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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

On the Question of Importance


Several times I have been in situations where someone is feeling low and they feel they have no importance in the scheme of things!

We all feel low sometimes, but if it ever happens again, try these thoughts…

Turn your attention and thought to your Mother and Father.
Then switch to thoughts of your Grandmother and Grandfather.
Then even think if you can, to your Great Grandparents.
Think how the family goes back in time to the Great-greats… and even the Great-great-greats!
Try hard to see how it travels back even beyond them to a distant time in the past.

We all have lines of ancestors who probably wove a trail, which goes back to every country and to every mixed experience of joy and horror imaginable.

Their importance is vested in You. You are their culmination here and now!

They all lived their hopes and dreams, struggling against the conflict of difference in their relationships. Just like you, they held hopes and dreams of importance for their children; who were also your descendants, and here you are as a result.
You are their importance.
You are their culmination.

The importance you have vested in your own children is the same importance that is vested in you.

All the people around you share that same importance.
Will you now share in it with them?

When they look back in another thousand years, will they be able to say that with our importance we finally saw beyond ourselves, and made a difference?


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Finding the Right Path

There is a plan.. It is the one seen by Fools.. and it is the plan born of the Senses

There is a plan.. seen by the Seeker.. and it can be the plan of Self-delusion

There is a plan.. which yields everything to those, who themselves yield everything.

To gain all ..But first, to know how to give up everything within ourselves.

Must we gather all to gain all? ...when Truth is the opposite.

We covet our possessions and Life parts us from those possessions...
This is Resistance

In Resistance dwells Conflict

In Conflict, there is imbalance

Balance is the journey through both; and Perfection is the product of all.


At Home and door always open


Monday, May 15, 2006

Giza, Egypt and the whole story.

Over the last couple of years in particular, the Web groups have been filled with speculations about the location of the Halls of Records and issues concerning the Great Pyramid, or Giza in general. The speculation has been fuelled by scant factual information. This has happened for two reasons.

Firstly, authorities in Egypt would understandably only wish to spoon-feed safe information to the public if they were following a hidden agenda of self interest, based upon greater understandings and discoveries only guessed at by the rest of the world. Secondly, safe information and the suspicion of conspiracy has led to a thousand armchair pundits circulating half truth in good faith.

Self interest and fear prevents those who ‘could’ actually add to the information base and help us all to unravel the ancient mysteries in Egypt. Their motivation for silence is understandable in the circumstances, but is useless to the rest of the seeking world. Furthermore, often those whom I speak of, use techniques of disinformation and distortion far too often, and this is inexcusable.

Judith and I have a particular interest in Egypt, which stems in this life from childhood, and by our own understandings from a time reaching far back beyond our lives.

Just like Dreyfuss in the movie ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind,’ we have pursued our driven interest and experience with expedition trips to Egypt over the last few years.

These trips have led to quite extraordinary experiences, sometimes alone, and sometimes in the company of other members of our collective ‘Quest’ exploration group from around the world. Much of our activity is still ongoing and concerns areas well away from the plateau. We have resisted all temptation up until now to freely publish the detail of our experience because we have been guilty in part of some of the things I highlighted at the start of this post. Our main concern however, has always been the well being of those brave individuals in Egypt who have placed themselves and their families at considerable risk to help us.

The work away from the plateau has been yielding great big pieces to a jigsaw we are putting together and must wait a while to be fulfilled and given up to everyone.

But, the speed of events that are unfolding on this Planet, and the changing circumstances on the plateau have persuaded us to at least offer up all that we can from our experiments and experiences at Giza and in the Great Pyramid, so far! We believe it will add something new to what is out there at the moment and we hope it will persuade a few other notable explorers (also sitting on important information,) to loosen up and break cover with us a little. Certainly I think the amazing stuff that has happened to us will pop a few minds, and maybe stimulate a few others to get out there themselves and let the magic happen to them too !!!

It will be for you to judge if we help to clarify the picture a little. At least for once you will be getting a factual account, with real first hand information and not a bunch of bullshine.
I have written the whole thing out in a sort of diary adventure format.

