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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Echoes from The Chamber

Guardian of the Reception Chamber of NC2
Greetings everyone. 

Many or most who have been inside the monuments of Giza etc will know how crazy the authorities are about anyone taking photographs. The plausibly sounding argument is given that the photons of light from photo-flashes damage the stone! We all have to act like suspicious sheep and go baaa, then begrudgingly comply. So let's ask the question again and see if we can find a much simpler answer. Why would someone not want you to take photographs in an important place; ie like within the Giza monuments? How about that there is something hidden there in plain sight, and some people - at a lever higher than us plebs, fear it may finally be discovered? 

 It was while examining the many hundreds of photos we captured from deep within the NC2 tunnel system under the North Plateau that we first began to notice something. I couldn't get away from the feeling the pictures were trying to reach out to me. I spent more time on them, playing with light, contrast, focal point and colour filtration. Suddenly images began to appear and not just the odd one. There are hundreds, thousands.... in singles, rows, murals - overlapping in differing holographic depths; even producing results when the frames were inverted - with larger images built from smaller fractal images. 

There are groupings but separated in specific places which we finally worked out are all orientated to the route out, or the route deeper. They are a record and a signpost. They are formed predominantly of animals or human forms with animal styled heads. There are humanoid and alien profiles. There is one location we know which has an image of a classic alien craft in flight. Could it possibly be - that the humanoid forms with animal style heads were caricatures of actual humanoids alive then!? 

The system has many other secrets which we are ready to share.

I tried the analysis on other stone surfaces and found images there too in abundance; the Great Pyramid; within and especially 110ft. at the bottom water chamber of the Osiris shaft; at the Solar Cross; at the Sun Temple of Abu Ghurab; in the chambers of the village of Naslet el Samaan where the men met with their dastardly deaths in the illegal dig recently... and in other locations. And we have only just begun our search through the tens of thousands of photos we have archived... and none of these were posed wall surfaces!! 

The images barely show to the naked eye. But they appear without any shadow of doubt under analysis. We believe they were not as a result of normal painting but by a process we do not understand. It is almost as if they were imprinted to the surface. 

We believe we have stumbled on a secret which is known at a very high level. Our reason is that we heard of another researcher who was conducting photo research in the Queens chamber over a decade ago. Pigments were still evident and images were discovered. We were told the man in charge came down on the issue hard and completely killed any chance of the information being publicised!!! 

What are these controllers afraid of? How about that the ancient surfaces are in fact Walls of Record... and may give a clue to the even greater secret consigned to myth, that there was indeed an advanced civilization who preceded Egypt in its current cultural form. Are we the result of the underground survivors following the last ice melt. The evidence is stacked so high that our last true ancestors date from 10,000 years + and much older! 

We have so much more to share and you will find so much of it in my new book. 
It details everything about the journey to enlightenment taken by Judith and I individually ..and finally the Giza discoveries. With the publication of this whistle blowing book we will be seeking all and any opportunities or invitations to present our information first hand. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or if you can help directly. In the meantime you will find much more information and supporting picture evidence on our sites.


Our door is always open and all are welcome 
Blessings Richard and Judith

Monday, January 23, 2012

This Escapes Us....

Our bodies are given life from the midst of Nothingness

Existing where there is Nothing - is the meaning of the phrase:
...Form is Emptiness

That all things are provided for by Nothingness - is the meaning of the phrase:
...Emptiness is Form

One should not think that these are two separate things.


There is surely nothing other than the single Purpose of the Present Moment
A whole life is a succession of Moment after Moment

If one fully understands the Present Moment,
there will be nothing else to do - and nothing else to pursue

From the Book of the Samurai
& ..Progressing elsewhere:
Beneath the Giza Plateau

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Giza Geomatrix

Its been quite a while since I updated here, but to be honest, a lifetime of excitement has passed by since then. I can sum it up for anyone reading by saying... just go look at what has happened on the web site.

The latest from the Index:
A new sub-domain for where Judith and I have been collaberationg with
Bill and Lucyna Lobos Brown in work at Giza. Bill has cracked the code of
the Giza plateau; The Geomatrix.

The result is what you will see.
A gradual exposition, supported by a ton of evidence of all kinds, that will explain the why, where and how of the constructions in Egypt, and the real truth of our ancient origins.

The Giza Geomatrix awaits!


please use the site mailbox also for feedback


Richard and Judith


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mastaba horror ending May 09


Well here we are turning into June 09 already.

The crawler is showing 291,480 and quite frankly I am amazed, considering the handful of pages I've had time to load. There are a ton yet to do and May nearly ended with a disaster!

I decided the pics were taking so long to build into the page presentations that I would start the gallery section off. I thought it would be faster and easier to refer the pages to individual gallery albums.

So far so good, and I managed to load a 136 pic gallery album, to show our time when the bedouin placed us in the Western Mastaba field, (seemingly with a cloak of invisibility!)

The Album was ready, but somehow I registered it to the front page address for the main site.

In doing so I knocked out the internal link from the main site files to its URL.
I sobered up damned quick when I did a site check and just got the default page. Horror!!!

It took a bit of nifty keyboard tapping to restore the links again.... But it has left me with a gallery and its first album, and I still have to figure out how to create a link to it from the new 'Mastaba Field' presentation.

I will just have to keep pushing up that vertical learning curve and sort it.
....Wish I could squeeze out more time to do it though.



Sunday, April 26, 2009

A New Beginning

I have had a second job it seems for some weeks now.
It has changed my attitude to software programmers.
It sure is hard at the start for a novice.
My learning curve has been vertical, but at last our new site is filling out and is up and running.

It has a new Discussion Forum embedded to it,
...appropriately called: The Kings Chamber

There are an increasing number of presentation pages building up within it, and there are dozens more, with hundreds of supporting pics. waiting to be completed.

Whoopie!!! and without even trying, the counter has just slid past 180,000 hits, so yet again it shows we must be doing something right to attract interest.

All visitors are welcome, ...also to register and participate on the Forum.
...the Index page starts the LINK. C'mon down and take a look :-)


A lot has been achieved, but there is still an awful lot to do!!!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb 20th. 2009 update

... . ...

Not enough time to blink!
However, I am getting on with the work requested on the book. I've found it is more than a case of just dropping on to the sentence where I last left off. I have to get 'into the zone' first. As everyone knows, there are certanly enough distractions out there conspiring to hinder.

I often experience occasions when I plan to set time aside for the 'higher' work. I set everything else aside and just at the moment I am ready to start, a 'Murphey's Law' interruption appears to shatter the moment.

This has happened thousands of times, and as like atracts like, I understand whenever something of a higher vibration is to be done, lower vibrationary forces trigger to try and compress or suppress the action.

Another example is when I lay down to meditate with a view to OBE. It does not matter if it is in the day or night, or when I am supposed to be 'unavailable' to others. I may be already going 'alpha,' and the durned telephone will ring, or there will be an unexpected caller, or something else will happen at that exact moment to break me from the higher state.I know in talking with Judith, she often experiences the same thing; and others have confirmed this too.

Negative or lower vibration can do what it will, but having an awareness of these possibilities allows a person to have their defence ready.
I find it possible to overcome the natural lowering reaction, by automatically making the 'Sun' link and manifesting oneness with the center-sun light vibration.


News otherwise: The site hit count is nudging 79,000, which is pleasing considering I have not managed to add to the extra two pages yet. I do have a whammer of a possible alien form that Judith photographed in stone while we were in Nazlet village. I will be loading this to the site very soon, and spreading it around the forums for interpretation. I know it will stir a lot of interest.

Once again though, if I could afford the time, I have a ton of material that is just waiting for me to load. ...just got to keep plodding on :-)

with Judith

(see site link on last entry.)

... . ...

Monday, February 09, 2009

Just an update :-)

Whoopie! another page opened up, despite battling with pop up blockers and server downtimes.

More to come.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Latest News @ 5th. Feb. 09

So! At last with some expert professional advice behind me, I am charged with the task of doing some more restructuring to the book; but this time with focused intent.

As I have said to myself a thousand times, how the heck am I going to find the time; but hehe! it's all a matter of hunger and priorities. I 'will' find it from somewhere!

In the meantime, Our new site is well and truly open.
At last look the server counter showed over 60,000 hits and climbing, so we gotta' be doing something right.

So far there is the front presentation page and a second menu page, with tons of pics. I have been collating the material for the other pages described in the Menu so I can open the other pages as fast as possible.

I hope all will agree the more pics, info and stories we release will be worth the wait.

I have been grateful of the opportunity also to release/post some new things already across a few good forums and groups. I will be featuring these on the Links page which will be the next one to go live.

The only thing left to do is to get on with it!

with Judith

Here's the new site link again:

... . ...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

State of the Books, and a new site

Down to Earth, (the way it is) is hot with a Publisher right now, but the deal is not yet cooked!

For now, to light the way and to help my follow-on book called, Echoes from the Chamber, I have a New Site link that will showcase the events and experiences that have gone into the production of both.

Click here

with Judith

... . ...

Friday, November 28, 2008

The death of a Cat

Y'know, it's amazing how we can get caught up in the crazy pace of everything around us and fail to register the moments that have the most meaning.

Today was furious and stressful. I didn't have time for a second thought about anything. There was too much to deal with at work.
But tonight before closing down I sat there at the screen in an involuntary daydream, and began to remember what I should not have forgotten!

