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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Echoes from The Chamber

Guardian of the Reception Chamber of NC2
Greetings everyone. 

Many or most who have been inside the monuments of Giza etc will know how crazy the authorities are about anyone taking photographs. The plausibly sounding argument is given that the photons of light from photo-flashes damage the stone! We all have to act like suspicious sheep and go baaa, then begrudgingly comply. So let's ask the question again and see if we can find a much simpler answer. Why would someone not want you to take photographs in an important place; ie like within the Giza monuments? How about that there is something hidden there in plain sight, and some people - at a lever higher than us plebs, fear it may finally be discovered? 

 It was while examining the many hundreds of photos we captured from deep within the NC2 tunnel system under the North Plateau that we first began to notice something. I couldn't get away from the feeling the pictures were trying to reach out to me. I spent more time on them, playing with light, contrast, focal point and colour filtration. Suddenly images began to appear and not just the odd one. There are hundreds, thousands.... in singles, rows, murals - overlapping in differing holographic depths; even producing results when the frames were inverted - with larger images built from smaller fractal images. 

There are groupings but separated in specific places which we finally worked out are all orientated to the route out, or the route deeper. They are a record and a signpost. They are formed predominantly of animals or human forms with animal styled heads. There are humanoid and alien profiles. There is one location we know which has an image of a classic alien craft in flight. Could it possibly be - that the humanoid forms with animal style heads were caricatures of actual humanoids alive then!? 

The system has many other secrets which we are ready to share.

I tried the analysis on other stone surfaces and found images there too in abundance; the Great Pyramid; within and especially 110ft. at the bottom water chamber of the Osiris shaft; at the Solar Cross; at the Sun Temple of Abu Ghurab; in the chambers of the village of Naslet el Samaan where the men met with their dastardly deaths in the illegal dig recently... and in other locations. And we have only just begun our search through the tens of thousands of photos we have archived... and none of these were posed wall surfaces!! 

The images barely show to the naked eye. But they appear without any shadow of doubt under analysis. We believe they were not as a result of normal painting but by a process we do not understand. It is almost as if they were imprinted to the surface. 

We believe we have stumbled on a secret which is known at a very high level. Our reason is that we heard of another researcher who was conducting photo research in the Queens chamber over a decade ago. Pigments were still evident and images were discovered. We were told the man in charge came down on the issue hard and completely killed any chance of the information being publicised!!! 

What are these controllers afraid of? How about that the ancient surfaces are in fact Walls of Record... and may give a clue to the even greater secret consigned to myth, that there was indeed an advanced civilization who preceded Egypt in its current cultural form. Are we the result of the underground survivors following the last ice melt. The evidence is stacked so high that our last true ancestors date from 10,000 years + and much older! 

We have so much more to share and you will find so much of it in my new book. 
It details everything about the journey to enlightenment taken by Judith and I individually ..and finally the Giza discoveries. With the publication of this whistle blowing book we will be seeking all and any opportunities or invitations to present our information first hand. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or if you can help directly. In the meantime you will find much more information and supporting picture evidence on our sites.


Our door is always open and all are welcome 
Blessings Richard and Judith

Monday, January 23, 2012

This Escapes Us....

Our bodies are given life from the midst of Nothingness

Existing where there is Nothing - is the meaning of the phrase:
...Form is Emptiness

That all things are provided for by Nothingness - is the meaning of the phrase:
...Emptiness is Form

One should not think that these are two separate things.


There is surely nothing other than the single Purpose of the Present Moment
A whole life is a succession of Moment after Moment

If one fully understands the Present Moment,
there will be nothing else to do - and nothing else to pursue

From the Book of the Samurai
& ..Progressing elsewhere:
Beneath the Giza Plateau

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