Importantly also; it would be worth far less if I did not take the trouble to explain how we came to be there and for what reason in the first place! So…. You will get a preamble and the rest will be spread out to tell it as it happened… It is not just a single A4 sheet of info…. So for those who are interested, follow our link below and it should take you straight to our Disclosure on one of our homesite discussion forums set up for the purpose.

November 2007 : We are updating this entry because since it was written, the link to the full text has been cached on our HomeToSpirit site pending the opening of a brand new site. This will still show the archived material, but it will have a mass of brand new information that we are now ready to publish. News of its opening will be given here.

Richard and judith


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The House of Great Intent

Caspian knew this was going to be a day like no other. He had been attending College for as long as he could remember. Many years ago, when teachers talked a lot about what the future held for everyone, there was much said about the turning stages in their lives.

He thought back to those times and smiled at how the early College ‘structuring lessons’ provided a route-map, when their whole lives in front of them seemed so daunting.

His Mentor had taken him quite by surprise! Caspian had simply asked what their next lesson would be about. His Mentor replied quietly, “It is time to move on! We will make the journey tomorrow.”

Caspian knew better than to be late, and precisely at the appointed time he was waiting at the driveway for the carriage to arrive. He didn’t have to wait long and in a twinkling, he was settling himself down on the seat alongside his Mentor.

Not much was said as they jollied along. Caspian’s senses spread to dream forth beyond the hedgerows and trees. The dappled shafts of light through the roadside tree branches sent him into a trance. The day played tricks on him and several times he was startled at what he thought were the figures of old acquaintances and past scenes at the roadside. But they were only real in his mind. He asked himself if the journey was meant to do that to him.

He disappeared into a sea of expectation, until the monotony of leafy wood smells and the constant creak of the coach straps finally brought focus back to the carriage. It seemed like several hours since they began, but it was really less than one hour.
Caspian didn’t get the chance to develop the thought further. His Mentor spoke again abruptly. “Well Caspian, soon you will be able to make your choice. I will only be able to help you from a distance now. You need experience, and for that, you must make your first choice of direction - alone!”

Caspian hesitated. He wasn’t sure if the words formed a question…or if he was just meant to reflect on them harder.
Mentor spoke again. “Do you know of the place where we will soon arrive?”

Of course Caspian knew! He and his friends talked often about it!
The House of Good Intent filled ‘Hope’ valley, where no one else lived for miles.
It was a building rising like a mountain into the landscape with a single access road that disappeared into its depths. Caspian had only heard of it, but its description flowered in his mind as he craned his neck from the carriage window to get a better look.

Caspian waited for fear to overtake him. The carriage was gone. His Mentor was still by his side, but the huge intimidating path reaching through the structure should have filled him with apprehension. There was only excitement!
There was parting advice. “ I will be there to advise you if needed, but you must go forward and find your route yourself.”

He turned and his Mentor was gone. The corridor was more like another underground roadway. He became aware of the many other people there, striding along with such intent. He moved along for a while and presently came to a large side entrance.
It opened to a huge room filled with noisy people. As he became accustomed to the atmosphere, he saw the whole place seemed like a party in full swing. His mood lifted even more as he saw how everyone was so friendly. At every turn he was invited to join with them, to dance or be merry.

He wandered about in amazement at the fest and marvelled at the homespun clothes worn by many there. Often he came across larger groups; each listening to a different spokesperson giving a lesson or lecture or speech on the merits of neighbourly Love and tolerance, and how everything there was absolutely free! They all urged him to do his own thing, in assurance of total peace; and no one would trouble him to pay for any of it.

Caspian stayed a long while and enjoyed himself. He supped and was merry. He lost count of the invitations he received to remain there. He felt happy and time passed without notice. But even Caspian finally reached his full capacity for love and brotherly tolerance. He was becoming weary and hungry. He wandered around and could find nowhere to rest. He could find nowhere to eat… In fact to his surprise, he saw there were ample provisions stored in different places, but there was no one there to prepare it.

His weariness turned to unease and then to discord. He noticed other things too. Just about everything there was shabby; the furniture, the decorations, and even the clothes worn by everyone. The walls were bare and beyond the people, the place was lifeless.

