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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Exactly What is God ?

Can you dangle your feet into the ocean and let your mind travel to its farthest connection.
Can you reach in an unbroken thought, to miles below the deepest surface, and feel the crushing pressure.
Can you reach to the hundreds of thousands of rivers and inlets, and feel the differing quality of the water rushing to join.
Can you leap to the rain and the tempest raging in its many degrees.
Can you return from the atomised spray in the air across the globe, and feel the difference as salt turns to fresh ice and the vast frozen sheets.
In your mind-sense can you make those connections?

Can you stand in a forest after the storm, and hear the water sucking into the ground.
Can you hear the trees and plants heaving as they shed water and lift to the sky.
Can you touch a tree and hear the sap transforming in its leaves.
Can you plunge below the earth and see energy sharing from the soil.
Can you see how the roots of all life mingle across the world.
Can you embrace a tree and share its link with all that it touches and connects ?

Can you stand in a crowd, and step out again while still there.
Can you see the packages of life that everyone displays.
Can you see the attributes and movement these produce.
Can you see how their interaction is derived from the resistance between them.
Can you see the unbroken thread, which is woven in a blanket of consequence to all things as a result ?

Can you reach beyond your own senses and sensation.
Can you hear your own heartbeat and the blood pumping through your own body.
Can you take your awareness beyond your body, and travel to places beyond yourself.
Can you interact with others there who can do the same or who's home is there.
Can you look back and see the limitations of your material self.
Can you appreciate the difference ?

Can you imagine the qualities of a Mobius Loop and travel its length.
Can you conceive its infinite nature.
Can you visualise its expansion into Torus.
Can you continue your mind-sense movement in the spiral of compression and expansion within its flow.
Can you see at its core, how matter is actualised from virtuality.
Can you see how Motivation drives the process?

Can you fill your lungs with air and feel how you are drawing the cosmos into you.
Can you feel the Torus working within you by your own motivation.
Can you fly forth and trace it back to our closest source in the Sun.
Can you connect to its core and feel the Torus there too.
Can you strech out in every direction with its particles, and touch the fabric of other planets.
Can you take your awareness there and feel their quality, shared in your breath ?

Can you go beyond that, to the other millions of systems in our space.
Can you conceive their shared connection in the transformation.
Can you grasp, the Infinite millions of other endless star bodies and their planets.
Can you see the motivation in their movement.
Can you see the motivation in your own movement.
Can you see your own thoughts.
Can you see the responsibility of your own cause?

Can you see the creative movement within yourself.
Can you grasp, the creative movement beyond yourself.
Can you see the whole intrinsic connection with your own Presence.

Can you see the greater motivation from infinity, for all things.
Can you see the vastness.
Can you see it also, dwelling within you?

If your answer is 'Yes' to these things; then you need no longer ask the question.


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