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Friday, November 28, 2008

The death of a Cat

Y'know, it's amazing how we can get caught up in the crazy pace of everything around us and fail to register the moments that have the most meaning.

Today was furious and stressful. I didn't have time for a second thought about anything. There was too much to deal with at work.
But tonight before closing down I sat there at the screen in an involuntary daydream, and began to remember what I should not have forgotten!

Margaret's Cat 'Billy'' died this morning.
It happened about 6.00am local time. It was with the Vet at the time being nursed through its 24hour observation after a hit and run accident with a car. I was called out early yesterday morning when the poor animal was found freezing and injured at the roadside by passing motorists.With no one else to help, I was called out to transport 'Billy' to the Vet.

Billy was 16 years old and still a big strong ginger cat. It didn't have the strength however to survive the terrible injuries it received. Margaret was distraught, and throughout today, many of the other friends in the block visited her to try and support her.

Billy was Margaret's animal companion and she doted on him. Margaret has always been known as a person who is bright and cheerful at all times, but over the last 24hours, she became drawn and haggard.

Margaret is also is 94 years old and already everyone was saying if someone couldn't persuade her to perk up, she too would decline. Nothing anyone said seemed to console her, and I was too busy to give any great time to her.

In my daydream just now I remembered something that for sure I nearly forgot amid the important but unimportant rush of the day.

I was called briefly to the door because a woman was visiting with a large bunch of flowers in her hand and a greeting card. She asked me if I could pass it on. She was one of the workers from the Vetinary surgery and wished the card and flowers to go to Margaret in sympathy for her loss. She said she would only cause Margaret more distress if she delivered the flowers in person.

I accepted them and grabbed for the time I did not have to take them to her. I was sooo right in the middle of other important things! Help was at hand from another Resident. He offered to take the items to Margaret.

Before I finished work much later, I saw Margaret in the corridor with a couple of her neighbours.
I greeted her and remarked I was glad that she was looking so much better.
She had decided to go to the communal lounge to sit with a few others for a while and she was a lot better. I asked if she liked the flowers delivered earlier.

She liked them very much and was touched by the thought behind them.
She said however it was the card that had really cheered her up. She told me it had a message from the lady Vet who had nursed Billy overnight until he died.
The message had been short and said to Margaret,

'We didn't really loose Billy this morning, Margaret.
He will stay in the hearts of everyone here who knew him for so long, so how can he ever leave us.
We know he will never ever leave you.
Love to you at this time.'

Grief so often condenses our vibration and makes it harder even, for the departed of any kind to draw near in recognition from another level. I have no doubt that those words lifted Margaret just enough for her to finally benefit from the love of those around her; but especially from the animal love now getting through to her from the place where her companion now roams free.
It is the important things we should never forget!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tiny Update

Not sleeping!
Still walking up the hill
But moves are afoot
Most activity in the background
But the light draws nearer

You will read about it here first


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Book Progress

Update on the Book, (for anyone other than myself who reads this hehe!)

Well that's it folks! The book is all done and packaged, and in a couple of days will be off to the Publisher for consideration. Wish me luck out there! It has been re-edited, revamped, and added to considerably. At a little over 106,000 words, it has put years on my life to get it to this polished stage. We will see. What will be will be! Watch here for further updates, but for now I will leave you with the official Synopsis to browse.

Down to Earth, (the way it is.)
Richard Gabriel


From early childhood I tried to come to terms with Supernormal events that filled my life. Manifestations gave way to precognitions, incredible synchronicities, spontaneous clairvoyance, out of body experiences, automatic writing and much more. I developed an almost obsessive interest in the mysteries and was drawn to ancient times, especially in hidden Egypt. My total preoccupation was to understand the nature and meaning of the fantastic events that followed me always.

In 1981while working and living alone in Germany I had a profound experience that completely changed my life. I had the total recall of a lost memory that exposed the detailed workings of creation through quantum and beyond. It went much further to explain the workings of a living reality beyond physical and the role we play in it.

Knowing the strategy of life did not exempt me from the tactics of its working, and for years I have followed an amazing pathway to fulfil my Birth Plan. One part of it is to offer this explanation of life as a reminder to others. The other part follows the calling to a special task in Egypt that ties with dramatic events I have seen for the world very soon.

This book therefore takes the reader along the route I was taken myself. I had to learn terms of quantum science so I could describe the process for others to understand. As the pathway unfolds, the reader is led on a similar journey, culminating in a clear description of how and why we function as human sentient beings in the scheme of all things.

The second part of the book is an experiential guide where I give detailed answers to many of the most awkward questions on life and death, freely asked by correspondents over the years. These questions have been avoided or evaded by all others, but I have been able to meet them head-on in a frank and honest way.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Time to Dust the Covers Off !