He moved closer and closer to the entrance. Someone drew close to him and asked him in a loving way if he was enjoying himself. He told them he was hungry and tired and wanted to know why everything under the surface was so shabby. The man said he should not trouble himself with such things and invited him to come on and join the party again.

When Caspian protested further, the man admitted there was no one there who knew how to take care of the things he had mentioned. There was no one organised, or who still knew how to attend to them… and in any case, as everything was free, who could expect the furnishings and such, to be luxurious. He said all would be fine, if everyone remained happy and loving. It was more than Caspian could take and he hurried back out of the entrance.

The corridor rolled on and on and at last another entrance appeared.
Caspian stood at the grand entrance desk to peer inside. It was another great room. To his surprise he realised in this room there was another huge party in full swing. There ‘were’ major differences. There were no fantastic decorations, but he could see there was food aplenty. He could see that everything was clean and modestly luxurious. He could see there were rest areas. He was impressed! He asked the attendant how much it cost to go inside.

Caspian had to endure the promotional welcome first. He was told the party was carefully arranged for his every need and enjoyment. He was told he would receive exclusive club Membership to ensure his well being. He was told that he could come visit free for the first day, but then for the very great privileges of his Membership there would be a fee; which he need not even think about that until he had sampled the delights.
Surely it was an offer he could not refuse!

Satisfaction gripped him again. The party rolled on. Everyone showed the same Love and friendship as before, but now he had eaten and was rested. He mingled and was accepted with open arms. There was not a posse of lecturers here; but there was one man who remained aloof, in his own exclusive section. This man was dressed in the finest suit and carried an air of loft authority.

At an unspoken moment the party music stopped, and more spectacular presentational music began. With a bang, fireworks exploded a shower of glitter into the air and everyone cheered. The noise settled down and Caspian saw how the finely dressed man stood high on a red-carpeted podium. His motivational talk brought the crowds to their feet. He spoke of the unity of brotherly and sisterly Love. He spoke of the unity of the Club and how all things would be theirs if all Members supported each other. He promised how all the benefits of the world would be theirs if they continued to follow his words and leadership. The people were ecstatic. Their leader spoke of the great teaching he was handing down to them from on high; and how perfection of experience would be theirs to claim soon.

To Caspian, all this was new. He had not yet learned the strange rituals, which everyone seemed to be following. Oh! yes, he had noticed! He saw how the crowd suddenly saluted in a weird way to their leader. He saw how the greeting was delivered in unison by most everyone there. He noticed also that every member wore the same Talisman around their neck as their badge of Membership. It carried a picture of their leader.

Caspian made his way back to the entrance and asked the Guard how much it cost to be a permanent Member of the club. The man replied that he would be expected to pay a weekly fee thereafter, …and to go forth regularly to find new recruits for their wonderful Party.

Caspian asked where all the promised gifts and gadgets were kept. The Guard indicated to the far side of the party hall. He explained there were catalogues there where he could choose what he liked.

Caspian asked again if he could talk to someone who had received their gifts.
The Guard drew back in astonishment. He said, “Don’t be silly, we have no place for them here where everyone needed space to enjoy themselves. Gifts are held back and in the future there would be plenty of time for everyone to enjoy these benefits.”

It took Caspian only a minute to put distance between himself and the Party Club. He ran back out the entrance and away up the passage before anyone could stop him.
Caspian was a weary Soul by now and almost walked past the next entrance without stopping

This was different again! Another hall greeted him and it was producing a cheerful hubbub from within. Curiosity got the better of Caspian and he pushed through the entrance doors. He was amazed. There were many people here also enjoying themselves. However, although visitors moved about freely, there were clear gatherings all over the place. In fact the whole vast room was filled with open teaching classes, dealing with everything that Caspian ever imagined. There were groups learning how to use wonderful devices and technology Caspian had never seen before. There were classes teaching all the different processes of the body, and nature, and machinery and all manner of things he had not thought of.