Margaret's Cat 'Billy'' died this morning.
It happened about 6.00am local time. It was with the Vet at the time being nursed through its 24hour observation after a hit and run accident with a car. I was called out early yesterday morning when the poor animal was found freezing and injured at the roadside by passing motorists.With no one else to help, I was called out to transport 'Billy' to the Vet.

Billy was 16 years old and still a big strong ginger cat. It didn't have the strength however to survive the terrible injuries it received. Margaret was distraught, and throughout today, many of the other friends in the block visited her to try and support her.

Billy was Margaret's animal companion and she doted on him. Margaret has always been known as a person who is bright and cheerful at all times, but over the last 24hours, she became drawn and haggard.

Margaret is also is 94 years old and already everyone was saying if someone couldn't persuade her to perk up, she too would decline. Nothing anyone said seemed to console her, and I was too busy to give any great time to her.

In my daydream just now I remembered something that for sure I nearly forgot amid the important but unimportant rush of the day.

I was called briefly to the door because a woman was visiting with a large bunch of flowers in her hand and a greeting card. She asked me if I could pass it on. She was one of the workers from the Vetinary surgery and wished the card and flowers to go to Margaret in sympathy for her loss. She said she would only cause Margaret more distress if she delivered the flowers in person.

I accepted them and grabbed for the time I did not have to take them to her. I was sooo right in the middle of other important things! Help was at hand from another Resident. He offered to take the items to Margaret.

Before I finished work much later, I saw Margaret in the corridor with a couple of her neighbours.
I greeted her and remarked I was glad that she was looking so much better.
She had decided to go to the communal lounge to sit with a few others for a while and she was a lot better. I asked if she liked the flowers delivered earlier.

She liked them very much and was touched by the thought behind them.
She said however it was the card that had really cheered her up. She told me it had a message from the lady Vet who had nursed Billy overnight until he died.
The message had been short and said to Margaret,

'We didn't really loose Billy this morning, Margaret.
He will stay in the hearts of everyone here who knew him for so long, so how can he ever leave us.
We know he will never ever leave you.
Love to you at this time.'

Grief so often condenses our vibration and makes it harder even, for the departed of any kind to draw near in recognition from another level. I have no doubt that those words lifted Margaret just enough for her to finally benefit from the love of those around her; but especially from the animal love now getting through to her from the place where her companion now roams free.
It is the important things we should never forget!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tiny Update

Not sleeping!
Still walking up the hill
But moves are afoot
Most activity in the background
But the light draws nearer

You will read about it here first


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Book Progress

Update on the Book, (for anyone other than myself who reads this hehe!)

Well that's it folks! The book is all done and packaged, and in a couple of days will be off to the Publisher for consideration. Wish me luck out there! It has been re-edited, revamped, and added to considerably. At a little over 106,000 words, it has put years on my life to get it to this polished stage. We will see. What will be will be! Watch here for further updates, but for now I will leave you with the official Synopsis to browse.

Down to Earth, (the way it is.)
Richard Gabriel


From early childhood I tried to come to terms with Supernormal events that filled my life. Manifestations gave way to precognitions, incredible synchronicities, spontaneous clairvoyance, out of body experiences, automatic writing and much more. I developed an almost obsessive interest in the mysteries and was drawn to ancient times, especially in hidden Egypt. My total preoccupation was to understand the nature and meaning of the fantastic events that followed me always.

In 1981while working and living alone in Germany I had a profound experience that completely changed my life. I had the total recall of a lost memory that exposed the detailed workings of creation through quantum and beyond. It went much further to explain the workings of a living reality beyond physical and the role we play in it.

Knowing the strategy of life did not exempt me from the tactics of its working, and for years I have followed an amazing pathway to fulfil my Birth Plan. One part of it is to offer this explanation of life as a reminder to others. The other part follows the calling to a special task in Egypt that ties with dramatic events I have seen for the world very soon.

This book therefore takes the reader along the route I was taken myself. I had to learn terms of quantum science so I could describe the process for others to understand. As the pathway unfolds, the reader is led on a similar journey, culminating in a clear description of how and why we function as human sentient beings in the scheme of all things.

The second part of the book is an experiential guide where I give detailed answers to many of the most awkward questions on life and death, freely asked by correspondents over the years. These questions have been avoided or evaded by all others, but I have been able to meet them head-on in a frank and honest way.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Time to Dust the Covers Off !

The writer's advice columns give good advice when they say you must walk away from what you have written and come back to it fresh later to give it a good self critique. Well my book, 'Down to Earth,'(the way it is) was completed many years ago and I basically threw it on to a yahoo group as-was for all comers to read and consider. It can even still be accessed from our sleeping Home To Spirit website. But what a difference a few years makes! I hadn't been sufficiently inspired to return to it and do what I knew needed doing in the meantime.

That changed a few weeks ago. I was working hard on the new web site and for the first time in a while I was overcome with another of those familiar supernormal experiences. I was at the computer and stopped in my tracks with sneezes, while a tangible spirit wind blew around me... just like being in a powerful field of moving static electricity. I am used to opening up to find the link when something like this happens. The subject of my book turned over and over in my mind. I opened a screen copy while looking in my mind for the reason that I was being visited like this.

I began to read the first couple of chapters again and all I could think was that it was 'all wrong.' and that it was all 'back to front.'
I read a bit more and could not believe how unpolished it was in places.
The next night I sat at the computer again with no other thought than to get back to the book. Again spirit wind was swirling around me and I realised at last I was being given a kick to get on to the job and polish what I had started.

I have little spare time, but in the three weeks following, up until last week, I had completely reformatted it, with many sections completely rewritten and a lot more detail added.
Now I am at the stage where I am still being urged to see it through this time. I am doing my homework right now to a professional standard, so it will be really ready at last to submit to the Publishers.
I hope it will be considered favourably. We will see..
But for now I am still toying with the thought that I will have to pull the rusty versions that can still be accessed on the Web. I will have to do it soon I guess. Anyway, for posterity and for anyone who reads here at all, I will update as things progress.

For the benefit of those who may read this and don't have a clue what I am talking about, here is a brief explanation.
Supernormal experience has followed me all my life in abundance; through my formative years, also with Judith, and in Egypt.

However, 28 years ago, as a culmination then to my lifelong search for an understanding to it all, I had a life changing experience while working in Berlin, Germany.I named it my 'Event,'and the best way I have found was to describe it thus:

Remember the blockbuster movie called Total Recall, with Arnold Schwartzeneger. His memory had been replaced by an alien memory, but at a later stage he has a total recall of his original memory.
Well for me, I also had a total recall of another memory which was also mine!
I was instantly aware that it explained in detail the nature of matter through quantum to levels of valid reality beyond. It allowed me to put an order to every question I could throw at it about the detailed nature of Life the Universe and Everything.

If anyone ventures to where the old draft copy of the book can be accessed, you are welcome. But forgive me the awkward grammar and lack of polish in places. I would ask perhaps that it would be better to wait until the rewrite appears.. Until then I will just do as I always do, without question and without hesitation... Trust to my Minders on another level who are there to prompt and help, and clearly have a better sense of timing than I have, lol.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

Principles of Possession, or Truth

In a City far away, a Wise man came upon two Priests fighting.
He accosted them and bade them stop.
Their fine temples of worship stood opposite each other on the square and they competed with each other
for the hearts and minds of the population.
Each claimed 'their' version of the Truth was more valid.

The Wise man told them,
"Bring your most sacred Altar stones to me and we will settle the issue."
The stones were laid side by side on the ground and the Wise man spoke again.

"I see a mist around these stones, each of differing colour, and the colours reveal your Principles of Possession. But I look now beyond the mist and I see the similar texture of the stones surface."
I see even beyond their surface to the mass of rock in the ground that they came from. Deeper still, I see the particles of dust and dirt and gas in the Stellar sky that would one day become the Planet that spawned them."

Then before anyone could intervene he produced a hammer and brought it down with mighty force to smash the stones into grains of sand again.

The Priests were outraged. They screamed at him, " You have smashed our sacrad Altar stones.
You have blasphemed and attacked our Truths."
But the Wise man held them back saying,

"No! I have attacked your Principles of Possession instead."
How can you both claim the Truth when you each claim possession of its one symbol.
You both seek to possess the hearts and minds of men in the name of your sacred Truth,
and that your Doctrines represent the only path to find it."

"The stones represent all that has gone before,to form them.
That,is the Truth, and it cannot be Possessed.
So it is with all things.
Your Temples and saints and rituals establish a Principle of Possession only."

He pointed to the ground and continued,
"Now! ...each of you gather a handful of sand and go forth 'Together' to preach the Truth at last,"
..and he marched away, leaving them both in deep thought.
Jesus Christ walked in sandals under open skies and preached to remind us of the Truth.
Since the dawn of time, men have fought to possess it.
Let us all go forth now with a handful of sand and the ability to practice its meaning.


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wisdom from Cayce

Think on This ...

As has been indicated..

A little more Patient.
A little more Tolerant.
A little more Humble.

But . . .not a Tolerance that becomes Timid--this would make rebellion in self.

Not a Patience that is not Positive.

Not an Humbleness that becomes Morbid or lacking in Beauty.

