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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Universal Truth

We are of the physical because we are inadequate in some way..
But it is within our grasp to reach the heights of ecstacy beyond the physical, from the physical, through true Unconditional, Encompassing Love,

..and to reach even, much further, to become Truly 'One' yet again with the Love of the 'Whole.' We 'are' enpowered to do this.

But who so, is yet ready to sacrifice themselves to attain it...

There is a price to pay....
It is a price we must pay to ourselves...

We must be prepared to face the horror of our own illusion to get to the freedom from self, beyond it.

To yield to gain all.
Such truth is to be found.

Many taste this freedom ..most fall back until another lifetime when the chance and choice continues.

The continuum of 'One' does not record time.. It simply records Progress.

... and what is it to feel the freedom, yet to continue with the Birth-Plan;
'You' as an intrinsic player in the game??

I know this well.. It is to say..
I Love you
Because I am one with you.

I have ceased my struggle
but my struggle continues,
Because I Love you.
For I am one with you.

In my freedom I now share your struggle too.
I am free.

My freedom embraces me
But in doing so it embraces you,
Because I Love you.

My pain was my Lesson
My Lesson is your Pain

But I share your Pain with you
Because I Love you.

My freedom is my prison, as I choose.
My freedom is limited to your freedom,
Because I Love you

Join me in Love

It is One with Freedom.
I know this
Because I Love You, .....because, I Love You.

May Self Illusion Yield at last the Truth of Love.


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