Caspian found if he stopped to listen here and there, the groups had organised themselves to help each other and whenever he needed to know something, as if by magic, another person was ready with an answer or with instruction. He lost track of time. He became engrossed in this and that, and his knowledge and understanding increased with every move. At the end of the room there were other closed doors. Occasionally, someone would break away and go through one of them, and did not return. This puzzled Caspian and he grabbed the opportunity to speak with another separate man who had been circulating and seemed available to answer questions from anyone.

Caspian’s queries were all answered quietly and readily.. The man told him that when visitors wanted to move forward to understand even higher things, they could choose which door to use. He also said that visitors were free to leave whenever they wanted. Caspian felt content and happier than he had ever been. He wanted to stay. He wanted to learn all there was to learn here. He wanted to Understand everything. He was in awe of the man he was talking with, for he knew he must be a great teacher.

But, a thought of panic gripped him.. He remembered his former experiences. He asked the man to explain how all this was on offer without charge. The man humbly explained that he was no great guru but just a Messenger, and that truly of course there was a price to pay for all that Caspian could see, but hastened to add that it was well within Caspian’s means. He told Caspian that all he had to do was to sign up for the long term lessons and all would be fine.

Caspian understood and said, “ Master I have chosen my path and I will gladly sign up for your long term instructions.”

The man looked kindly at Caspian and told him he had to sign up and pledge his total commitment to a true Master who was far greater than he was.
Caspian asked if he could see this Great Master.

The man gently led Caspian to a doorway. He put a beautifully inscribed Contract into Caspian’s hand along with a pen. He told Caspian he must go through the door to sit on the chair inside. Presently the light would come on, and he would finally meet the Grand Master for whom he would sign up to this great pathway.

Caspian sat as told. He laid the Contract on the desk in front of him, and as the door closed behind him to create total darkness, Caspian sat poised with the pen to get the task done. He was so excited to be about to meet the man who would be his ultimate Mentor in life.

Suddenly the light came on with a brilliance that filled the room. Every wall and every surface within the room was made of Mirror, and all Caspian could see, was his own reflection staring back at him !

Which path dear reader have you chosen ?



Tuesday, January 17, 2006

From Darkness to Light

It seems my own story had a direct bearing in a completely separate situation elsewhere! I thank those involved for telling me their private tale.
This next entry appears in the archive but I have agreed to their request to repost it again.
I hope it may strike a chord for others and shed some light of understanding in their world too.

Two abiding memories formed the summary of childhood experience for the little boy as he now stood at the Marriage altar.
One was of his awareness of something greater and good outside of himself, which also filled him to the brim when he thought he was going to be broken; then making him feel stronger than anything

The other was of the familiar ritual where he had to drop his pants, bend with his head low and reach out to grasp the sides of the door frame, as his father spilled blood from his skin with lashing strokes from his leather strap.

These two experiences were replicated in many dramas, which produced a young man with an iron grip to his Spirit but with a mundane head that was totally screwed up.
Now he wanted to prove to the world and his father, that he was worth more than the dirt he had been brainwashed into believing was his value.

He went for the big one.. He excelled.. But soon his conditioning dragged him down- to fulfil the failure instilled in him.
His time with the Elite of the Military came to an end.
He was sorely inadequate. He needed to start learning how to get in touch with himself. He needed support for the journey toward light to begin. He needed a partner who would tell him how to tie his shoes, and how to feed himself… and how to draw breath.

At the altar, his partner was happy. For 18 years she had lived in the shadow of her several brothers and sisters as the last sibling.. Always the cast offs.. always the last for attention.. always least important… But now it was different.. She was in charge.. She had found her perfect partner and all he wanted was somebody to be lovingly in charge of him…

At 18 and 19 years old… the nearly two decades of run-in to divorce had begun.
That is how long it took for their journeys to play out within each other, and for the wheel to turn again. At the end, they were as strangers, unable to understand nor tolerate the alien presence they had evolved into for each other… Their scars showed the depth and the distance of their experience together, and reflected their short and hard won evolvement.

Oh the Lawyers were good! …But his was less good..