For as Orderliness is a part of thy being..

So let Consistency--as Persistency--be a part of thy being.

Edgar Cayce Reading 1402-1
Generated by the Association for Research and Enlightenment.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Site Pending

I wish there was someone nearby, with an interest in secret Egypt, a working knowlege of 'Dreamweaver,' and a bit of charitable free time !!

Ah well!! back to the grind lol ;-)

Ref.our Home To Spirit website being taken down and content Cached in prep. for another professional web site to take its place. (To be filled with very new content about Egypt and many other things.)


Sunday, November 11, 2007

One Foot From The Top

One Foot From The Top

Dennis Dow came bursting into the Pub lounge and in a voice that could be heard clear above the howl of the wind outside, he called out, “ The bloody fool is up there. Hamish is up on the ‘Devil’s Teeth.”

There wasn’t much being said before this announcement, but now there was an instant silence as everybody took the message into their heads.
Eyes went to the blackness out of the window, all seeing with the clarity of memory like daytime. It was a shared vision of their jagged ridge of mountain rising up across the valley to shadow the village.

Josie Macpherson spoke first into his pint of beer.. “ Well! That’s him gone for sure!” Others joined in and as a few of them ventured to the door to peer vainly through the rain and the wind, it was old Mr. Thomas that summed it up, “ There’s no use speculating. It’ll be the fine weather before we bring his body back down !”

The announcement acted like a passive command, and still-warm seats were taken up again with a shudder of discomfort. The evening would be spent with the resolve of personal opinion until everybody was ready to feel their way home; then to go through the whole process again with their families.

The Devil’s Teeth dominated the Village. The ridge began with a low peak but continued with a series of peaks, each higher and more jagged than the last. Then Jutting forward was Spur Tooth, the highest of them all. It was a couple of thousand feet high but was so sheer it looked like 10 thousand feet. The whole lot from solid black rock and like the gaping lower jaw of the Devil himself.

Hamish retreated deep into his mind and still couldn’t find what it was that prompted him to finally do it! He could have chosen any time but this. It didn’t matter that he’d got shelter clothes on and a bag of provisions padding his seat in the lee of a wee cleft. The dark was going to be long. The wet and wind and cold were already eating at his body. He knew though there was no turning back, because whatever prompted him, this moment had been waiting 30 years. It would wait no longer!

The night had been endured. Hamish was driven by his pain and discomfort to seek even worse on his upward climb; even though it would be some time before the valley got the light. At least the wind had blown out and just left the drizzle, which the whole village took for normal daily weather anyway!

There was nothing normal about what lay ahead though. It seemed impossible, …but for 30 years Hamish had gone about his business with his flock of sheep in the valley with one eye always on the ridge. He had studied every crack and crevice from a distance. He knew when the time was right, he would not be beaten like his Father.

No climbers from the city ever came to these parts, and no one but his Father had ever been so foolhardy to try and scale these dangerous heights. Ah there! He justified himself as he recognised a fissure that travelled up through the rump of the Spur. Nobody ever saw this, least of all gave it any great importance. But for Hamish, he knew it was the key to missing the wall at the front they called The Sheet.

Into the crack went his hands, one after the other, followed by his feet underneath him in a painful rhythm of climbing. His strength was being tested to limit and his curses turned to prayers of thanks when the meandering crack opened to a gap he was able to wedge himself for rest.

How long had it been he asked himself. He’d been due to borrow one of the Smithy horses for the weekend to go to the market and here he was, clinging to the side of Spur Tooth. He’d just decided. Now was the time, and before he gave the thought any more consideration he’d grabbed the kit that he’d always got ready and waiting, and set off over the fields.

He was using his arms in front of him as a resting pillow and realised he was staring at his hand. It came into focus and he saw how the drizzle was washing the trickles of blood from small cuts right up his coat sleeve. It didn’t really matter because all he felt was the wet over his body. But his interest had brought the pain of it to his senses. Hamish had no time for that and stirred himself to press on.

Ever onward he climbed and stopped at another break line in the rocks, his chest heaving with the exertion. Now he could see over the front of the ridge. He looked down and felt a flush of emotion as he recognised the scree bed far below. This had been the rocky cushion where they had gathered his Father’s lifeless body. He felt a spirit wind brush over his head and began to cry as he realised he may be clinging where his father had been clinging all those years ago. It was always speculated that he had maybe injured himself on the way up and lost his grip as he tried to carry on. Hamish took a particular interest in the outcrop and looked around him just in case!

He choked yet again. There for sure a little way higher, he saw the unmistakable presence of a rusting tin. He climbed a little further to examine it before shaking himself with even greater resolve to get to the top.

It was at least 3 hours later. Hamish knelt in his battered state with his clothes and hands torn from the sharp rocks. But the day had entered that phase in the morning when there is a calm like the Gods were drawing their breath for the day. The dawn had not fully broken through the blanket of cloud on the horizon to begin stirring things up again. He looked up and could see how close he was now.

The last distance would be a hands and feet, crab climb, but he knew he had nearly done it. He allowed himself the luxury of talking to his Father again. He reminded him of his promise at the funeral. “One day,” he had said… “One day… he would defeat the Devil’s Teeth for his Father. The mountain had spit his Father’s broken body back into the valley like the pip from a grape, and now he, Hamish, was there to subdue and tame it!

At last he stood erect. From the distant village and valley floor it looked like some giant had used a file to sharpen the Spur Tooth into a razor edge. Hamish stared in front of him as he realised the Mountain’s little secret.
The sharp edge seen from below was a fa├žade that concealed a near perfect 6-foot platform of level flat rock at the very summit. Hamish even laughed for the first time in years. A genuine laugh from his stomach.

Here was the moment! The Sun was just beginning to rise above the cloud and strike forth towards him. In front was the platform of rock. He stood before it and was presented with a simple step up of several inches, to finally get on to the ‘winners-podium.’

As the rays of sun began to light him up against the background sky, he saw himself in his mind’s eye.

In those split seconds of anticipation he saw himself standing on top of this world with his arms held high and a primordial scream of triumph filling the valley.
He saw himself photographed into the memory of the peak in triumph, and the tears flowed again for his Father. The scream when it came, was even louder; but it was a scream inside of him.

All he had to do was take one more step up and he would seem like a conquering statuesque god atop the peak to anyone searching far below. One more step! And he could claim it.

Three times Hamish lifted his leg in hesitation to mount the stage. Three times his foot lowered to the ground again. He reached his hand into his pocket and fingered the note he had found in his Father’s rusting tin. His leg lifted and hesitated one more time.

His Fathers scribbled words rolled over and over in his mind until at last he was ready to answer them. The words said simply…. “ I did it! I did it! …
Hamish finally answered. “So did I, Father, so did I” then with a smile, he turned on his heels and began to make his way back down the mountain.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hiking Synchronicity

Synchronicity ......... Who would have believed it!

There was probably just over an hour until darkness. I just had time to get out of my work clothes and into some warm casuals. Judith was ready and waiting and we jumped into the car and made haste to get to the other side of Ledbury.

We had never managed to visit Eastnor Castle but the Park Estate and grounds more than made up for it. On previous trips we had seen many animals there including dozens of rabbits caught in the headlights. The road through the lower part of the park meandered across the hillside then down to the belly of the valley beside the lakes, before running a parallel track on the high ground opposite.
One evening we saw a magnificent Stag strutting across the meadow less than 50 yards from us, and we had seen plent of deer. The noise of the geese, ducks and other wildfowl at dusk around the lake sounds like a shouting competition.

Previously we had promised ourselves we would park close to a track rising steeply up the high hill overlooking the estate, and tackle the hill climb.
At this late time of the year, there were no caravans; no tents, and no people... except us.

Tonight we would climb the hill.
A few hundred yards up the track, a sheep fence and gate barred the way. I lazily drove the car up the hill to the fence and parked on to the verge. We secured everything and started up the track with serious intent. However, we had only walked a short distance... just far enough to 'get our puff,' and from nowhere a young sheepdog appeared!

We looked around for its owner and there was no one in sight.
The dog must have escaped from somewhere or was lost.
It seemed friendly and with a bit of persuasion came over to us.
I found its collar was too tight and with the use of a couple of pebbles I managed to bash a looser hole so it could be refitted.
Our animal-protective instincts kicked in and we speculated on what to do!

The nearest house could be a mile or more away... and where?
We knew if necessary we would take it to the RSPCA... but this would involve logistics! The dog was clearly happy to see us. It constantly foraged around but continued to return to us. We decided to walk on for a while and see if it would follow. We looked everywhere to try and see its owner.
We decided if the dog was still with us at the end of the walk we would take it with us to safety.

Up the hill we puffed. Past the huge growing tree stump half way up the hill.
Looking back over the valley and the distant horizon in the late afternoon light the stump made a fantastic shillouette against the crimson dusk sky.

We arrived at the peak of the hill and were greeted by the sight of a huge obelisk marking the highest point.
The dog was still with us. It had found a dead rodent at one point and we had to wait while it greedily chewed it. The dog was hungry. We had nothing to use as a lead and we had no food to offer.
Once, we saw movement just up ahead and spotted deer moving into the tall bracken. The dog had its head to the smells of the ground and didn't notice them at all.
We continued walking. The track dipped toward the following valley and we saw how it curved to the left and made use of the saddle between the hills. It disappeared along the line of the next hill some distance away.

