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Monday, May 15, 2006

Giza, Egypt and the whole story.

Over the last couple of years in particular, the Web groups have been filled with speculations about the location of the Halls of Records and issues concerning the Great Pyramid, or Giza in general. The speculation has been fuelled by scant factual information. This has happened for two reasons.

Firstly, authorities in Egypt would understandably only wish to spoon-feed safe information to the public if they were following a hidden agenda of self interest, based upon greater understandings and discoveries only guessed at by the rest of the world. Secondly, safe information and the suspicion of conspiracy has led to a thousand armchair pundits circulating half truth in good faith.

Self interest and fear prevents those who ‘could’ actually add to the information base and help us all to unravel the ancient mysteries in Egypt. Their motivation for silence is understandable in the circumstances, but is useless to the rest of the seeking world. Furthermore, often those whom I speak of, use techniques of disinformation and distortion far too often, and this is inexcusable.

Judith and I have a particular interest in Egypt, which stems in this life from childhood, and by our own understandings from a time reaching far back beyond our lives.

Just like Dreyfuss in the movie ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind,’ we have pursued our driven interest and experience with expedition trips to Egypt over the last few years.

These trips have led to quite extraordinary experiences, sometimes alone, and sometimes in the company of other members of our collective ‘Quest’ exploration group from around the world. Much of our activity is still ongoing and concerns areas well away from the plateau. We have resisted all temptation up until now to freely publish the detail of our experience because we have been guilty in part of some of the things I highlighted at the start of this post. Our main concern however, has always been the well being of those brave individuals in Egypt who have placed themselves and their families at considerable risk to help us.

The work away from the plateau has been yielding great big pieces to a jigsaw we are putting together and must wait a while to be fulfilled and given up to everyone.

But, the speed of events that are unfolding on this Planet, and the changing circumstances on the plateau have persuaded us to at least offer up all that we can from our experiments and experiences at Giza and in the Great Pyramid, so far! We believe it will add something new to what is out there at the moment and we hope it will persuade a few other notable explorers (also sitting on important information,) to loosen up and break cover with us a little. Certainly I think the amazing stuff that has happened to us will pop a few minds, and maybe stimulate a few others to get out there themselves and let the magic happen to them too !!!

It will be for you to judge if we help to clarify the picture a little. At least for once you will be getting a factual account, with real first hand information and not a bunch of bullshine.
I have written the whole thing out in a sort of diary adventure format.

Importantly also; it would be worth far less if I did not take the trouble to explain how we came to be there and for what reason in the first place! So…. You will get a preamble and the rest will be spread out to tell it as it happened… It is not just a single A4 sheet of info…. So for those who are interested, follow our link below and it should take you straight to our Disclosure on one of our homesite discussion forums set up for the purpose.

November 2007 : We are updating this entry because since it was written, the link to the full text has been cached on our HomeToSpirit site pending the opening of a brand new site. This will still show the archived material, but it will have a mass of brand new information that we are now ready to publish. News of its opening will be given here.

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