiritual planes, successively and in order.

Thus the upward movement begins--and all begins to move Spiritward. Matter becomes less gross;
the Units spring into being;
the combinations begin to form;
Life appears and manifests in higher and higher forms.
and Mind becomes more and more in evidence
the vibrations constantly becoming higher.

In short, the entire process of Evolution, in all of its phases, begins, and proceeds according to the established Laws of the Indrawing" process.

All of this occupies aeons upon aeons of Man's time, each aeon containing countless millions of years, but yet the Illumined inform us that the entire creation, including Involution and Evolution, of an Universe, is but "as the twinkle of the eye" to THE ALL

At the end of countless cycles of aeons of time, THE ALL withdraws its Attention--its Contemplation and Meditation of the Universe
for the Great Work is finished
and All is withdrawn into THE ALL from which it emerged.

But Mystery of Mysteries
the Spirit of each soul is not annihilated,
but is infinitely expanded
the Created and the Creator are merged.

Such is the report of the Illumined.

Blessings to all

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