We were in a quandry. We were even further away from civilisation now.
We could see a house on the distant hill. It would be no further to walk toward it than it would be to turn back. There was still some day light and the dog was still bounding about foraging, and using us as its return marker every few minutes. We decided to try and reach the house to make an enquiry.

The track was a lot longer than we thought. We had walked a few miles by now for sure. We would have been pleased to stay on this higher ground to watch the sunset but it was difficult to relax as we became more concerned for the welfare of the dog. If there was no one was at the house we faced the prospect of looking after the dog on the long way back in pitch darkness.

Eventually we arrived on the hill leading toward the house.
The hedges and trees closed in on us from the sides of the road but we were nearly there.

Suddenly the mood was broken by the arrival of headlights and a chugging engine coming up the hill in our direction. I called to Judith to jump clear and signal the driver to stop. I called the dog to me and it obediently allowed me to grab its collar and hold it to the side of the road.

I waved my free hand to the driver and he stopped just a few yards from us. It was a well used off-road 4x4, with blinding lights! We heard the car door and out stepped a countryman. Judith and I both launched into the story of finding the dog.

The odds must have been astronomical! All that way from home on a distant hillside with a stray dog in almost pitch darkness, and the man who just pulled up in a vehicle was the one who lost the dog earlier in the day, miles away.

The dog wasn't even his. He had been minding it for a friend who was visiting from a farm in Wales. The dog was a young sheepdog and he had been searching for it for hours. He was overjoyed and overwhelmed at the coincidence.
In our version we were overwhelmed and overjoyed at the Synchronicity!

We were all happy, including the dog, who was called 'Meg' by the way.
In minutes, man and dog were safely on their way home.

We too began the long walk to our car.
We were well pleased how events conspired to produce the a happy ending. The long way home did not seem so long after all. At the top of the hill the sunset was glorious! Who could have imagined a simple hike would turn out as it did?

PS. Who could have also imagined that 48 hours later we were on a deep forest walk in the Forest of Dean and we rescued another 2 stray Labrador dogs!
But that is another story.

Richard and Judith


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Telling the Truth

The line is removed between Truth and Deceit
To see its return first admit its defeat

...when all that is False has fallen away
...when only the True is willing to stay

...when you reach for a hand to the False with your Pride
leaving Truth in the corner, or deeper inside

...when you reach for support as the False disappear
while True waits with strength to deal with the Fear

...while yearning for warmth, as False chills the sight
while True who was banished, burns brighter than light

...when you Really find True and at last Realise
that 'Your' True were all False, in a clever disguise

...and False moves along to blind someone new

The one who's still standing, is the One who is True!



Sunday, August 19, 2007

Not so Hidden Secrets of God

God thought to hide his secrets in a secure place.
How about on the Moon he reflected.

But then, one day human beings would get there, and it may be that those who arrive would not be worthy of such knowledge.

Maybe in the ocean or deep underground?
But that again was dismissed for the same reason.

Then the solution occurred to him:
I shall put my secrets in the inner sanctum of their own minds; then only those who seek them and really deserve them, will be able to find them.

Author unknown


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Exactly What is God ?

Can you dangle your feet into the ocean and let your mind travel to its farthest connection.
Can you reach in an unbroken thought, to miles below the deepest surface, and feel the crushing pressure.
Can you reach to the hundreds of thousands of rivers and inlets, and feel the differing quality of the water rushing to join.
Can you leap to the rain and the tempest raging in its many degrees.
Can you return from the atomised spray in the air across the globe, and feel the difference as salt turns to fresh ice and the vast frozen sheets.
In your mind-sense can you make those connections?

Can you stand in a forest after the storm, and hear the water sucking into the ground.
Can you hear the trees and plants heaving as they shed water and lift to the sky.
Can you touch a tree and hear the sap transforming in its leaves.
Can you plunge below the earth and see energy sharing from the soil.
Can you see how the roots of all life mingle across the world.
Can you embrace a tree and share its link with all that it touches and connects ?

Can you stand in a crowd, and step out again while still there.
Can you see the packages of life that everyone displays.
Can you see the attributes and movement these produce.
Can you see how their interaction is derived from the resistance between them.
Can you see the unbroken thread, which is woven in a blanket of consequence to all things as a result ?

Can you reach beyond your own senses and sensation.
Can you hear your own heartbeat and the blood pumping through your own body.
Can you take your awareness beyond your body, and travel to places beyond yourself.
Can you interact with others there who can do the same or who's home is there.
Can you look back and see the limitations of your material self.
Can you appreciate the difference ?

Can you imagine the qualities of a Mobius Loop and travel its length.
Can you conceive its infinite nature.
Can you visualise its expansion into Torus.
Can you continue your mind-sense movement in the spiral of compression and expansion within its flow.
Can you see at its core, how matter is actualised from virtuality.
Can you see how Motivation drives the process?

Can you fill your lungs with air and feel how you are drawing the cosmos into you.
Can you feel the Torus working within you by your own motivation.
Can you fly forth and trace it back to our closest source in the Sun.
Can you connect to its core and feel the Torus there too.
Can you strech out in every direction with its particles, and touch the fabric of other planets.
Can you take your awareness there and feel their quality, shared in your breath ?

Can you go beyond that, to the other millions of systems in our space.
Can you conceive their shared connection in the transformation.
Can you grasp, the Infinite millions of other endless star bodies and their planets.
Can you see the motivation in their movement.
Can you see the motivation in your own movement.
Can you see your own thoughts.
Can you see the responsibility of your own cause?

Can you see the creative movement within yourself.
Can you grasp, the creative movement beyond yourself.
Can you see the whole intrinsic connection with your own Presence.

Can you see the greater motivation from infinity, for all things.
Can you see the vastness.
Can you see it also, dwelling within you?

If your answer is 'Yes' to these things; then you need no longer ask the question.


At Home and Door Open

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

On the Question of Importance


Several times I have been in situations where someone is feeling low and they feel they have no importance in the scheme of things!

We all feel low sometimes, but if it ever happens again, try these thoughts…

Turn your attention and thought to your Mother and Father.
Then switch to thoughts of your Grandmother and Grandfather.
Then even think if you can, to your Great Grandparents.
Think how the family goes back in time to the Great-greats… and even the Great-great-greats!
Try hard to see how it travels back even beyond them to a distant time in the past.

We all have lines of ancestors who probably wove a trail, which goes back to every country and to every mixed experience of joy and horror imaginable.

Their importance is vested in You. You are their culmination here and now!

They all lived their hopes and dreams, struggling against the conflict of difference in their relationships. Just like you, they held hopes and dreams of importance for their children; who were also your descendants, and here you are as a result.
You are their importance.
You are their culmination.

The importance you have vested in your own children is the same importance that is vested in you.

All the people around you share that same importance.
Will you now share in it with them?

When they look back in another thousand years, will they be able to say that with our importance we finally saw beyond ourselves, and made a difference?


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Finding the Right Path

There is a plan.. It is the one seen by Fools.. and it is the plan born of the Senses

There is a plan.. seen by the Seeker.. and it can be the plan of Self-delusion

There is a plan.. which yields everything to those, who themselves yield everything.

To gain all ..But first, to know how to give up everything within ourselves.

Must we gather all to gain all? ...when Truth is the opposite.

We covet our possessions and Life parts us from those possessions...
This is Resistance

In Resistance dwells Conflict

In Conflict, there is imbalance

Balance is the journey through both; and Perfection is the product of all.


At Home and door always open


Monday, May 15, 2006

Giza, Egypt and the whole story.

Over the last couple of years in particular, the Web groups have been filled with speculations about the location of the Halls of Records and issues concerning the Great Pyramid, or Giza in general. The speculation has been fuelled by scant factual information. This has happened for two reasons.

Firstly, authorities in Egypt would understandably only wish to spoon-feed safe information to the public if they were following a hidden agenda of self interest, based upon greater understandings and discoveries only guessed at by the rest of the world. Secondly, safe information and the suspicion of conspiracy has led to a thousand armchair pundits circulating half truth in good faith.

Self interest and fear prevents those who ‘could’ actually add to the information base and help us all to unravel the ancient mysteries in Egypt. Their motivation for silence is understandable in the circumstances, but is useless to the rest of the seeking world. Furthermore, often those whom I speak of, use techniques of disinformation and distortion far too often, and this is inexcusable.

Judith and I have a particular interest in Egypt, which stems in this life from childhood, and by our own understandings from a time reaching far back beyond our lives.

Just like Dreyfuss in the movie ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind,’ we have pursued our driven interest and experience with expedition trips to Egypt over the last few years.

These trips have led to quite extraordinary experiences, sometimes alone, and sometimes in the company of other members of our collective ‘Quest’ exploration group from around the world. Much of our activity is still ongoing and concerns areas well away from the plateau. We have resisted all temptation up until now to freely publish the detail of our experience because we have been guilty in part of some of the things I highlighted at the start of this post. Our main concern however, has always been the well being of those brave individuals in Egypt who have placed themselves and their families at considerable risk to help us.

The work away from the plateau has been yielding great big pieces to a jigsaw we are putting together and must wait a while to be fulfilled and given up to everyone.

