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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Book Progress

Update on the Book, (for anyone other than myself who reads this hehe!)

Well that's it folks! The book is all done and packaged, and in a couple of days will be off to the Publisher for consideration. Wish me luck out there! It has been re-edited, revamped, and added to considerably. At a little over 106,000 words, it has put years on my life to get it to this polished stage. We will see. What will be will be! Watch here for further updates, but for now I will leave you with the official Synopsis to browse.

Down to Earth, (the way it is.)
Richard Gabriel


From early childhood I tried to come to terms with Supernormal events that filled my life. Manifestations gave way to precognitions, incredible synchronicities, spontaneous clairvoyance, out of body experiences, automatic writing and much more. I developed an almost obsessive interest in the mysteries and was drawn to ancient times, especially in hidden Egypt. My total preoccupation was to understand the nature and meaning of the fantastic events that followed me always.

In 1981while working and living alone in Germany I had a profound experience that completely changed my life. I had the total recall of a lost memory that exposed the detailed workings of creation through quantum and beyond. It went much further to explain the workings of a living reality beyond physical and the role we play in it.

Knowing the strategy of life did not exempt me from the tactics of its working, and for years I have followed an amazing pathway to fulfil my Birth Plan. One part of it is to offer this explanation of life as a reminder to others. The other part follows the calling to a special task in Egypt that ties with dramatic events I have seen for the world very soon.

This book therefore takes the reader along the route I was taken myself. I had to learn terms of quantum science so I could describe the process for others to understand. As the pathway unfolds, the reader is led on a similar journey, culminating in a clear description of how and why we function as human sentient beings in the scheme of all things.

The second part of the book is an experiential guide where I give detailed answers to many of the most awkward questions on life and death, freely asked by correspondents over the years. These questions have been avoided or evaded by all others, but I have been able to meet them head-on in a frank and honest way.

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