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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Latest News @ 5th. Feb. 09

So! At last with some expert professional advice behind me, I am charged with the task of doing some more restructuring to the book; but this time with focused intent.

As I have said to myself a thousand times, how the heck am I going to find the time; but hehe! it's all a matter of hunger and priorities. I 'will' find it from somewhere!

In the meantime, Our new site is well and truly open.
At last look the server counter showed over 60,000 hits and climbing, so we gotta' be doing something right.

So far there is the front presentation page and a second menu page, with tons of pics. I have been collating the material for the other pages described in the Menu so I can open the other pages as fast as possible.

I hope all will agree the more pics, info and stories we release will be worth the wait.

I have been grateful of the opportunity also to release/post some new things already across a few good forums and groups. I will be featuring these on the Links page which will be the next one to go live.

The only thing left to do is to get on with it!

with Judith

Here's the new site link again:

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