But, the speed of events that are unfolding on this Planet, and the changing circumstances on the plateau have persuaded us to at least offer up all that we can from our experiments and experiences at Giza and in the Great Pyramid, so far! We believe it will add something new to what is out there at the moment and we hope it will persuade a few other notable explorers (also sitting on important information,) to loosen up and break cover with us a little. Certainly I think the amazing stuff that has happened to us will pop a few minds, and maybe stimulate a few others to get out there themselves and let the magic happen to them too !!!

It will be for you to judge if we help to clarify the picture a little. At least for once you will be getting a factual account, with real first hand information and not a bunch of bullshine.
I have written the whole thing out in a sort of diary adventure format.

Importantly also; it would be worth far less if I did not take the trouble to explain how we came to be there and for what reason in the first place! So…. You will get a preamble and the rest will be spread out to tell it as it happened… It is not just a single A4 sheet of info…. So for those who are interested, follow our link below and it should take you straight to our Disclosure on one of our homesite discussion forums set up for the purpose.

November 2007 : We are updating this entry because since it was written, the link to the full text has been cached on our HomeToSpirit site pending the opening of a brand new site. This will still show the archived material, but it will have a mass of brand new information that we are now ready to publish. News of its opening will be given here.

Richard and judith


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The House of Great Intent

Caspian knew this was going to be a day like no other. He had been attending College for as long as he could remember. Many years ago, when teachers talked a lot about what the future held for everyone, there was much said about the turning stages in their lives.

He thought back to those times and smiled at how the early College ‘structuring lessons’ provided a route-map, when their whole lives in front of them seemed so daunting.

His Mentor had taken him quite by surprise! Caspian had simply asked what their next lesson would be about. His Mentor replied quietly, “It is time to move on! We will make the journey tomorrow.”

Caspian knew better than to be late, and precisely at the appointed time he was waiting at the driveway for the carriage to arrive. He didn’t have to wait long and in a twinkling, he was settling himself down on the seat alongside his Mentor.

Not much was said as they jollied along. Caspian’s senses spread to dream forth beyond the hedgerows and trees. The dappled shafts of light through the roadside tree branches sent him into a trance. The day played tricks on him and several times he was startled at what he thought were the figures of old acquaintances and past scenes at the roadside. But they were only real in his mind. He asked himself if the journey was meant to do that to him.

He disappeared into a sea of expectation, until the monotony of leafy wood smells and the constant creak of the coach straps finally brought focus back to the carriage. It seemed like several hours since they began, but it was really less than one hour.
Caspian didn’t get the chance to develop the thought further. His Mentor spoke again abruptly. “Well Caspian, soon you will be able to make your choice. I will only be able to help you from a distance now. You need experience, and for that, you must make your first choice of direction - alone!”

Caspian hesitated. He wasn’t sure if the words formed a question…or if he was just meant to reflect on them harder.
Mentor spoke again. “Do you know of the place where we will soon arrive?”

Of course Caspian knew! He and his friends talked often about it!
The House of Good Intent filled ‘Hope’ valley, where no one else lived for miles.
It was a building rising like a mountain into the landscape with a single access road that disappeared into its depths. Caspian had only heard of it, but its description flowered in his mind as he craned his neck from the carriage window to get a better look.

Caspian waited for fear to overtake him. The carriage was gone. His Mentor was still by his side, but the huge intimidating path reaching through the structure should have filled him with apprehension. There was only excitement!
There was parting advice. “ I will be there to advise you if needed, but you must go forward and find your route yourself.”

He turned and his Mentor was gone. The corridor was more like another underground roadway. He became aware of the many other people there, striding along with such intent. He moved along for a while and presently came to a large side entrance.
It opened to a huge room filled with noisy people. As he became accustomed to the atmosphere, he saw the whole place seemed like a party in full swing. His mood lifted even more as he saw how everyone was so friendly. At every turn he was invited to join with them, to dance or be merry.

He wandered about in amazement at the fest and marvelled at the homespun clothes worn by many there. Often he came across larger groups; each listening to a different spokesperson giving a lesson or lecture or speech on the merits of neighbourly Love and tolerance, and how everything there was absolutely free! They all urged him to do his own thing, in assurance of total peace; and no one would trouble him to pay for any of it.

Caspian stayed a long while and enjoyed himself. He supped and was merry. He lost count of the invitations he received to remain there. He felt happy and time passed without notice. But even Caspian finally reached his full capacity for love and brotherly tolerance. He was becoming weary and hungry. He wandered around and could find nowhere to rest. He could find nowhere to eat… In fact to his surprise, he saw there were ample provisions stored in different places, but there was no one there to prepare it.

His weariness turned to unease and then to discord. He noticed other things too. Just about everything there was shabby; the furniture, the decorations, and even the clothes worn by everyone. The walls were bare and beyond the people, the place was lifeless.

He moved closer and closer to the entrance. Someone drew close to him and asked him in a loving way if he was enjoying himself. He told them he was hungry and tired and wanted to know why everything under the surface was so shabby. The man said he should not trouble himself with such things and invited him to come on and join the party again.

When Caspian protested further, the man admitted there was no one there who knew how to take care of the things he had mentioned. There was no one organised, or who still knew how to attend to them… and in any case, as everything was free, who could expect the furnishings and such, to be luxurious. He said all would be fine, if everyone remained happy and loving. It was more than Caspian could take and he hurried back out of the entrance.

The corridor rolled on and on and at last another entrance appeared.
Caspian stood at the grand entrance desk to peer inside. It was another great room. To his surprise he realised in this room there was another huge party in full swing. There ‘were’ major differences. There were no fantastic decorations, but he could see there was food aplenty. He could see that everything was clean and modestly luxurious. He could see there were rest areas. He was impressed! He asked the attendant how much it cost to go inside.

Caspian had to endure the promotional welcome first. He was told the party was carefully arranged for his every need and enjoyment. He was told he would receive exclusive club Membership to ensure his well being. He was told that he could come visit free for the first day, but then for the very great privileges of his Membership there would be a fee; which he need not even think about that until he had sampled the delights.
Surely it was an offer he could not refuse!

Satisfaction gripped him again. The party rolled on. Everyone showed the same Love and friendship as before, but now he had eaten and was rested. He mingled and was accepted with open arms. There was not a posse of lecturers here; but there was one man who remained aloof, in his own exclusive section. This man was dressed in the finest suit and carried an air of loft authority.

At an unspoken moment the party music stopped, and more spectacular presentational music began. With a bang, fireworks exploded a shower of glitter into the air and everyone cheered. The noise settled down and Caspian saw how the finely dressed man stood high on a red-carpeted podium. His motivational talk brought the crowds to their feet. He spoke of the unity of brotherly and sisterly Love. He spoke of the unity of the Club and how all things would be theirs if all Members supported each other. He promised how all the benefits of the world would be theirs if they continued to follow his words and leadership. The people were ecstatic. Their leader spoke of the great teaching he was handing down to them from on high; and how perfection of experience would be theirs to claim soon.

To Caspian, all this was new. He had not yet learned the strange rituals, which everyone seemed to be following. Oh! yes, he had noticed! He saw how the crowd suddenly saluted in a weird way to their leader. He saw how the greeting was delivered in unison by most everyone there. He noticed also that every member wore the same Talisman around their neck as their badge of Membership. It carried a picture of their leader.

Caspian made his way back to the entrance and asked the Guard how much it cost to be a permanent Member of the club. The man replied that he would be expected to pay a weekly fee thereafter, …and to go forth regularly to find new recruits for their wonderful Party.

Caspian asked where all the promised gifts and gadgets were kept. The Guard indicated to the far side of the party hall. He explained there were catalogues there where he could choose what he liked.

Caspian asked again if he could talk to someone who had received their gifts.
The Guard drew back in astonishment. He said, “Don’t be silly, we have no place for them here where everyone needed space to enjoy themselves. Gifts are held back and in the future there would be plenty of time for everyone to enjoy these benefits.”

It took Caspian only a minute to put distance between himself and the Party Club. He ran back out the entrance and away up the passage before anyone could stop him.
Caspian was a weary Soul by now and almost walked past the next entrance without stopping

This was different again! Another hall greeted him and it was producing a cheerful hubbub from within. Curiosity got the better of Caspian and he pushed through the entrance doors. He was amazed. There were many people here also enjoying themselves. However, although visitors moved about freely, there were clear gatherings all over the place. In fact the whole vast room was filled with open teaching classes, dealing with everything that Caspian ever imagined. There were groups learning how to use wonderful devices and technology Caspian had never seen before. There were classes teaching all the different processes of the body, and nature, and machinery and all manner of things he had not thought of.

Caspian found if he stopped to listen here and there, the groups had organised themselves to help each other and whenever he needed to know something, as if by magic, another person was ready with an answer or with instruction. He lost track of time. He became engrossed in this and that, and his knowledge and understanding increased with every move. At the end of the room there were other closed doors. Occasionally, someone would break away and go through one of them, and did not return. This puzzled Caspian and he grabbed the opportunity to speak with another separate man who had been circulating and seemed available to answer questions from anyone.

Caspian’s queries were all answered quietly and readily.. The man told him that when visitors wanted to move forward to understand even higher things, they could choose which door to use. He also said that visitors were free to leave whenever they wanted. Caspian felt content and happier than he had ever been. He wanted to stay. He wanted to learn all there was to learn here. He wanted to Understand everything. He was in awe of the man he was talking with, for he knew he must be a great teacher.

