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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

On the Question of Importance


Several times I have been in situations where someone is feeling low and they feel they have no importance in the scheme of things!

We all feel low sometimes, but if it ever happens again, try these thoughts…

Turn your attention and thought to your Mother and Father.
Then switch to thoughts of your Grandmother and Grandfather.
Then even think if you can, to your Great Grandparents.
Think how the family goes back in time to the Great-greats… and even the Great-great-greats!
Try hard to see how it travels back even beyond them to a distant time in the past.

We all have lines of ancestors who probably wove a trail, which goes back to every country and to every mixed experience of joy and horror imaginable.

Their importance is vested in You. You are their culmination here and now!

They all lived their hopes and dreams, struggling against the conflict of difference in their relationships. Just like you, they held hopes and dreams of importance for their children; who were also your descendants, and here you are as a result.
You are their importance.
You are their culmination.

The importance you have vested in your own children is the same importance that is vested in you.

All the people around you share that same importance.
Will you now share in it with them?

When they look back in another thousand years, will they be able to say that with our importance we finally saw beyond ourselves, and made a difference?


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