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Sunday, April 26, 2009

A New Beginning

I have had a second job it seems for some weeks now.
It has changed my attitude to software programmers.
It sure is hard at the start for a novice.
My learning curve has been vertical, but at last our new site is filling out and is up and running.

It has a new Discussion Forum embedded to it,
...appropriately called: The Kings Chamber

There are an increasing number of presentation pages building up within it, and there are dozens more, with hundreds of supporting pics. waiting to be completed.

Whoopie!!! and without even trying, the counter has just slid past 180,000 hits, so yet again it shows we must be doing something right to attract interest.

All visitors are welcome, ...also to register and participate on the Forum.
...the Index page starts the LINK. C'mon down and take a look :-)


A lot has been achieved, but there is still an awful lot to do!!!


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