But, a thought of panic gripped him.. He remembered his former experiences. He asked the man to explain how all this was on offer without charge. The man humbly explained that he was no great guru but just a Messenger, and that truly of course there was a price to pay for all that Caspian could see, but hastened to add that it was well within Caspian’s means. He told Caspian that all he had to do was to sign up for the long term lessons and all would be fine.

Caspian understood and said, “ Master I have chosen my path and I will gladly sign up for your long term instructions.”

The man looked kindly at Caspian and told him he had to sign up and pledge his total commitment to a true Master who was far greater than he was.
Caspian asked if he could see this Great Master.

The man gently led Caspian to a doorway. He put a beautifully inscribed Contract into Caspian’s hand along with a pen. He told Caspian he must go through the door to sit on the chair inside. Presently the light would come on, and he would finally meet the Grand Master for whom he would sign up to this great pathway.

Caspian sat as told. He laid the Contract on the desk in front of him, and as the door closed behind him to create total darkness, Caspian sat poised with the pen to get the task done. He was so excited to be about to meet the man who would be his ultimate Mentor in life.

Suddenly the light came on with a brilliance that filled the room. Every wall and every surface within the room was made of Mirror, and all Caspian could see, was his own reflection staring back at him !

Which path dear reader have you chosen ?



Tuesday, January 17, 2006

From Darkness to Light

It seems my own story had a direct bearing in a completely separate situation elsewhere! I thank those involved for telling me their private tale.
This next entry appears in the archive but I have agreed to their request to repost it again.
I hope it may strike a chord for others and shed some light of understanding in their world too.

Two abiding memories formed the summary of childhood experience for the little boy as he now stood at the Marriage altar.
One was of his awareness of something greater and good outside of himself, which also filled him to the brim when he thought he was going to be broken; then making him feel stronger than anything

The other was of the familiar ritual where he had to drop his pants, bend with his head low and reach out to grasp the sides of the door frame, as his father spilled blood from his skin with lashing strokes from his leather strap.

These two experiences were replicated in many dramas, which produced a young man with an iron grip to his Spirit but with a mundane head that was totally screwed up.
Now he wanted to prove to the world and his father, that he was worth more than the dirt he had been brainwashed into believing was his value.

He went for the big one.. He excelled.. But soon his conditioning dragged him down- to fulfil the failure instilled in him.
His time with the Elite of the Military came to an end.
He was sorely inadequate. He needed to start learning how to get in touch with himself. He needed support for the journey toward light to begin. He needed a partner who would tell him how to tie his shoes, and how to feed himself… and how to draw breath.

At the altar, his partner was happy. For 18 years she had lived in the shadow of her several brothers and sisters as the last sibling.. Always the cast offs.. always the last for attention.. always least important… But now it was different.. She was in charge.. She had found her perfect partner and all he wanted was somebody to be lovingly in charge of him…

At 18 and 19 years old… the nearly two decades of run-in to divorce had begun.
That is how long it took for their journeys to play out within each other, and for the wheel to turn again. At the end, they were as strangers, unable to understand nor tolerate the alien presence they had evolved into for each other… Their scars showed the depth and the distance of their experience together, and reflected their short and hard won evolvement.

Oh the Lawyers were good! …But his was less good..

Two good years she had then shared in life with the man, a neighbour who had been there secretly and truer for her, before a heart attack reclaimed her to Spirit.
Two years on and our journeyman was living the fact of losing family, home, job, possessions, esteem.. but not Spirit … never Spirit… His lessons showed the futility of coveting the Material and clinging to hurt. Truth never charges a fee.

But then… what was this…. A chance meeting.. The young man was in total confusion.. Here was someone with whom he seemed able to telepath.. It was quite funny. It went beyond funny when they found they shared the same unusual birthday, and the detail of their life journey so far played to perfectly parallel tracks.
He felt a conviction of Spirit.. that here at last was someone who was there to share Love at a Soul level first.

Then for so many years he denied in his foolishness the fact of her journey on parallel tracks; but on a track that had not yet been laid equal in distance to his own.
The perfection of agony for years as he strove to defy the interval between them. The build of frustration as she in turn; many years unready to share at Soul level, finally delivered the severance blow of betrayal…
and the wheel turned again.

He now for the second time turned his face to Spirit and walked away from the efforts of his Love.. His home, job, family, possessions…. But not his esteem this time.. and not his Spirit… never Spirit.

Twice now he had returned from the dead.
His lack of understanding had led him to the edge of the abyss.
Two times he had faced the abject despair of grief, rejection and betrayal..
Two times he denied his Spirit… Two times, by any of the rules that hold for anything, his suicide actions should have ended his life..
Two times, Through the direct intervention of spirit.. he was saved from himself; his ignorance forgiven..
and the wheel turned again.

The elements were all in place… He had served two long terms in the classroom.
Would the pattern of his scars finally yield his lesson..

His wife and he, had been a perfect mismatch.. Their coming together was perfectly timed..
But evolvement to understanding requires conflict for the inadequacies to be confronted and dealt with.. The conflict was temporary, the lesson was permanent.

In his second relationship he was almost ready to make bonding contact at a vibrationary level first.. His partner was not… He was not yet even aware that he had evolved to seek this merging of Spirit.
..and for each of the Souls involved, the same process was taking place..

The father, raised by a substitute himself; … striking out at his own conditioning in his brutality to an innocent child….. instead of confronting it within him.

The wife who understood only her unhappiness at the complete lack of affinity with her partner.. and the seal of her true sacrifice as she returned to Spirit early; having fulfilled her Birth plan to be a catalyst of positive change in others..

The partner who could not understand the power coming from the spiritual electric fire which her man had turned on to her at full heat; combined with the gnawing desire to learn the use of wings she had grown herself during the relationship.

The elements were all in place and Understanding was his, at last.
He returned in his mind to the little boy and gave him permission to feel the way he did.
He returned in his mind to bless and thank his absent wife for her sacrifice in his pathway.
He returned in his mind to wish Love, direction and Peace for his former partner as she continued with her Plan..

Finally he looked at himself in the mirror and realised that beyond the illusion there was a greater prize… This was a prize of Spirit and Understanding, and it was everlasting… This was the Ultimate prize… to be One with all things while still of the Earth Plane. To be One with the true power of everlasting Love.. To be blessed as a direct conduit for this force.

But how could this be?… His lessons revisited him… Mind Body Spirit… He was of the flesh…. And all energies must be balanced to claim the prize…
Mind Body Spirit... Male/Female... No more conflict...
If these were not in balance, the initiate could only dream.
This he realised… He thirsted like a dying man for the final connection… Could his energy really be balanced by the matching opposite form in true harmony in this life….
He yielded to his friends in the higher Spheres for an answer…
and the wheel turned again.

He looked back to his own distant horizon now with Love, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness.
He Looked to his future with hope..
The doors opened before him…
Some way ahead he recognised someone…
She looked familiar. Very familiar. It was a stranger.
But the stranger looked ‘as his own image.’
In all of humanity, could she possibly be? Really really be,
his true balance.

He called across to her...

and the wheel turned again.

I pray the Love of Insight and Understanding similarly lifts all those Brothers and Sisters here who travel their own pathways of conflict in their journey to Grace.

The closer we stand to our conflict - the more the image is blurred.

My Complete Love to you all.

At Home and Door always Open.....

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

CHUANGTSE ....Who can argue this ?

When Knowledge traveled north, across the Black Water and over the Dark Steep Mountains, he met Do-nothing Say-nothing and asked him about Tao, and Do-nothing Say-nothing did not reply.

He turned back and went to the south of the White Water, up the Fox Hill and asked All-in-extremes about Tao. "Ha! I know. I will tell you..." But just as he was about to speak, he seemed to forget what he was going to say and Knowledge also received no reply.

Then he came back to the royal palace and asked Yellow Emperor concerning Tao. And the latter said, "Man becomes alive from the collection of the vital spirit. When the vital spirit collects, he is alive, and when it scatters, he dies. If life and death are steady companions, why should I care?"

Therefore all things are one. What we love is the mystery of life. What we hate is corruption in death. But the corruptible in turn becomes mysterious life, and mysterious life once more becomes corruptible. The world is permeated by one spirit. Therefore the Sage places value upon unity."

"Then you and I know Tao, and they don't," said Knowledge.

"Do-nothing Say-nothing was right," replied the Yellow Emperor.
"All-in-extremes was quite near it. But you and I are still far from Tao. He who knows does not speak, and he who speaks does not know."

"I asked Do-nothing Say-nothing about Tao," said Knowledge, "but he did not answer me. Not that he would not, but he could not. So I asked All-in-extremes. He was just going to tell me, but he did not tell me. Not that he would not, but just as he was going to do so, he forgot what he wanted to say. Now I ask you and you are able to tell me. Why do you say, therefore, that you are far from Tao??"

"Of the two," repiled the Yellow Emperor, "the former was genuinely right, because he really did not know. The latter was quite near it, because he had forgotten. You and I are still far from Tao, because we know."

