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Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Handful of Sand

Egyptian Sojourns 05

(Letters from Egypt)

Have you ever picked up a handful of sand?
You know what I mean!
Like when you are on the beach, or in the garden or somewhere?
A handful of sand; held just long enough to make a connection to it before you scat it back to the ground.

I had a handful of sand.

The Sun reached over my shoulder and I noticed the sparkle here and there as specs of rock-quartz reflected the light back into my eyes.
The texture was mixed.
It was powder dry.
I angled my hand slightly to study the piece of flat shell that was mixed in with it.
I knew the shell was old,...very old!

We had just uncovered several inches of sand from a crystallised fossil.
It was a big fish. A Colecanth or something similar.
Teffi said maybe it was a complete one, and, “If we could dig it out we would see!”

A Couple of scaled pieces had broken away; like lumps of sandstone covered in fine crystal.

Malai said, “Yes, take some; there are many here,” as if it was the most natural thing in the world to say! “We can dig, next time you come.”

We had been taking a break, …and now we returned to it.

I noticed how beautifully the colour of their Monk’s robes contrasted the deep beige of the sand. I saw how Judith’s boot made a scoop in the sand when she sat down, and as the sand grains slipped back to surround it again I wondered if the sand would slip inside.

In front of us and behind us the valley merged to the horizon.

The illusion of monotony ironed out the dunes and hills into Flatness and Distance.

I went back to my handful of sand.

The absolute perfect stillness probably only lasted a few seconds, ...before someone spoke again.

But I noticed it.

A few seconds that were timeless.

It was as if the desert and the ancient fish had joined with us to give a collective sigh.

I felt the force of God move closer, ...and I grabbed the Moment.

The ancient fossil didn’t fix the precious moment for me.

It was the a handful of sand.


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