The writer's advice columns give good advice when they say you must walk away from what you have written and come back to it fresh later to give it a good self critique. Well my book, 'Down to Earth,'(the way it is) was completed many years ago and I basically threw it on to a yahoo group as-was for all comers to read and consider. It can even still be accessed from our sleeping Home To Spirit website. But what a difference a few years makes! I hadn't been sufficiently inspired to return to it and do what I knew needed doing in the meantime.

That changed a few weeks ago. I was working hard on the new web site and for the first time in a while I was overcome with another of those familiar supernormal experiences. I was at the computer and stopped in my tracks with sneezes, while a tangible spirit wind blew around me... just like being in a powerful field of moving static electricity. I am used to opening up to find the link when something like this happens. The subject of my book turned over and over in my mind. I opened a screen copy while looking in my mind for the reason that I was being visited like this.

I began to read the first couple of chapters again and all I could think was that it was 'all wrong.' and that it was all 'back to front.'
I read a bit more and could not believe how unpolished it was in places.
The next night I sat at the computer again with no other thought than to get back to the book. Again spirit wind was swirling around me and I realised at last I was being given a kick to get on to the job and polish what I had started.

I have little spare time, but in the three weeks following, up until last week, I had completely reformatted it, with many sections completely rewritten and a lot more detail added.
Now I am at the stage where I am still being urged to see it through this time. I am doing my homework right now to a professional standard, so it will be really ready at last to submit to the Publishers.
I hope it will be considered favourably. We will see..
But for now I am still toying with the thought that I will have to pull the rusty versions that can still be accessed on the Web. I will have to do it soon I guess. Anyway, for posterity and for anyone who reads here at all, I will update as things progress.

For the benefit of those who may read this and don't have a clue what I am talking about, here is a brief explanation.
Supernormal experience has followed me all my life in abundance; through my formative years, also with Judith, and in Egypt.

However, 28 years ago, as a culmination then to my lifelong search for an understanding to it all, I had a life changing experience while working in Berlin, Germany.I named it my 'Event,'and the best way I have found was to describe it thus:

Remember the blockbuster movie called Total Recall, with Arnold Schwartzeneger. His memory had been replaced by an alien memory, but at a later stage he has a total recall of his original memory.
Well for me, I also had a total recall of another memory which was also mine!
I was instantly aware that it explained in detail the nature of matter through quantum to levels of valid reality beyond. It allowed me to put an order to every question I could throw at it about the detailed nature of Life the Universe and Everything.

If anyone ventures to where the old draft copy of the book can be accessed, you are welcome. But forgive me the awkward grammar and lack of polish in places. I would ask perhaps that it would be better to wait until the rewrite appears.. Until then I will just do as I always do, without question and without hesitation... Trust to my Minders on another level who are there to prompt and help, and clearly have a better sense of timing than I have, lol.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

Principles of Possession, or Truth

In a City far away, a Wise man came upon two Priests fighting.
He accosted them and bade them stop.
Their fine temples of worship stood opposite each other on the square and they competed with each other
for the hearts and minds of the population.
Each claimed 'their' version of the Truth was more valid.

The Wise man told them,
"Bring your most sacred Altar stones to me and we will settle the issue."
The stones were laid side by side on the ground and the Wise man spoke again.

"I see a mist around these stones, each of differing colour, and the colours reveal your Principles of Possession. But I look now beyond the mist and I see the similar texture of the stones surface."
I see even beyond their surface to the mass of rock in the ground that they came from. Deeper still, I see the particles of dust and dirt and gas in the Stellar sky that would one day become the Planet that spawned them."

Then before anyone could intervene he produced a hammer and brought it down with mighty force to smash the stones into grains of sand again.

The Priests were outraged. They screamed at him, " You have smashed our sacrad Altar stones.
You have blasphemed and attacked our Truths."
But the Wise man held them back saying,

"No! I have attacked your Principles of Possession instead."
How can you both claim the Truth when you each claim possession of its one symbol.
You both seek to possess the hearts and minds of men in the name of your sacred Truth,
and that your Doctrines represent the only path to find it."

"The stones represent all that has gone before,to form them.
That,is the Truth, and it cannot be Possessed.
So it is with all things.
Your Temples and saints and rituals establish a Principle of Possession only."

He pointed to the ground and continued,
"Now! ...each of you gather a handful of sand and go forth 'Together' to preach the Truth at last,"
..and he marched away, leaving them both in deep thought.
Jesus Christ walked in sandals under open skies and preached to remind us of the Truth.
Since the dawn of time, men have fought to possess it.
Let us all go forth now with a handful of sand and the ability to practice its meaning.


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wisdom from Cayce

Think on This ...

As has been indicated..

A little more Patient.
A little more Tolerant.
A little more Humble.

But . . .not a Tolerance that becomes Timid--this would make rebellion in self.

Not a Patience that is not Positive.

Not an Humbleness that becomes Morbid or lacking in Beauty.

For as Orderliness is a part of thy being..

So let Consistency--as Persistency--be a part of thy being.

Edgar Cayce Reading 1402-1
Generated by the Association for Research and Enlightenment.


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