When All-in-extremes heard this remark, he praised the Yellow Emperor for knowing what he was talking about.


posted by Judith on the HTS site.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Handful of Sand

Egyptian Sojourns 05

(Letters from Egypt)

Have you ever picked up a handful of sand?
You know what I mean!
Like when you are on the beach, or in the garden or somewhere?
A handful of sand; held just long enough to make a connection to it before you scat it back to the ground.

I had a handful of sand.

The Sun reached over my shoulder and I noticed the sparkle here and there as specs of rock-quartz reflected the light back into my eyes.
The texture was mixed.
It was powder dry.
I angled my hand slightly to study the piece of flat shell that was mixed in with it.
I knew the shell was old,...very old!

We had just uncovered several inches of sand from a crystallised fossil.
It was a big fish. A Colecanth or something similar.
Teffi said maybe it was a complete one, and, “If we could dig it out we would see!”

A Couple of scaled pieces had broken away; like lumps of sandstone covered in fine crystal.

Malai said, “Yes, take some; there are many here,” as if it was the most natural thing in the world to say! “We can dig, next time you come.”

We had been taking a break, …and now we returned to it.

I noticed how beautifully the colour of their Monk’s robes contrasted the deep beige of the sand. I saw how Judith’s boot made a scoop in the sand when she sat down, and as the sand grains slipped back to surround it again I wondered if the sand would slip inside.

In front of us and behind us the valley merged to the horizon.

The illusion of monotony ironed out the dunes and hills into Flatness and Distance.

I went back to my handful of sand.

The absolute perfect stillness probably only lasted a few seconds, ...before someone spoke again.

But I noticed it.

A few seconds that were timeless.

It was as if the desert and the ancient fish had joined with us to give a collective sigh.

I felt the force of God move closer, ...and I grabbed the Moment.

The ancient fossil didn’t fix the precious moment for me.

It was the a handful of sand.


Friday, November 04, 2005

The Man with the Broken Leg

The time is long overdue to tell this true personal story, where I was given a profound lesson in humility.
Early this year we made our first visit to Egypt.
We visited our good Brother friends the Coptic Monks, who live simply, in a cave community way out in the desert.

We occupied a large Guest Cave, sleeping comfortably using padded mattresses on raised rock platforms, with the sparkle of thousands of tiny crystals embedded in the rock above. There was another lesser Guest Cave further along the escarpment, used mainly for occasional pilgrims who visited to renew themselves and pay respect to the Holy Spirit of the place.

I noticed someone there, who was clearly from outside the community.
He was a short spindly, wizened Egyptian man, maybe in his late 50’s.
He had the demeanour of someone like a farmer perhaps, who had put on his Sunday suit to visit… the same one that had been taken from the closet perhaps a dozen times in as many years for such purpose. It was as if the worker-Presence reached beyond the tired crease in his city trousers, and the faded 60’s pattern of his nylon shirt.

If his clothes and his persona seemed odd and out of place, in this savage, beautiful wilderness, there was something else about him more obvious that caught my attention.
He was limping badly; holding his left leg as stiff as a board as he walked about in obvious discomfort. He looked extraordinarily out of place!

I asked one of our Monk friends to tell me about him.
He explained, the man lived in a community many miles from there.
He apparently made visits a couple of times a year to the Monastery.
He always seemed to catch a lift to the nearest roadway, at least 2 to 3 miles across the difficult terrain of the desert. He always opted to walk the last long stretch off road himself, as the start of a sort of Soul-cleansing exercise for himself.
He always felt he had to give best respect to the Monks by dressing (wholly inappropriately for the desert,) in his finest clothes.

There was a difference this trip.
The man had broken his leg in 2 places.

In Egypt… unless you have the means and wherewithal to afford the best medical treatment for anything serious, and if you are one of the sub-class, you do the best you can under the circumstances. For this man, the best was a simple splint, and a mile of bandage, binding his leg from top to bottom.
He had actually managed to get across the desert, on foot, in his state, just to merge with the Holiness on offer there! I was utterly amazed.

I thought I had seen everything! But there the story was far from over.
A few days later we had completed our work and reluctantly it was time to leave.
Our Four-wheel drive vehicles were all loaded. Our Police escorts had taken their seats inside. We said our goodbye until the next time, and off we set.

I have to tell you that when you see those film shots of vehicles in desert terrain, moving at high speed, and performing like a bucking raw stallion, they are not faked at all.
The sand and rock is uncompromising. It threatens to suck the tyres of the vehicle to the axles in one section, rip them out in another, or catapult them and the vehicle above into the air in the next few yards.
Momentum is the key. You keep your foot down, grab tight, brace yourself and pray!!
If you are lucky, your head will not bang against the roof or windows on the way.

We had travelled less than half the distance to the road, when we looked up ahead in astonishment. There was the man with the broken leg, hobbling impossibly along through the sand and the blazing heat, still wearing his Sunday suit, and carrying nothing but a plastic supermarket bag.

We stopped the Jeeps and did an immediate reshuffle. The man would sit in the back seat with me. He had to ‘lead’ his stiff broken leg to rest along the foot well, and was satisfied to perch half on the seat and wedged between that and the driver’s backrest.

We drove on and managed only to drive about 30 yards over an enormous sand mound.
We took off into the air and landed with a bump and a loud scream of pain from our new passenger. He had nearly passed-out from the shock. It took many minutes for him to recover any composure at all.

I suggested a solution, which was adopted. I reached my arm across from the nearside back seat to the driver’s backrest.
This formed something of a cradle.
I draped spare clothing on my arm for extra padding.
The man sat fully on the back seat, elevated his broken leg at about a 45 degree angle, to then rest it on my arm. This then acted as a shock absorber, and we were able to get to the road with as little pain to him as was possible.

At the road there was going to be a delay while we waited for our new Police Escort to arrive. This was convenient because it took a while to help the man extract himself and settle at the roadside. Everyone was a bit preoccupied to sort the paperwork etc. so I stayed with the him. He had hobbled over to the roadside and flopped down to sit and rest. I called our guide to translate for a moment. I was concerned because the man had no transport arranged. He had neither water nor provisions with him, and the police and locals clearly had no cares about it.
The man intended to just sit there and wait for the very occasional passing vehicle, hoping to get a lift. My heart went out to him as I saw the real pain he was in.

I spoke to him using gesture. I raided our own store for spare bottles of water to give to him. He showed embarrassing deep gratitude to me, and downed half a bottle immediately.. I caught a glance in his eyes and realised he had seen the huddle of our group as they had been lighting cigarettes.
I got the feeling he wanted one too, but had none.
I only had a plenty of supply of Rolling tobacco, so I rummaged and was able to give him a pouch, with rolling papers and a spare cigarette lighter. I rolled a first one for us both, and I thought he was going to pass-out with excited humble gratitude, when he realised I meant him to have them and keep them.

For a moment I was actually embarrassed at his reaction, and the fuss he was making.
Our Guide came over again to see what was happening.
He translated the obvious to me..
The man was humbled and overwhelmed at the kindness he felt was being given.

I instructed our Guide to translate back to the man, that it was I who had to thank him for the opportunity, because he had taught me a lesson in humility.
The man struggled to rise to his feet from the sand.
I helped steady him and he was weeping. He had nothing of value on him whatsoever, and he probably lived in poverty that I would never experience. But there was one thing that I learned he did consider valuable.

Around his neck there hung a battered tin badge showing the worn image of the late, Saintly Coptic Pope Kirellos (of miracles)
He balanced on his good leg, lifted the old string from his own neck, and placed this prize over mine.
I wept too, as I felt the crushing weight of his faith and the Power of his humble Spirit.
I have the badge beside me now as I type this.
It is never far away, and still mists my eyes as I remember.
I swear that the eyes of Pope Kirellos are watching me from the badge.
I will never forget.

The Man was truly blessed.
He had nothing....But he had everything!


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Universal Truth

We are of the physical because we are inadequate in some way..
But it is within our grasp to reach the heights of ecstacy beyond the physical, from the physical, through true Unconditional, Encompassing Love,

..and to reach even, much further, to become Truly 'One' yet again with the Love of the 'Whole.' We 'are' enpowered to do this.

But who so, is yet ready to sacrifice themselves to attain it...

There is a price to pay....
It is a price we must pay to ourselves...

We must be prepared to face the horror of our own illusion to get to the freedom from self, beyond it.

To yield to gain all.
Such truth is to be found.

Many taste this freedom ..most fall back until another lifetime when the chance and choice continues.

The continuum of 'One' does not record time.. It simply records Progress.

... and what is it to feel the freedom, yet to continue with the Birth-Plan;
'You' as an intrinsic player in the game??

I know this well.. It is to say..
I Love you
Because I am one with you.

I have ceased my struggle
but my struggle continues,
Because I Love you.
For I am one with you.

In my freedom I now share your struggle too.
I am free.

My freedom embraces me
But in doing so it embraces you,
Because I Love you.

My pain was my Lesson
My Lesson is your Pain

But I share your Pain with you
Because I Love you.

My freedom is my prison, as I choose.
My freedom is limited to your freedom,
Because I Love you

Join me in Love

It is One with Freedom.
I know this
Because I Love You, .....because, I Love You.

May Self Illusion Yield at last the Truth of Love.


In the name of Spirit ...& just a Messenger

Saturday, September 17, 2005



The Hermetic Teachings regarding the process of Evolution are that, THE ALL, having meditated upon the beginning of the Creation
..having thus established the material foundations of the Universe
..having thought it into existence
..then gradually awakens or rouses from its Meditation and in so doing starts into manifestation the process of Evolution, on the material mental and spiritual planes, successively and in order.