Two good years she had then shared in life with the man, a neighbour who had been there secretly and truer for her, before a heart attack reclaimed her to Spirit.
Two years on and our journeyman was living the fact of losing family, home, job, possessions, esteem.. but not Spirit … never Spirit… His lessons showed the futility of coveting the Material and clinging to hurt. Truth never charges a fee.

But then… what was this…. A chance meeting.. The young man was in total confusion.. Here was someone with whom he seemed able to telepath.. It was quite funny. It went beyond funny when they found they shared the same unusual birthday, and the detail of their life journey so far played to perfectly parallel tracks.
He felt a conviction of Spirit.. that here at last was someone who was there to share Love at a Soul level first.

Then for so many years he denied in his foolishness the fact of her journey on parallel tracks; but on a track that had not yet been laid equal in distance to his own.
The perfection of agony for years as he strove to defy the interval between them. The build of frustration as she in turn; many years unready to share at Soul level, finally delivered the severance blow of betrayal…
and the wheel turned again.

He now for the second time turned his face to Spirit and walked away from the efforts of his Love.. His home, job, family, possessions…. But not his esteem this time.. and not his Spirit… never Spirit.

Twice now he had returned from the dead.
His lack of understanding had led him to the edge of the abyss.
Two times he had faced the abject despair of grief, rejection and betrayal..
Two times he denied his Spirit… Two times, by any of the rules that hold for anything, his suicide actions should have ended his life..
Two times, Through the direct intervention of spirit.. he was saved from himself; his ignorance forgiven..
and the wheel turned again.

The elements were all in place… He had served two long terms in the classroom.
Would the pattern of his scars finally yield his lesson..

His wife and he, had been a perfect mismatch.. Their coming together was perfectly timed..
But evolvement to understanding requires conflict for the inadequacies to be confronted and dealt with.. The conflict was temporary, the lesson was permanent.

In his second relationship he was almost ready to make bonding contact at a vibrationary level first.. His partner was not… He was not yet even aware that he had evolved to seek this merging of Spirit.
..and for each of the Souls involved, the same process was taking place..

The father, raised by a substitute himself; … striking out at his own conditioning in his brutality to an innocent child….. instead of confronting it within him.

The wife who understood only her unhappiness at the complete lack of affinity with her partner.. and the seal of her true sacrifice as she returned to Spirit early; having fulfilled her Birth plan to be a catalyst of positive change in others..

The partner who could not understand the power coming from the spiritual electric fire which her man had turned on to her at full heat; combined with the gnawing desire to learn the use of wings she had grown herself during the relationship.

The elements were all in place and Understanding was his, at last.
He returned in his mind to the little boy and gave him permission to feel the way he did.
He returned in his mind to bless and thank his absent wife for her sacrifice in his pathway.
He returned in his mind to wish Love, direction and Peace for his former partner as she continued with her Plan..

Finally he looked at himself in the mirror and realised that beyond the illusion there was a greater prize… This was a prize of Spirit and Understanding, and it was everlasting… This was the Ultimate prize… to be One with all things while still of the Earth Plane. To be One with the true power of everlasting Love.. To be blessed as a direct conduit for this force.

But how could this be?… His lessons revisited him… Mind Body Spirit… He was of the flesh…. And all energies must be balanced to claim the prize…
Mind Body Spirit... Male/Female... No more conflict...
If these were not in balance, the initiate could only dream.
This he realised… He thirsted like a dying man for the final connection… Could his energy really be balanced by the matching opposite form in true harmony in this life….
He yielded to his friends in the higher Spheres for an answer…
and the wheel turned again.

He looked back to his own distant horizon now with Love, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness.
He Looked to his future with hope..
The doors opened before him…
Some way ahead he recognised someone…
She looked familiar. Very familiar. It was a stranger.
But the stranger looked ‘as his own image.’
In all of humanity, could she possibly be? Really really be,
his true balance.

He called across to her...

and the wheel turned again.

I pray the Love of Insight and Understanding similarly lifts all those Brothers and Sisters here who travel their own pathways of conflict in their journey to Grace.

The closer we stand to our conflict - the more the image is blurred.

My Complete Love to you all.

At Home and Door always Open.....

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