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Friday, November 28, 2008

The death of a Cat

Y'know, it's amazing how we can get caught up in the crazy pace of everything around us and fail to register the moments that have the most meaning.

Today was furious and stressful. I didn't have time for a second thought about anything. There was too much to deal with at work.
But tonight before closing down I sat there at the screen in an involuntary daydream, and began to remember what I should not have forgotten!

Margaret's Cat 'Billy'' died this morning.
It happened about 6.00am local time. It was with the Vet at the time being nursed through its 24hour observation after a hit and run accident with a car. I was called out early yesterday morning when the poor animal was found freezing and injured at the roadside by passing motorists.With no one else to help, I was called out to transport 'Billy' to the Vet.

Billy was 16 years old and still a big strong ginger cat. It didn't have the strength however to survive the terrible injuries it received. Margaret was distraught, and throughout today, many of the other friends in the block visited her to try and support her.

Billy was Margaret's animal companion and she doted on him. Margaret has always been known as a person who is bright and cheerful at all times, but over the last 24hours, she became drawn and haggard.

Margaret is also is 94 years old and already everyone was saying if someone couldn't persuade her to perk up, she too would decline. Nothing anyone said seemed to console her, and I was too busy to give any great time to her.

In my daydream just now I remembered something that for sure I nearly forgot amid the important but unimportant rush of the day.

I was called briefly to the door because a woman was visiting with a large bunch of flowers in her hand and a greeting card. She asked me if I could pass it on. She was one of the workers from the Vetinary surgery and wished the card and flowers to go to Margaret in sympathy for her loss. She said she would only cause Margaret more distress if she delivered the flowers in person.

I accepted them and grabbed for the time I did not have to take them to her. I was sooo right in the middle of other important things! Help was at hand from another Resident. He offered to take the items to Margaret.

Before I finished work much later, I saw Margaret in the corridor with a couple of her neighbours.
I greeted her and remarked I was glad that she was looking so much better.
She had decided to go to the communal lounge to sit with a few others for a while and she was a lot better. I asked if she liked the flowers delivered earlier.

She liked them very much and was touched by the thought behind them.
She said however it was the card that had really cheered her up. She told me it had a message from the lady Vet who had nursed Billy overnight until he died.
The message had been short and said to Margaret,

'We didn't really loose Billy this morning, Margaret.
He will stay in the hearts of everyone here who knew him for so long, so how can he ever leave us.
We know he will never ever leave you.
Love to you at this time.'

Grief so often condenses our vibration and makes it harder even, for the departed of any kind to draw near in recognition from another level. I have no doubt that those words lifted Margaret just enough for her to finally benefit from the love of those around her; but especially from the animal love now getting through to her from the place where her companion now roams free.
It is the important things we should never forget!


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