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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb 20th. 2009 update

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Not enough time to blink!
However, I am getting on with the work requested on the book. I've found it is more than a case of just dropping on to the sentence where I last left off. I have to get 'into the zone' first. As everyone knows, there are certanly enough distractions out there conspiring to hinder.

I often experience occasions when I plan to set time aside for the 'higher' work. I set everything else aside and just at the moment I am ready to start, a 'Murphey's Law' interruption appears to shatter the moment.

This has happened thousands of times, and as like atracts like, I understand whenever something of a higher vibration is to be done, lower vibrationary forces trigger to try and compress or suppress the action.

Another example is when I lay down to meditate with a view to OBE. It does not matter if it is in the day or night, or when I am supposed to be 'unavailable' to others. I may be already going 'alpha,' and the durned telephone will ring, or there will be an unexpected caller, or something else will happen at that exact moment to break me from the higher state.I know in talking with Judith, she often experiences the same thing; and others have confirmed this too.

Negative or lower vibration can do what it will, but having an awareness of these possibilities allows a person to have their defence ready.
I find it possible to overcome the natural lowering reaction, by automatically making the 'Sun' link and manifesting oneness with the center-sun light vibration.


News otherwise: The site hit count is nudging 79,000, which is pleasing considering I have not managed to add to the extra two pages yet. I do have a whammer of a possible alien form that Judith photographed in stone while we were in Nazlet village. I will be loading this to the site very soon, and spreading it around the forums for interpretation. I know it will stir a lot of interest.

Once again though, if I could afford the time, I have a ton of material that is just waiting for me to load. ...just got to keep plodding on :-)

with Judith

(see site link on last entry.)

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Just an update :-)

Whoopie! another page opened up, despite battling with pop up blockers and server downtimes.

More to come.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Latest News @ 5th. Feb. 09

So! At last with some expert professional advice behind me, I am charged with the task of doing some more restructuring to the book; but this time with focused intent.

As I have said to myself a thousand times, how the heck am I going to find the time; but hehe! it's all a matter of hunger and priorities. I 'will' find it from somewhere!

In the meantime, Our new site is well and truly open.
At last look the server counter showed over 60,000 hits and climbing, so we gotta' be doing something right.

So far there is the front presentation page and a second menu page, with tons of pics. I have been collating the material for the other pages described in the Menu so I can open the other pages as fast as possible.

I hope all will agree the more pics, info and stories we release will be worth the wait.

I have been grateful of the opportunity also to release/post some new things already across a few good forums and groups. I will be featuring these on the Links page which will be the next one to go live.

The only thing left to do is to get on with it!

with Judith

Here's the new site link again:

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