Thus the upward movement begins--and all begins to move Spiritward. Matter becomes less gross;
the Units spring into being;
the combinations begin to form;
Life appears and manifests in higher and higher forms.
and Mind becomes more and more in evidence
the vibrations constantly becoming higher.

In short, the entire process of Evolution, in all of its phases, begins, and proceeds according to the established Laws of the Indrawing" process.

All of this occupies aeons upon aeons of Man's time, each aeon containing countless millions of years, but yet the Illumined inform us that the entire creation, including Involution and Evolution, of an Universe, is but "as the twinkle of the eye" to THE ALL

At the end of countless cycles of aeons of time, THE ALL withdraws its Attention--its Contemplation and Meditation of the Universe
for the Great Work is finished
and All is withdrawn into THE ALL from which it emerged.

But Mystery of Mysteries
the Spirit of each soul is not annihilated,
but is infinitely expanded
the Created and the Creator are merged.

Such is the report of the Illumined.

Blessings to all

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Spreading the Word

Here's a quotation from the Movie : "Coach Carter"
I've seen it in several places
It is well worth pondering.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually, who are you 'not' to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn't serve the world!
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we subconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

With Thanks to
Marianne Williamson


Friday, August 19, 2005

It's as Clear as Can Be !

"We understand your remarkable drive and commitment to being alive.
We, however, are not understanding of your need to create tools of death, expecting they will keep all in a space of understanding and peace.

We have observed that you build, create and plan in a space of fear, not in a consciousness of love. So, your defense position of institutions that create and employ are always then in a state of unraveling and disintegration.

We share this with you because they drain you and your Earth of energy, both spiritually and materially - physically. Fear always has to feed. Fear does not create itself. It has to feed. The fear we observe is difficult to understand. It depletes you of your focus on the original intent. It is a very secretive energy.

Fear withholds love. This is most saddening to see and feel. How can you share understanding and love, when so many of you are withholding from Self and each other?

Please, feel the words we as a race are trying to express to your race.
One of your original intentions in creating your physical reality is the idea of creating and learning to manipulate and express yourselves through physicality using your consciousness.

It is your consciousness that the Is-ness has given you, and in fact all things that bear Spirit. It is this gift that has been clouded and most importantly, clouded by fear. This creation is completely irrational to whom we all are.


Monday, August 08, 2005

A Young man's Lesson

Once upon a time lived a young man called Shevron.
All his childhood years he longed for the time when his Ordeal would begin!
As Shevron grew, he always had a feeling inside that he was being prepared for this task. His strength and endurance were known to all, but when his impatience overtook him, something always happened to pull him back- in order to gain more from within himself.

Shevron was sometimes resentful when these handicaps appeared.
He was young, and it was understandable that he wanted to race ahead..
But in time he would see how the handicaps created conditions for him where he was forced to develop new extra qualities, building his character even more.
His Guide scolded him constantly, and begged him to show more restraint.
But Shevron was headstrong, and wanted to ‘Run.’

The day approached, and soon his longed-for Ordeal would begin.
Shevron had heard often enough of the Great City far away.
His mind and imagination were filled with the thought of it all the time.
He knew; in that distant place, a man could be what man wanted to be!

Out there; was a place for every person to match their qualities perfectly.
Out there, people applauded all of a person’s qualities.
Out there: anyone could be ‘someone!’

But first there was the Desert !!!… A vast wilderness.
Barren escarpments and flat valley sands, scorched dry by the never-ending blaze of the Sun.

No one ever ventured into that landscape and returned, and therefore no one ever knew who made it to the other side. But everyone knew of the Great City.

There were only days left, and the urges were building up to breaking point within Shevron. Older members of his family had been telling him to prepare the supplies he needed, but Shevron knew he was strong and fit, and was sure his own strength would never let him down.

He could have waited, but it was impossible for him! He had the Magic Talisman to take with him, and he was certain he would succeed.
He grabbed a few things one morning before the Sun appeared, and set off on the Ordeal.

Shevron made good progress and it was not long before his old home disappeared over the horizon behind him and he found himself all alone.
This was a new experience and Shevron enjoyed his own company as he put his powers to the test.

He laughed at the Sun and strode confidently over the never-ending barren land. Sometimes he found his way barred by cliffs, where the ground gave way as he climbed. Often his strength was sapped, but he had some supplies with him.
It only took a mouthful of dried food and a sip of water for his Spirit to rise, and he was on his way again. Every distant point gave way to a new one in the next distance; never changing, never forgiving.

The night followed the Sun and brought cold and the hostility of darkness.
Shevron tried first to continue journeying beyond light, but the darkness was complete.
It followed the shadows as they crept across the sand, in proportion to the Sun disappearing from sight.
Some days on and the first doubts grabbed hold of the young man’s mind.
He began to question!

He began to ask if there was ever an end to the Desert.
He was bent now from the trek.
He was bowed from the heat of the Sun, and tortured from lack of food.

He thought of his Talisman. He thought a lot about using it!
But he could not bring himself to waste any time with it.
He knew if he invoked its magic, it would allow him to walk one day from his route in any other direction, and he would find all the supplies he needed to carry on.
He thought about using it often!

But how could he use it?
..To use it would be admitting to himself that he had not listened at the start,when he should have made all the preparations ‘before’ he set out on the journey.

His pride and weakened state prevented him from making the right decision, and he continued on his way.

Way out in the distance, he sometimes thought he caught sight of someone else journeying on ‘their’ own ordeal to the Great City, but he was too busy to deal with ‘their’ condition.

He felt his Presence weakening.
There was yet another sand cliff in front of him.
He had no food left.
He had no water.
There was just the Desert, the burning Sun and the terrible night shadows to torture his mind.

The Sun was disappearing fast ..
He knew the shadows would soon begin creeping towards him…
His mind showed him the terrible monsters that hid in them and would soon try to devour him they did each night of the Ordeal.

He clawed the ground with bloodied hands and with the last drops of strength.
How he wished he had prepared before he left on the trip.
How he wished he had used the second chance with the Talisman and diverted to collect all he needed on the way.

Now he had no strength left to even use the Talisman.
He knew he had come to the end of the journey.

Tears tried to form in his eyes as he realised too late,he had needed more than strength and courage to survive this Ordeal… Too late he thought!!

Now he realised,the knowledge had always been there for him.
He was filled with sorrow at his own lack of Wisdom - to absorb it all before he departed.

He realised his journey had offered him the means to grab for that Wisdom and life-giving provision at any time, but he had relied on strength and courage alone!

He clawed his way almost to the top of the hill.
The Sun was fading into the low sky.
For days the terror had grown as he imagined the monsters in the shadows, watching him and creeping up to get him.
He often leapt from half-rest, to fight in imaginary battle with the imaginary watchers and foes that he was certain of in his mind.

His weary and reddened eyes blinked to focus at his outstretched hand on the ground in front of him. His fist tried to grip a handful of sand.

At last he had no more fear of the shadows.
It no longer mattered, because he was done!
It had been so much easier to just grab what he could at the start, and rush into his journey. He had no fear of the Ordeal then.

In fact he had more fear then, of the task to gather all the provision that had been needed for his survival!

Shevron stared at his fist. The sand filtered from his grasp.
He gripped tighter, but the sand still filtered from his grip!
Wisdom touched him, and he realised that all his fears together, were worth no more than the sand which could not be contained in his grasp.

This inspiration lit a flame in his Soul, and from somewhere deep inside, he realised if he was now finished it did not matter if he used the last of his strength to get to the top of this little hill.

Shevron inched forward to the top.
He peered over the crescent of the hill and was shocked to the core.
There below him, spread like a sea of embers, were the fires of a huge city.
Shevron rolled over the top and began the last painful crawl to return to civilisation.

Many Moons passed. Shevron was a changed man.
He still had the strength and double the courage, but from his ordeal there were gifts more precious than these.

He had found the capacity for Wisdom.
Now Understanding came first.
From these he had developed Tolerance.

Now he knew that ‘fear’ was an illusion borne from ignorance.

Above all, the fire within him had transformed to Tranquillity.

Years passed and Shevron made much of his life, and became a great Leader of Men.
One day he was in a part of the city not visited before.
A strange feeling swept over him.
Down this path, and that one… and another… he felt a strange familiarity.

He was puzzled. He looked and wondered at this strange affair.
Now and then a face appeared to him from the crowd that made him stop.
He felt something was playing a trick on him.
He moved forward and in his daydream state he almost bumped into a stooped man who barred his way.
Their eyes met, and Chevron’s thoughts raced as a spark of recognition touched him.

Without realising, he was whispering loudly to himself…
“But this cannot be somebody I know? I have never been here before.”
The man stared back at him with Love and Compassion, saying,
“Shevron my Son, Don’t you recognise your old Guide?
Do you not recognise your old home?”

Shevron gasped and said, “How can this be?
I left my home many Moons ago to face my Ordeal across the Desert.
This cannot be my old home, it is all different now.”

The old Guide looked again into Chevron’s astonished gaze and said,
“My Son, You have come full circle. ….Little here has changed!
It is ‘You’ who have become a man!”


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